15 Health Benefits of Valerian Essential Oil

benefits of velerian essential oil
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Health Benefits of Valerian Essential Oil – Valerian flower is native to countries in Asia and Europe continent. It has purple color, and unique fragrance and very distinctive use. Valeriana officialis is the scientific name for this flower. The benefits of valerian essential oil for health has been know for more than a hundred years ago. In ancient cultures, the efficacy of Valeriana officialis has been used as medical support.

However, there are substances available in this Valeriana officialis which are makes it suitable as traditional medicine. There are flavonoles, terpenes, alkaloids, acids, and other useful substances in the extraction of Valeriana officialis, as it known as Valerian essential oil, now.

Other the cure some diseases such as intestines disorder, calms the nerves, ease the PMS and many other health benefits, Valerian essential oil is also known as perfume raw material.

However, here are 15 benefits of Valerian essential oil for health;

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1. Ease the nervous system

You can see it as natural tranquilizer, if you like. The fact is, The extract of Valerian root has the effect of sooths the nervous system. Hence, as the result, it is effective to treat anxiety attack, depression, stress, and other nervous problems. On to p of that, the Valerian root extract is also good to increase the mood, ease the emotional changes, insomnia, and help you to sleep tight at night.

2. Treats intestines problems

The useful substances in the Valerian essential oil increases the bowel movement, ease the stomach , urinating. For that reason, the risk of getting constipation is nearly zero point. The valerian essential oil is also help clean the body from the toxin by expel the through the bowel movement, urine, and also the sweat.

3. Ease the PMS

PMS or Pre Menstruation Syndrome is a n uncomfortable situation and full of pain. Another health benefits of Valerian essential oil is to relieve the pain during the period. The antispasmodic substance in the valerian essential oil is able to minimize the stomach muscular spasms.

4. Skin protection

Wrinkles, and dry skin is examples of early aging symptoms. To prevent early aging process, you can use the Valerian essence oil as your skin treatment. Other than that, this Valeriana officinalis extration is very good as treatment for minor burns, open wounds, scars, bruises, stings, eczema, psoriasis, itchiness, acne, open sores, boils, and insect bites.

5. Stabilize your blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause many other dangerous diseases. The useful substance available inside the Valerian essential oil helps you to stabilize the blood pressure. Hence, it decreases the change of getting heart attack, black out, and strokes. Not to mention, this valeriana officinalis root extract is good for your heart health eventually.

6. Keeping your heart healthy

It is because the valeriana officialis has this useful substance for maintaining the heart health. This essential oil of valerian stabilize the heart pace and tone the rhythm. Other than that, it calms and steady the heart rate when it is going weird.

7. Helps you to sleep tight at night

The extract of Valeriana officialis helps you get through the long night with nice and tight sleep. Hence, it’ll help you to stabilize your hormonal system.

8. Prevent brain damage

It helps to prevent severe brain damage caused by rough treatment to the head. Both intentionally or not. The risk of getting weird brain activity is decreasing as you use Valerian essential oil as your health support.

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9. Depression and anxiety treatment

It is the fragrance of the Valerian essential oil has the effect of get rid of bad emotional such as stress, traumatic syndrome, neuralgia, tension, depression, anxiety, restlessness, and seizure.

10. Migraine treatment

You can obtain the benefits of Valerian essential oil as headache treatment. Particularly the migraine.

11. Skin disorder treatment

Apply Valerian essential oil on to the itchy or skin with irritation will ease the uncomfortable feelings. Other than decreases the skin dryness, the extract of Valeriana officialis also able to gradually cure ulcers, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin disorders.

12. Increases the brain function

Extract Valeriana officialis root encourage the brain function. It improves the blood flow and its circulation to the brain. As the result, the brain stays fresh and active. Valeriana officialis root will also protect the memory and decreases the risk of getting early dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. On the contrary, it helps to enhance the cognitive skill.

13. Prevent nerves disorder in children

The useful content of useful substances in Valerian essential oil makes it valuable to consider. It able to enhance the spine and brain nerves. Not to mention the skin nerves. Specifically, the valerian essential oil prevents ADHD in the growing children.

14. Maintain the skeleton’s health

As we grow old, the flexibility of our skeleton’s joints is getting worse. At least on most of the people. Valerian essential oil treats joint aches, regarding to gouts, rheumatism, and similar symptoms are always point out to joint diseases

15. Act as aroma therapy

You can use the extract Valerian essential oil as aromatherapy, whether it is as candlesticks, or massage oil. Both use has the same effects of relaxing, calming, and soothing the inner feelings. Hence, you get to sleep tight at night, or you can improve your mood throughout the day.

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Albeit the magnificent use of Valerian essential oil, there are also side effects that come along with it. Just any other traditional medicine and health support, overly use of this Valerian essential oil leads to apathy, dullness, numbness, light headache, stomachache, and skin irritation, hives, or breathing difficulties on some people who have allergies to these substances. Not to mention, women with pregnancy should not use Valerian essential oil at all. Otherwise, you should do consult with your own primary healthcare.