17 Natural Rapid Ways to Stop External Bleeding


Natural Rapid Ways to Stop External Bleeding – There is accidental condition which is causing us experiencing cuts, bruises, and or wounds. All of those unfortunate conditions may lead to bleeding. Bleeding may lead to lethal condition if it left untreated by proper physician.

There are chances we experiencing those unfortunate events which are causing bleeding, and it is quite far from medical facility. Even so, we need to stop the bleeding immediately before the condition gets worse. Hence, the knowledge of stopping the bleeding in natural ways is important. It is especially people who work as outsiders.

There are also places in our body which are the main artery located. Those arteries, when experiencing cuts or wounds may release blood in massive volume each minute. They are neck, groin, arms, and some other places. Sometimes, you’re might gonna need tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

The accident is also happens at home. It can be in the kitchen and the bathroom, while cutting vegetables, or simply shaving our beard. There are ways to stall the bleeding while we seek for immediate medical response.

Here 17 natural rapid ways to stop external bleeding;

1. Ice cubes

What do have in min d whenever you see ice cubes? It turns out that ice cubes is one of the effective way to stop the external bleeding. Before all things, you should you clean the wounds with running water to avoid infection and other bad possibilities.

All you have to do is collect some amount of ice cubes, wrap it with soft cloth and press it onto the wound. Sometimes you need to use tourniquet to help you if the bleeding is quite big. The cold of ice cube stimulates the hemoglobin to freeze.

Another ice cube benefit to alleviate swollen or black and blue situation. Remember that this effort is only for temporary situation. You should go and seek medical expert as soon as possible.

2. Turmeric/saffron powder

Another natural way to stop external bleeding is by using turmeric or saffron powder. This unique substance is easy to find in the kitchen and most women familiar with this. You can pour the saffron powder for wound straight away. Don’t forget t clean the wound first with flowing water to avoid infection. You might feel slight of pain as the bleeding stops.

3. Tea bag

Do you like tea? A cup tea in the evening will ease your bring you peace and calmness. Well, we can also use the tea bag to stop external bleeding. In fact, it is one of the best way to stop the bleeding. Simple pick a tea bag and press it upon the wounded area. Furthermore, for the best result, soaking the tea bag in a cold water will fasten the bleeding to stop.

Put a slight pressure onto the tea bag as it covers the bleeding. It takes abut 10 minutes at most to the bleeding to stops. Besides of stop the bleeding, the tea bag is also helps the wound to dry and healing fast.

4. Duck tape

Perhaps, this method is the weirdest way among others. However, this method of stopping external bleeding using a duck tape is very effective. No wonder, this emergent technique is very common in military field.
After cleaning the wounds, simply put a duck tape to wrap around the wounds and give it lots of pressure. It stalls the bleeding before having a better medical action in a medical facility.

5. Mirrors/glass

This one may be sounds as weird as above. For those who don’t know, mirror/glass has a surface which is possesses negative electro ion. This ion, is able to help to stop the bleeding, and activate the healthy blood coagulation.

After cleaning the wound, pick a small piece of see through mirror (glass)and put it on top of the wounds. Give it a slight pressure on it, and let it be for about five to ten minutes. Since glass is also a sharp and fragile matter, we should handle it with really care. Otherwise the situation is getting worse, instead of better.

6. Salt and water

By using salt and water means we should dip or soak the wounded are in the liquid mixture. It will immediately stop the bleeding and also prevents it getting infection.

There is no exact measure on how much we should use the salt and how much is the water. The important thing is, prepare water and add some amount of salt into it. Note that the pain along the process, is sometimes unbearable. It is excruciating even if it happens only for a moment. This method is as effective as the other methods to stop the external bleeding. Once the bleeding is stops, it’ll get dry fast. This method is also effective to prevent infection.

7. Corn and cassava powder

We also able to make use of the cassava or corn powder to stop the external bleeding. This method has been use since years ago in traditional communities. You should clean the wounded are first. After that, collect the corn or cassava powder and pour in onto the area with the cut.

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You may have to use lot of the cassava or corn powder to stop the external bleeding.

This simple method use corn or cassava powder as absorbent the blood coming out from of the cuts or wounds. Once again, this is a temporary immediate method to stall the bleeding before getting any serious treatment.

8. Alum/Aluminum potassium sulfate

Not many people have alum or aluminum potassium sulfate in their house. However, it is indeed very useful in stopping the external bleeding. Furthermore, the aluminum potassium sulfate is also able to avoid the wounded area from infection.
This method is also cost us an excruciating feeling along with the process.
Grab onto something or bite something to redirect your pain.

9. Coffee powder

Pour a little bit of coffee will help to stop the external bleeding. Coffee contains of some astringent which is able to stop the external bleeding. Note that, you should also clean the wound before pouring coffee on to it. Since it is only temporary, seek for medical facility as soon as possible.

10. Chili powder

Pouring some chili pepper onto the wounded area may resulting an excruciating pain. However, the chili pepper helps to stop the external bleeding. Not to mention it will help the wound to recover quickly.

11. Banana tree sprout

This method is very valuable when you are in a field trip. Accidents happen all the time, no matter where ever you are. If you are in a camping, and unluckily get yourself a wound, use the banana sprout to stop the bleeding. Clean the wounded area, and then cut a banana tree sprout at the very bottom of it. Put the sprout on top of the wound and let the sap stop the bleeding.

12. Cassava leaf sap

The use of cassava leaf sap, has been renowned in traditional communities since years ago. They usually use the sap of cassava to stop very mild cuts or injuries. They simply clean the wounded area and pick up a cassava tree and use the sap to stop the bleeding.

13. Sap of iodine  ([Jatropha Multifida.L) leaf

It is almost the same as cassava and papaya leaf sap. This traditional method turned out very effective to stop the bleeding. All you have to do is look around and see if you can find the iodine tree. Simply pick up a leaf and use the sap to stop the bleeding.
This method is also cost you some pain, depends on how big and deep the wound you experience.

14. Teak peak leaf

People with traditional custom usually use this traditional method to stop the external bleeding they experience. They simply pick peak of the teak leaves and mash it, then apply it on top of the wounded area. Apply pressure on the wrapped wound with the mashed teak peak for about 5-10 minutes. The bleeding will stop any time soon.

15. Sap of papaya leaf

This outdoor method of stopping external bleeding is by using the sap of papaya leaf. After cleaning the wounded are, they simply pick a papaya leaf and put the sap on the wounded area, and give it some pressure about 5-10 minutes.

16. Using of a toothpaste

Similarly to the use of other methods. Clean the wounded are before applying toothpaste onto the wounded area.

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However, note that all of those natural rapid ways to stop external bleeding is only for temporary treatment. For safety sake, it is the best to seek for medical advice as soon as possible. Yet, any available physician will do better than those temporary natural rapid ways to stop external bleeding.