15 Simple Ways Avoiding Stress

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Simple ways avoiding stress – Stress is a spiritual condition when dealing with life. People in any ages have been through it in their own ways and reactions. Since it is a normal condition, people have to deal with in in proper ways instead of making it worse and turn it into an abnormal condition. Originally, stress happens when the brain stimulates signals to the body to release lots of hormones when dealing with certain situations. Thus, the body is able and not to get confused to deal with that situation.

Nowadays, along with the cultures, life styles which are getting complex everyday, the stress trigger increases in numbers. SInce it happens over time and accumulated day after day, the climax is the body cannot take the pressure any more. as the result, there will disturbances on the way of thinking, behave, and react to the life itself. Therefore, the ability to deal the stress with appropriate ways is extremely needed.

Hence, here are the simple ways avoiding stress you can do to be off the hook;

15 Simple ways avoiding stress

1. Do your hobby

It’s the most fun thing to do to escape yourself from stress. It’ll calm your mind, and acts as a vessel to our passion. There are hobbies you can do such as; collecting(stamps, action figures, vintage, etc. Processing, such as making food, DIY, writing, drawing, painting and so on. Fixing, as in repairing, or make things useful, such as in oregami, ikebana, sewing, automotive, etc. Playing, as in playing games, sports, or any other activities. Studying, such as reading, teaching, or learning foreign languages. The idea is, doing what is really becomes your passion for certain amount of uninterrupted times.

2. Communicate/communication

DO you know why a shrink even existed? Yes, they took advantages from people who have problems, by being vessel, a vomit bucket for people with problems, simply listening, giving cliché wise words, and finally charging them for money. How’s that sounds? Miraculously, it is worked. People need to communicate their life, problems, and feelings, to be relieved. Solutions are just bonuses if they are lucky enough. The key word is, being open up, and act as wide open book for people to read.

3. Relaxation or Meditation

A contradict to the last one. This method doesn’t need any communication at all, all you gotta do, is be peace with yourself. Admit your weakness, and embrace it peacefully. Just sit silently, take deep breathes, and focus only to your breathing. Soon your breathing will meet its truly rhythm, your heart beat is slowing down, your blood pressure is normalized.

4. Have a warm bath up or soaked

If you have a bath up, you can use this method. Pour some salt in to the warm water, and you can also light up aromatherapy candles. It will calm your mind and body. Get out of the tub when your body is already feeling the comfortable, or the water is no longer hot or warm. Barely or too often will trigger your stress as well as skin diseases and decreasing your stamina. It is also when you take a bath late a night, as it will trigger the rheumatic and joints ache.

5. Massage

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Another one of Simple ways avoiding stress is by having a massage. It doesn’t matter if it is shiatsu, acupressure, or even acupuncture, as long as it hits the points of your body which are trigger the fatigue and exhausting effects. It will relieve your body and tighten your midnight sleep. Especially, when the massage is doing by an appropriate practitioners and using a bare hands or natural human touch. Just for your information, a massage on belly button, lower sternum, collarbone, and around buttock will ease the anxiety. While a massage on the area between eyebrows and sternum will slow down your anger.

6. Yell out loud

Have you ever seen a person yelling out loud on a top of a hill, or a building, or a seashore? Well, that person is not crazy, he/she is just had a rough day and wanna let it loud. It can be done to release the emotional tension, especially when you are not capable of doing at the moment when you are at work. Hence the seashore/beach/top of a hill, a building, it will not bothering any other people, nor being ashamed.

7. Do sports or exercises

Sports or any aerobic exercises are great ways to release your tensions, anger, or any other feelings. Once you lose all of your strength, you won’t feel any more energy to be angry, sad, or even stressed. All you’re gonna feel it let go, be whatever it is meant to be. To get the most exhausted feeling, so you’ll drain out all of your energy, there are specificness sports you can do; swimming, dancing, outdoor activities like bungee B.A.S.E jump, surfing, hill climbing, down hill, bicycling, which are will also release your adrenalin. Or you can do an easy trekking instead, while enjoying the beautiful views.

8. Take a vacation on a trip

Travelling is another one of the ways avoiding stress. By meeting new people from a complete new places, you;ll be busy learning something new, instead of thinking about your grouch. I’ll also broaden your mind, add some point of views, and lots of knowledge of course.

9. Sex

Ta daaa…. Whether you are with your official partner or not, sex is also the best way of avoiding stress. This “sport” will release endorphins which is a natural build in pain killer. It’ll also increase the blood circulation, muscles training (seriously), increasing immune system, and a heart care taker activity.

10. Aromatherapy

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As mentioned above, light aromatherapy candles will ease your senses and brain activities. Lavender, will slows down the brain activities, resulting the relax and comfort effects to the body and mind. Jasmine, is a great aroma for tense muscles. Rose and Germanium, works as anxiety remover. Bergamot oil, which is made of fresh lemon, which helps the hypotalamus to be more relax.

11. Laugh out loud

Watch a comedy movie, cartoon, film, which are able to make you laugh out loud. It brings the serotonin, endorphins, and metatonine out to stimulate the brain to be more relax. Believe or not, there are also benefits of laughing at proper time like; decrease your blood pressure,prevents heart disease, and increases the body immune system.

12. Listen to music

Listening soft music, favourite musics, including instruments for 30 minutes will release endorphins to reduces the stress level and ease pains.

13. Go to Sleep

Sleep it out, besides forgetting all of your stress factors, you will have the benefits of getting back your energy. As you know, while sleeping at least 8 hours straight, our body will rejuvenate the skin in a better way, regenerate the damaged body cells, increasing the brain memory, and increasing the immune system. at last recharging your energy. .

14. Think positive

This one is cliché, but indeed, it is also one of the simple ways avoiding stress you can do. Over time. The idea is simplify everything that causes your stress. Change the point of view from different angles, a radical solution, or making a shortcut as short as possible. Whatever. as long as it is gonna get the good ending. Just make it work as simple as possible, because deep down inside you know, complicate things is not good for you.

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15. Eat healthy food

DOn’t be afraid of being obesity. When you are stress, the food you eat aren’t gonna end as fat. It’ll be energy instead. Energy on solving your problems and on how not to get out of that stress. Besides, if you pick the right food, it’ll even become a source of good energy for you, at it will give you a healthy body condition. Pick foods which are contain; Vitamin B, Omega 3, Folic acid, Magnesium, and Vitamin C. Those can be found on;

  • Vitamin B: Avocado, Banana, Salmons, Tuna, Sardine, Yoghurt, dairy milk
  • Folic Acid: Oatmeals, Lemon, Asparagus
  • Magnesium: Almonds, Tofu, Spinach etc.
  • Vitamin C: Fruits such as lemon, kiwi, strawberry, guava and so on
  • At least 2 litres of water every day, combine with herbal tea or fruit tea.

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Those 15 simple ways avoiding stress are actually pretty easy to do. It’ll only gonna need our commitment which is usually we give whenever it is almost to late. or at the time of desperation. However, by these informations above, now you know a little bit more about cheating in your life. get a healthy and a happy life. No matter what.