Magical, 8 Health Benefits of Yuzu Fruit For Better Life

Health Benefits of Yuzu Fruit
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Magical, 8 Health Benefits of Yuzu Fruit For Better Life – Citrus junos is the binomial name for this unique fruit of Yuzu in scientific world. With its long and sharp tons, this shrub can reach the height up to 6 feet. The tree is resilient to cold weather, hence it can lives in sub tropic continent.

With color degradation, young fruit has the green color that turns into yellow when it is ripe. The fruit of Yuzu has unique taste along with high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants.

This fruit has now become one of the renowned healthy fruit for its health benefit. The fruit of Yuzu is originally comes from China as its native. But somehow, Yuzu has been famously used in both Korea and Japan.

It is the food nutrition health that makes Yuzu brought to both of these countries. In fact, the health benefits of Yuzu fruit have been renowned since thousands years ago.

Nowadays, the fruit of Yuzu has become part of Asian cuisine, and lifestyle people. Not to mention, people are also using Yuzu fruit on medicinal purposes.

The fruit of Yuzu has unique scent that believed possesses healthy effect. In any form, no matter whether it is powder, oil, or juice, Yuzu fruit becomes one more addition to our natural health option.

Specifically in Japan, people use the essential oil made of Yuzu fruit as hot bath. Soaking in the hot bath with Yuzu is believed very good in boosting our mood.

Equally, taking bath in Yuzu hot water treats influenza as well. Meanwhile, using the essential oil of Yuzu as skin treatment for its beauty and health condition is also very good choice. Not to mention, it stimulates the blood circulation throughout the body.

Meanwhile, in culinary world, Yusu powder, juice, and oil is a hell good addition for enriching taste, fragrance and color. No to mention the we can still have the health effect of Yuzu fruit, no matter its form. We can use the peel of Yuzu as addition fragrance, taste, and looks almost in any kinds of foods and drinks.

Benefits of Yuzu Fruit
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8 Health Benefits of Yuzu fruit

1. Acts as natural mood booster

There are studies examining about the effects of using Yuzu fruit in daily consumption. The result pretty good, there are some evident that prove Yuzu fruit acts as mood booster. It is especially for women during their menstrual cycle. Eating fruit of Yuzu stabilizes emotion as well as promotes uneasy feeling during period.

It is alleviate PMS by reduces stress, mental break down, and promotes mood swing to stay positive. As therapeutic, the similar to orange fresh fragrance elevates mood and promotes happiness.

2. Promotes healthy skin

The fruit of Yuzu contains lots of vitamin C and antioxidants. Those two substances are very useful in protecting our skin and maintaining our skin to stay healthy and beautiful. We can use the fruit of Yuzu to stimulate nutrition and protection to our skin from free radicals.

Furthermore, free radicals are the main suspect most of the cancer diseases, especially skin cancer. Therefore, using Yuzu fruit as natural antioxidant is reducing the chances to get cancer diseases.

Food nutrition fact on this unique fruit is actually very helpful in sustaining our skin health condition. It is not meant to be as cure or treatment, the use of Yuzu fruit actually is health support rather than cure or medicine itself.

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Yuzu Fruit Health Benefits
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3. Boosts Immune Health

Yuzu is high in both vitamin C and antioxidants. Other than promoting healthy and beautiful skin, Yuzu fruit boost up immune system and healthiness. It is gradually increases our resistance to diseases attack and sustain the immune system to stay healthy.

Studies even say that having enough vitamin C, Yuzu fruit clears out respiratory tract, and preventing it from having infection. Not to mention Yuzu fruit with large content of vitamin C helps to alleviate mild condition like common cold and fever. Not to mention serious sickness like diarrhea, malaria, even mild condition like common cold and fever.

4. Acts as natural anti inflammation

One among many ways our body deal with its certain condition is by setting an alert while our body hit by infection. Many things occurred to our body may put this alarm on.

This alarm can put on so many forms, and one of them is inflammation. There are many things because inflammation, it can be infection from wounds, cuts, or severe diseases that heal not so properly.

Yuzu fruit as natural anti inflammation helps us to overcome such as condition. It alleviates inflammation with its high amount of antioxidant. This is another health benefit of anti oxidant other than as natural anti carcinogen, and our skin health maintaining.

Furthermore, the Yuzu fruit can be put equally with other edible green plants, tuber such as turmeric, berries, and ginger. Those stuffs help us reduce inflammation and preventing inflammation from happening.

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Yuzu Fruit Benefits
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5. Act as natural blood enhancer

It is in other words, according to fruit guide nutrition Yuzu fruit acts as natural prevention from blood clotting. This situation can be dangerous since it has a good chance of making our body lose blood bog time, whenever we experience wounds or cuts. Not to mention it slows down the healing process.

We surely have experience wounds or cuts, no matter how minor its. The healing process can take sometimes depends on how healthy we are. One of the process of recovering the wounds or cuts is the blood clotting process. The blood clotting prevents our body from losing too much blood during bleeding on wounds or cuts.

However, blood clotting means our bloody is easily to clot, which means at certain condition it is very dangerous. Even though, blood clotting is an important process that helps to prevent excess bleeding, some people may have certain condition on the other side. People suffering from cardio vascular, may have greater risks at getting stroke, heart attack, and similar condition.

Here the function of Yuzu fruit as natural blood enhancer. It thins the blood to avoid clots and preventing it causing heart attack or stroke.

6. Minimalize the risk of getting chronic diseases

Due to fruit info nutrition, the high amount of anti inflammation compound inside the Yuzu fruit. Another health benefit of anti inflammation other than preventing inflammation is reducing the risks of getting chronic diseases.

Inflammation is always has always related to chronic diseases and how diseases getting severe. For example, it is inflammation brings cardio vascular disorders, respiratory disorders, stomach aches, and even nervous disorders.

The use of Yuze fruit reduces chronic diseases in gradually term of timeline. The health benefits of Yuzu fruit is actually for health support only. It means the fruit never meant to replace modern medicinal for cure and treatment.

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aromatherapy of Yuzu fruit
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7. Acts as natural anti depressant

Being a member of orange fruit, Yuzu fruit has similar smell and fresh fragrance to common orange. It is able to stimulate pleasant feelings, calms down our mind and overcome moody swing. Therefore, we can use the health benefits of Yuzu fruit as natural anti depressant to overcome mentally illness.

It is as simple as by making scent from Yuzu peel we can alleviate stress, using it in meditational occasion and even use it as room fragrance. The aromatherapy of Yuzu fruit works well in alleviating PMS as well as calm down the pace.

8. Acts as natural brain stimulant

Other than Yuzu fruit health benefits as aromatherapy, certain studies report that the fruit has potency as natural brain stimulant. It is considering the fact the Yuzu fruit as natural aromatherapy and able to stimulates the brain with positive outcome.

Moreover, it is reported that we can use Yuzu fruit extract to prevent brain function degradation. At the same time, it hinders the brain from decreasing function as we often see in elderly. By the fact we can be sure that Yuzu fruit extract for brain disorders treatment such as Parkinson’s and Al-Zheimer’s disease, early dementia, and even stimulates good brain rest while we are sleeping.

For the better result, we can always combine the use of Yuzu fruit in any it’s form with other health’s products. Especially as brain stimulant, we can add almond, cods, virgin oil, as well as other green vegetables.

After all, food nutrition chart may gives green light about using this unique fruit as health supplement for our life style. Whether it is as natural anti inflammation, taking care of our skin, boosts our immune system, or even stimulates our blood circulation. On the contrary, we should know that there are also side effects of Yuzu fruit for health.

Yuzu Fruit Benefit
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Yuzu fruit possible side effects

As many other people with allergen, there is always possibility that a person might has allergy reaction to Yuzu fruit. Whether it is only an itch on lips, or any other oral unpleasant feelings, we should seek for medical assistance.

The same scenario applies on skin allergy to Yuzu fruit peels, whether it is only itch, tingle, burn, or flaky skin. An immediate medical expert has to be presence at once.
Therefore, with such possibilities, there is no losing on checking whether you have the same allergy or not on using the fruit of Yuzu.

Note the food nutrition information that said the fruit of Yuzu contains anti coagulant. It means people with blood thinners treatment should not consume this Yuzu fruit internally, at all. However, most people will find the health benefits of Yuzu boosts our health significantly. Not to mention it enhance our mood, and also works great as addition to our culinary.

Stay healthy people.