Health Nutrition for Your Large Pores

health nutrition large pores
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Health Nutrition for Your Large Pores – In every skin of us, especially on the surface of our skin must have something which is extremely small that can either open or close in certain condition. Those things are called pores. Actually, there are two kinds of pores.

The first one has a function to releases natural oil of our body. It is called sebum. While the other pores has a function to releases sweats. In certain condition, the pores which release body natural oil may seem enlarged.

The ‘size’ of pores are various in every kind of skin, which are determined genetically. You may be one of person who has a problem with your large pores, and others may be has the smaller pores. If you are the first one, so you must be a bit annoyed with your large pores.

It may seem like many moon craters lying on our face. That is not so good, isn’t it? They are really successful in decreasing someone confidence. Thus, it is highly recommended to have health nutrition large pores to make your large pores being less visible.

Vitamins Supplement to Deal Your Large Pores
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What Cause Large Pores?

As it has been discussed before, the size of pores in each of us are determined genetically. However, some other factors likely contribute the size of pores, especially in pores which enlarge. So, what cause large pores? One of them is the imbalance of some certain hormones.

It may contribute the excessive oil production which will promote the enlargement of pore.  In other hand, when our skin loses collagen, it result the enlargement of our pores. The worse thing happen when it traps continually dead skin cells more and more along with oils.

Then, you will see at the mirror that it may plug and stretch your pores worse. That is a vicious circle. The pores which enlarged pores mostly always go along with a problem of oily skin. The other factor which plays a role in enlarging your pores is sun damage, something which is so close in our life, especially for one who works in opened field. Sun damage will make your pores become more visible. Having understood about the cause of large pores will help you to get health nutrition large pores.

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Vitamin A for large pores
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Vitamins Supplement to Deal Your Large Pores

Anyone has known that our skin requires some nutrition to make it healthy. It needs any nourishment which can be derived from some kinds of foods which contain any vitamins to maintain health. Deficiency some kinds of vitamins may cause some problem of skin, one of them is the enlargement of your pores. So, having the proper vitamins as the supplement may help your skin problem to be more healthy and beautiful.

Some supplements may have a role to prevent acne flare-ups. It may improve our immune system and protect it from any environmental pollutants. Some vitamins, essential fatty acid supplements and mineral may relieve the problem of your skin, especially in producing excessive oil, large pores and blackheads.

But, you must pay attention to never have supplements in excess or substitute the healthy foods with supplements. Thus it is important to always having check with your physician. Make sure that your supplements are in proper dosage and do not damage your skin health.

Vitamin A for large pores

Vitamin A for large pores is one of the solutions. Actually, the production of oil is necessary to make the skin being healthier. However, it will be a serious problem if the production of oil is over. The result is your pores may become larger and clogged with the production of sebum and the dead skin cells.

The worse thing, you may have blackheads in your skin and your pores will be larger and seems so clear. By using vitamin A, it may repair and strengthen the protective tissue of your skin. Vitamin A plays a role as an antioxidant which will rid our bod of toxin. In addition, vitamin A is really helpful in reducing the production of sebum.

That is why, having deficiency of vitamin A will cause some problems in your skin. In other hand, as the derivation of vitamin A, retinoid works to treat acne either orally or topically, as it has been recommended by some dermatologist.

So, make sure that you consume vitamin A in the proper dosage. Otherwise, it will be a toxic. In daily intake, the recommended dosage of vitamin A for adult women is 700mcg per day. For the men, you need more vitamin A, it is 900 mcg per day.

Vitamin C

Besides, vitamin c serum shrinks pores can be an alternative solution. Vitamin C has a role as an antioxidant which helps you to protect the skin from free radicals. As the compounds which are created when our body runs the process of converting our foods into energy, free radicals are exposed to the pollutants in our environment such as air pollution, cigarette smoke, and ultraviolet sunlight.

Moreover, Vitamin C also produces collagen, which has the function to repair our skin and protects our immune system. But, you need to pay attention the dosage of vitamin C that is consumed. The daily recommended dosage for adult women is 75 mg per day, while for adult men is 90 mg per day.

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What to Eat to Get Rid of Large Pores
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What to Eat to Get Rid of Large Pores

Some studies reveal that there is a link between clogged pores and nutrition which are derived from some foods. As we know that the excessive production of sebum can result the clogged pores.

So, it is important to get some nutrition which plays a role in eliminating or preventing clogged pores. The nutrition can be get from some certain foods, especially the foods which contain a low-glycemic diet. You can get it from grain foods, cruciferous, dark leafy green vegetables, beans.

Moreover, it is recommended to consume some fruits which contain low glycemic such as plums, grapefruit, cherries and peaches.

In conclusion, having proper nutrition, healthy diet and avoiding some factors which contribute in enlargement pores have to be noted. So make sure that you have health nutrition large pores.