6 Important Nutrients for the Body


Important Nutrients for the Body – Our body needs energy to do everyday many activities. It needs lots of them. It is beginning from simple task such as blinking, to complex activities such as doing many kinds of sports. Not only doing many activities, according to chart daily nutrition our body needs energy to maintaining the body temperature.

Imagine our body is a machine that needs certain degree of temperature to fully function.

It needs to keep our body temps between 32 degrees to 37 degrees. And this means our body needs some amount daily nutrition in ideal. Ideally it needs 1 cal to raise 1 degree Celsius of each 1 gram of water. You do the math! There are certain substances we need in the food we eat every day. Those useful substances will full fill the nutrition our body need for every day body activity.

Referring to health nutrition article, there are proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, and water our body need to function normally. There are six substances if without it, our body will suffering from uncertain condition. Enough proportion of these substances will keep our body in healthy state.

However, not all of these useful substances can be directly use by our body. They are; carbohydrates, fats, proteins, need to be processed before our body makes the advantage of it. Some of them need further process as we call it body metabolism. Other substances can be used directly by our body.

Here is the complete description of the 6 body important nutrition;

1. Water (Liquid)

Our body consists of 60-0% of water. All day long, depends on our activities, our body lost some amount of the water. It can be for exercising, or doing simple thing such as breathing. For that reason our body needs water replacement.

According to daily nutrition plan, ideally it is more or less 8 glass of water or around 2 liter of plain water. However, we can obtain the water not only by consuming liquid or drinking it. We my get water or liquid through foods contain lots of water we eat. Commonly those foods are many kinds of fruits or vegetables.

Without proper amount of water, our body will lack of its many function. Water inside our body may able to manage the body temperature, many substances solvent, and also metabolism residue way out.

2. Vitamins

Our body need only a little bit amount of vitamins. However, how small are theses vitamins our body needs them urgently. Vitamins function to control the body function and prevents the body from diseases is very vital. According to health nutrition articles, there are two categories of vitamins.

Soluble vitamins are vitamin B and V, while another vitamins are soluble in fat, such as vitamin K, D, E, and A.

Here is the complete list;

1. Vitamin A.

It is usually related to the eyesight healthiness; enhance the immune system, dental and skeletal growth and healthiness.
Vitamin A usually available in the orange colored fruits such as carrot sand pumpkin, vegetables, dairy milk, and another fruits and vegetables.

2. Vitamin B

Its’ function is to control the body function in producing the red blood cells. We can find vitamin B in the sea food, wheat, meat, dairy milk, green vegetables, and beans.

3. Vitamin C

This vitamin C function is to form collagen, helps the body to maintain the muscles, and fight against infection.

There is lots of vitamin C in the broccoli, strawberries, tomatoes, spinach, guava, and chili.

4. Vitamin D

It is able to strengthen the bone and dental. It is also help the body to absorb calcium better. This vitamin can be found in the yellow eggs, fish oil, soya, milk, and the lemon juice.

5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E works as antioxidant which is able to provide protection to body cells from damage. Not to mention to maintain the health of the red blood cells.

Vegetable oil, beans, avocado, wheat, green vegetables, and seeds contain lots of vitamin E.

6. Vitamin K

Vitamin K needed to help the blood coagulation, and enhance the growth of the bones and skeleton. We can find vitamin K in the green vegetables, edible tuber, granules, avocado, and grape.

3. Carbohydrates

Referring to calorie nutrition info, our body needs carbohydrate as the main source of energy. Actually, there are three kinds of carbohydrates, which are sugar, starch, and fibers.

Fibers are available in the cereals, beans, peas, vegetables, and fruits. Our digestion system is not in capable of processing fiber very well. However its function is pretty important to our body.

The sugar, it is easily found in honey, milk, and fruits. Lots of sugar may lead to diabetes.

Meanwhile, the starch is available in potatoes and foods from seeds edible tuber.

4. Proteins

Our body needs protein to produce energy, replace the damaging cells, manage the enzymes, hormones, and enhance our body immune system.

There are two kinds of proteins we know. There are animal protein, and vegetable protein. Each one of them is unique, and our body cannot produce it by itself.

Hence we need to consume both vegetable and meat properly in the same amount.

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Animal protein is available in the meat, fish, egg, milk, cheese, and other dairy product. Meanwhile, the vegetable proteins are available in almost peanuts, such as soy, green bean, and others.

5. Minerals

There are 14 kinds of minerals on earth. Some of them are urgently needed by our body, since it possesses more than important nutrition. There are more than one important substance our body need in the food we eat.

At least some of them are urgently needed to distribute the oxygen to the entire of our body. Another is to maintain the chemical body metabolism, and new cells development.

Here those minerals and its healthy benefits to our body, according to

Health nutrition information;

1. Iron

It is the mains component in the red blood’s hemoglobin. The source of iron is red meat, beans, spinach, and eggs.

2. Zinc

Zinc for body immune system, is to prevent the virus invasion. It is also maintain the eyesight health, men’s vital organ, decreases the risk of getting cancer, and fastening the healing process of the wounds.

We can obtain the zinc in the wheat, beans, and seeds.

3. Iodine

The use of Iodine is to promotes the thyroid gland, and stimulate the body metabolism.

The source of the iodine is sea fish, and salt.

4. Calcium

Calcium uses in the forming of bone and teeth. Not to mention the health of the muscles and nervous system depends on the calcium in proper numbers.

We can consume eggs, green vegetables, and soya bean to absorb calcium in proper amount.

5. Sodium

Our body needs to balance the liquid inside the body. The sodium is able to restore the liquid balance in our body system. They are; milk eggs meat, cheese, carrot, and salt contain lots of sodium.

6. Potassium

According to fruit information nutrition, Potassium conducts the cells stimulation in our body nervous system.
Bananas, potatoes, peanut, meats, and orange are the main source of the potassium.

7. Phosphorus

Besides of the vitamin D and calcium, our body needs phosphorus to maintain the health of our body skeleton system and dental. Not to mention to preserve the health of the muscles and restores the damaged cells.

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We can easily find the phosphorus in the meat, wheat and cheese.

6. Fats

The last important substance here is the fat. Our body needs lipid to provide energy at least 9 c cal each day. According to fruit nutrition information, that amount of fat is useful to dissolve lots of vitamin such as vitamin K, D, E, and A. not to mention it is also provides the essential fatty acid in our body.

Excess fat in the body will be used as spares for another use.

There is friendly fat which is dissolving fat, such as fat we find in the vegetable oil and seeds. This kind oil is saving for our body. The other kind of fat is unable to dissolve by our body. We usually find this kind of fat in the meat, coconut oil, milk, and cheese. Overly intake this fat will lead to cardio disorders and stroke.

We need to provide those 6 important body nutrition if we wish to stay healthy.

One thing to remember is, not to take them overly, otherwise, instead of getting healthier, we get to sick in no time.

Last wisdom is, do not hesitate to do consult to your own primary healthcare. It is the same manner if you are wishing in a diet program.

Stay smart and stay healthy.