11 Ways to Lower Cholesterol level Naturally, Save, and Significantly

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Lower Cholesterol level Naturally –  Cholesterol is metabolite contained in cell membranes and circulated throughout the body via blood plasma. Once it is becomes overly contained, it’ll no longer healthy to the body. It can clogs the blood flow inside the blood vessels. And when it is happening, it eventually bring the diseases such as coronary artery, heart attack, high blood pressure and so on. But when it is normal, it will be used to change and form steroid hormone and bile acid.

This article, provides 11 ways to naturally and safely ways to diminish the cholesterol level in the body. It mainly caused by wrong or unhealthy lifestyle which is eventually accumulate the unused cholesterol and at last becomes useless substance in the body, and finally brings up the deadly diseases.

Hence, it is pretty important to keep the cholesterol at medium level. There are symptoms you can easily feel or discover when your body is experiencing high cholesterol level, they are;

1. Klaudikasino, or uncomfortable feeling (sores) in the feet and limping

2. Midnight cramps, especially in the feet, and it can be temporary removed by putting the feet on the higher position

3. Discoloured nails, its colour turn s into dark yellowish and seems dirty

4. etc.

So, here are 11 save and natural ways to reduce the cholesterol level, and as so you know they are pretty easy to do, including changing our lifestyle.

1. Quit Smoking!

2. Avoid overly alcohol

3. Regular exercises

4. Healthy diet, food with proper and balanced both quality and quantity

5. Avoid saturated fats

6. Eat more fiber

7. Eat more vegetables and fruits

8. Drink water proportionally

9. Have more proteins, minerals, and vitamins

10. Avoid too much; meats, eggs, carbs, and oily foods

There are also fruits which are have the special benefits to deplete the body’s cholesterol. By regularly consume one of those fruits, at least you don’t have to be worry getting high level of cholesterol, or hoped so;

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1. Avocados

It contains lots of good vitamins and minerals for the body, besides good for reducing cholesterol, it is also good food for brain, can be eaten raw, or mix it with sugar or honey, delicious too to be made as juice.

2. Tomatoes

This fruit is often considered also as vegetables. There is nothing bad about this fruit. besides of has lycopen, which is has the function as anti oxidant in digestive system, it also has proteins, and fiber. Simply eat it raw, or make it into juice to get the most benefits of tomato.

2. Green Tea

Obviously, you’ve had read about it every where. It is good to replace coffee if you want to, since the containing has the anti oxidant, which is able to acts also as anti carcinogen, natural health substance for skin and body.

3. Pomegranate

Believe it when it says that it has lots of vitamins and folic acid. It acts as prevention from heart disease, improve immune system, anti toxin, and neutralize saturated acid of the body.

4. Orange

This one, contains lots of vitaminC and anti oxidant as repellent from free radicals and anti toxin.

5. Dragon fruit

Besides its benefits of reducing cholesterol level, it is also decreases the change of getting heart disease, and high blood pressure.

6. Apple and or its vinegar

7. Wheat and oatmeals

Those are some fruits as save and natural ways to significantly deplete the cholesterol level of the body. As mentioned above, they are pretty easy to do, and easy to find. It even already around us. The heaviest obstacle is the courage to do it. Whether you are ready enough to get rid of all the pleasure eating those fancy and delicious food, and change them with “rabbits food”? Have enough preparation before having a strong commitment for having a goo and healthy lifestyle, since the result is worthy as an investment at your elderly times.

Well, the answer is deep down below, beneath ourselves 🙂
Keep on healthy anyhow, and try to start a healthy and happy life. It’s a good choice though.


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