Top Benefits of Wheat Grass

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Benefits of Wheat Grass – We’ve been heard about healthy food such as spirulina, bee pollen, chlorella, or many others. Along with it is being consumed and wide spread known for its kind, lots of people now have gone too far and considering these herbs or food not only as “healthy food” but they tend to treat them as gods medicines.

Of course it’s not purely their mistakes. Many other people’s experiences have set their mind to believe that these foods or herbs are capable of curing some certain dangerous known diseases. Not to mention the “placebo” effects they got after hearing some certain people’s convalescence from their disease after taking some amount of these foods or herbs. They tend to hope that it will give them the exact same effects of cure, they have the same disease.

Wheat grass (Triticum vulgarae) has many vegetable proteins such as; 10 kinds of vitamins of vitamin C which is bigger than what tomato has, Vitamin A, vitamin B, Vitamin K; 13 minerals; 19 amino acids; and enzymes which are very useful for the body. Its beta carotene (vitamin A) twice more than it is in carrots and spinaches. The other special nutrients are fibers. According some studies, undigested fibers which are contained in foods are most likely having positive nature for nutrition and body metabolism. It is mentioned that it helps to reduce cholesterols level, cleaning intestines, helping digestion system, helps in healing stomach illness, and for ladies, it is help you to reduce your body weights.

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People often say that, green plants on earth are some kinds of lungs for both animals and humans. The only differences are on how it is works. Plants are absorbing carbon dioxides and releasing oxygen. On the contrary, both animals and humans, releasing carbon dioxides but absorbing oxygen, which is it is a perfectly good mutualism symbiosis. A Germany scientist often said that the whole of red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body has the similar chemical structure with chlorophyll in plants. In human bodies, the red blood cells marked by hemoglobin with its mineral iron nucleic core. On the other side, almost all green plants its nucleic have magnesium core. Chlorophyll in wheat grass has the function as oxygen supplier and it able to stop the growth of cancer cells. It is because most of cancer cells live in the area that lack of oxygen.

Growing and planting wheat grass is not difficult thing to do. However, unfortunately these plants only live in 4 season’s countries and its better if the soil has the selenium element, which is ahs the ability to prevent cancer cells to even grow. About 12 days, after seedling, these plants have already reach 17-25 cm highs. To optimize the containments of its nutrients, the stems cut off at the nearest part from the soil, just before its tuber rise from the ground to surface. Otherwise, the containing nutrients are decreasing and not as good as when the tuber is still underground. It has to cook as soon as possible, or if you to keep it for later use, you may keep them in plastic wrapped and store it in the fridge not more than a week, to preserve its healthy nutrients.

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You can consume wheat grass easily. You can either grind it, in a blender and mix it with water, or juice it. It has to be eaten right away, because it will only last for 12 hours. It is much easier to get wheat grass right now. With the existence of internet markets and online stores, it will easy for you to order, if there isn’t any in your country or area where you live. The liquid oxygen in this wheat extract is useful for body metabolism process, like stimulate the digestion system (food oxidation), and also help to purify the work of the brain. As for you to know, brain consumes about 25% oxygen of the body needs. It helps to oxidize the blood, and when it still wet, it also useful for wound care and medicine.

Living in this planet which only getting dirtier, and polluted, it is naïf if we think we feel we can perfectly eliminate all toxins, all strange unused materials that will invade the body through the air, foods, waters, and try to damage it. There is no guarantee the air that we breathe is cadmium and carbon dioxides free which have the ability of damaging our lungs and liver. Water that we drink is free from chlorines, sodium chlorides, which are cause nauseas and headaches. And while the foods we eat have contained addictive chemicals such as nitrates, glutamate monosodium, and many other artificial antioxidants.

The point is, just because we cannot avoid or find anywhere else to live, there is only one thing we can do, which is, stay healthy and keep fit. That way, we can live even with those toxics without getting affected or get damaged. Then, not only by eating good and healthy foods and natural drinks, doing regular exercises, and avoid bad habits are necessarily to be done.

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