How To Treat Burn Naturally

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How To Treat Burn Naturally – how to treat burns naturally easy to do at home by using materials easily found. Burn treatment experienced anything that can be used both for cooking oil exposed to heat, hot water, flames, or in contact with hot engine exhaust.

Surely you all love to cook, but when cooking, maybe some of you have even a small accident in the kitchen such as accidentally touching a hot pot or pan or splashes of hot frying oil during frying something. By the time it hit yourself, surely part of your body is injured will feel hot and sore on your skin.

If you experience this, you should immediately do the burn treatment so that no infection. If your home is not no cure burns and the like, you can perform the treatment in a natural way with the following handling.

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Natural medicine to treat burns

Here are a few types of burns natural medicine which can be found easily at home, such as:

1. The use of raw potato

Raw potato proved to be very effective to treat burns, is because the raw potato contains anti-inflammatory and can provide a cooling effect on burns. So no wonder if the potato is also very good to be used as a material for making a natural face mask to refresh your skin.

To treat burns on your skin, you can grate the potatoes to taste, then put on the affected skin burns and wrapped with a cloth so that the potatoes do not fall. After the grated potatoes dry, and can make it again with a new one.

2 use of Aloe vera

The aloe vera plant is not only beautiful to be used as an ornamental plant in the yard of the house, but apparently these plants also has many benefits for the body. One of them is able to cool the affected skin burns by applying the gel portion contained flesh aloe vera, then let stand until dry. Do this 2-3 times a day to speed up the healing period.

3. Wash the skin premises flowing water

Although this method can only be easing and wastes water, but this method is very effective to relieve heartburn and sore after being exposed to heat on your skin. Do it until the pain goes away, then close the burn with a sterile gauze.

4. Compress using a teabag

When you or one of your family members ignited the fire, splash hot oil or hot object that causes skin burns. You should immediately conduct handling compress with tea bag soaked first, then compress on the affected skin burns. This method is very effective to relieve pain, hot and sore because in the contained tannin content can accelerate the healing process.

that is some ways the first treatment you can do at home in case of accident affected by burns like a fire ignited, hot oil, hot objects and so forth. If the injury is severe enough, you should immediately consult your doctor in order to get further treatment, because it was feared if left unchecked can lead to infection.

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So that I can convey information about how to naturally treat burns that is easy to do, I hope the above information can be useful and good luck.