Magnificent 11 Health Benefits of Borage Seed Oil

Benefits of Borage Seed Oil
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Magnificent 11 Health Benefits of Borage Seed Oil – The oil of Borage has been renowned by its useful substance of anti-inflammatory. It has been used for many purposes, basically, the Borage essential oil acts as natural anti-inflammation. As health nutrition wellness, the oil of Borage comes from Borage officinalis tree.

It possesses high amount of anti-inflammation substance as main benefit for health. Actually, there are many others vegetation containing the same substance having similar anti-inflammation. However, we’re only gonna write about this unique Borage oil for health this time.

Our health nutrition system needs lots of anti-inflammation to function normally. Not only easing pain, but also preventing our body temperature to spike from the side effect of body inflammation.

Borage essential oil acts as natural anti-inflammation
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11 Borage Oil Health Benefits

1. Acts as natural cure for skin disorders

Many researchers have been conducted on treating skin disorders. It is not only caring about general skin condition, on the contrary, the research mostly discussing about skin disorders on the face area.

As most of us know there is skin condition which is very disturbing and sometimes become dangerous as well. Damaged skin is not able to produce oil to protect the skin cell. From this condition, it eventually becomes disorders such as eczema, skin rash, dermatitis or many others.

The use of Borage essential oil as natural treatment for eczema and other skin diseases has been renowned from a while ago. Borage oil treats eczema as well as stimulates the skin to rejuvenate and to produce more oil to protect itself.

2. Alleviates respiratory disorders

There are studies proving that the use of Borage oil helps the respiratory organs to function better. It removes phlegm, soothe the lungs and prevents it from infection.

At the same time, the oil of Borage fastens the healing process from coughs, influenza, or the common cold. In worse scenario, we can also using the oil of Borage as treatment for bronchitis. It helps to restore the bronchi and loosen the air tract in our respiratory system.

Using the Borage essential oil as natural treatment for respiratory disorders may very helpful, especially when we are in the distant area. We can use it as first aid or continue the treatment using Borage oil if we see it fits with our condition.

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Borage oil as skin disorders treatment
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3. Acts as natural anti-inflammation

Any kinds of disorders can cause inflammation. Furthermore, if it is untreated properly may lead to more severe condition. The Borage essential oil contains substances which are very useful in treating inflammation.

Not stopping at that, this unique oil of 4)Borage acts as natural anti aging and at proper use may help us to sustain our health condition. In relation with skin disorders, the use of Borage oil as skin disorders treatment may alleviate the inflammation comes along.

Borage oil is not only hindering the inflammation of skin disorders. On the contrary, it helps also ease the pain of other inflammation such as arthritis, joint ache, respiratory disorders, recovery time, and many others.

5. Acts as natural antioxidant

As we mentioned previously, there is a specific useful substance inside of Borage seed oil. This substance acts as the natural antioxidant which its nature is fighting against free radicals.

Free radical, as we know turns healthy cells into cells with cancer prognosis. The use of Borage seed oil as natural antioxidant may help us to avoid and decreases our chances of getting cancer.

Not to mention, it is also able to hinder cell from mutating into unhealthy cells. We can use Borage seed oil as supplement in treating cancer diseases as well as prevent our healthy cell become damaged.

Borage seed oil stimulates the baby with good nervous system growth
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6. Stimulates body development and growth

Babies with deficiencies and infant with lack of nutrients may have troubles in body developments and growth. Even if it grows, surely there will be limitation or flaws.

Certain studies on children health and nutrition have some evidents about Borage seed oil. Giving the oil of Borage to babies and infants may help them in the phase of growing up and body development.

Pregnant women consuming Borage oil properly under strict regulation avoids premature baby birth. Furthermore, Borage seed oil stimulates the baby with good nervous system growth and normal birth.

7. Acts as diet support

Having not proportional body weight is not good. Not only it’s going to ruin our appearance, but eventually, it does gonna affecting our health as well. The seed oil of Borage for diet support will help us to stay on the proportional body weight.

Regular use on the oil of Borage will help us maintain our body weight into proportional shape. Despite that, we will still need the exercise to fasten the process. The use of Borage seed oil is not meant to replace the work out we have to do.

In fact, this unique oil only transforms the fat into muscles by the work out we do. Therefore, using the seed oil of Borage as diet support is useless without a good lifestyle and regular and scheduled exercises.

8. Eases arthritis

The fabulous GLA inside of this amazing oil of Borage eases the pain we suffer from arthritis. With this special substance, we can use the seed oil of Borage as natural treatment for arthritis. Arthritis comes from the joint aches.

It is whether the pain is in the back, wrists, ankles, and anywhere in our joints. It is basically inflammation of one or more joints in our body. It eventually causing some pain and stiffness onto the joints and it got worse as we aged.

Actually, we cannot heal arthritis, as we cannot heal asthma disease. However, we can use the seed oil of Borage to ease arthritis and reduce the pain. We can only maintain the condition so it won’t get any worse

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Borage seed oil stimulates the milk releasing on nursing mother
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9. Possesses natural Emmenagogue effects

Emmenagogue is the effect of substance stimulating the release of milk on nursing mother. Once of a while there is case when a mother cannot breastfeeding her baby since there is no milk comes out from her breast.

The condition may come from certain mental and physical condition. During stress, having anxiety attacks reduces the amount of milk producing. Equally, unhealthy body condition may also lower the milk production.

The Borage seed oil stimulates the milk releasing on nursing mother. Therefore, we can avoid the lack of milk condition on breastfeeding mother. The use of Borage seed oil regularly may help mothers to stabilize milk production for quality and quantity.

10. Keeps the heart healthy

Cardiovascular disorders are a severe condition we must anticipate in early time. An unhealthy heart may lead to other severe diseases in the near future.

Besides, it lowered the blood flow to the entire body, reduces the oxygen supply to all important organs, and many more. Overall, heart failure will reduce our body capabilities and capacity of a healthy living condition.

The seed oil of Borage prevents heart diseases as well as stroke and other affiliate diseased from the same source. Preventing heart disease and stroke

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11. Eases PMS and menopause symptoms

Women deal with menstrual cycle every month, and the condition which comes along with it is not real pleasant feelings.

It could be night sweats, breast pain, skin disorders, fatigue, mood swinging, and so many others. Men usually familiar with this situation, and prefer to let women alone by their self. However, instead of leaving women suffering alone, men can courage them in some ways.

One of them is by alleviating the PMS symptoms. Seed oil of Borage for menstrual syndrome and menopause will help women to go through that rough moments.

Borage oil possible side effects

There are no specific bad side effects on Borage essential oil. Even the Borage oil is pretty save for both internal and external use, sure we have to be aware on how using it.
On using too much oil of borage there might be diarrhea, bloated stomach, and other stomach conditions.

However, the seed oil of Borage as health nutrition women is very useful in taking care of both Pre Menstrual Syndromes and Menopause.

On external use, notice for sensitive skin, since it may cause a rash, itchy skin, or some inflammation and redness.
Seed oil of Borage is NOT suitable for pregnant women and should be avoided at all time.

Seek for medical expert advises and further use of the Borage essential oil. The oil is not meant as a substitute for modern medical treatment, hence, we should not expect too much on the result.

Stay healthy people.