9 Health Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil (Chrysopogon zizanioides)

Health Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil – People always consider that the plant of Vetiver comes from the India. Well, that is not wrong at all. But people in there know this plant which is grass with a very different name. Instead of using its scientific nameVetiveria zizanoides, people in India refer the three of Vetiver with the name “Khus”.

The tree of Khus-khus in modern world is very useful, as they use it in many industries. There are perfumes, beverages, foods, cooling and cosmetics use the grass of Vetiver as one of its raw materials.

The tree has the characteristic of its mild, musky, earthy, and pleasant fragrance. Once the grass and its roots are dry enough, people use to place them upon the roof or beside the window panes. The grass of vetiver will give some distinctive fragrance to their house, and add some moisture.

Another use of the Vetiver grass is to obtain its essential oil. Hence, the essential oil that comes from the grass of Vetiver is called the Vetiver essential oil. The oil of Vetiver has so many useful substances, especially when it comes to the health support.

The essential oil contains lots of vetivene, vetivenyl, furfurol, beta vetivone, alpha vetivone, benzoic acid, and also vetivenyl vetivenate. Those substances are important enough industries as you read above. Nowadays, we can even use the essential oil of Vetiver as sorbets and insects repellant.

Apart from that, you can even add another useful essential oil to get more benefits. The benefits of essential oil of Vetiver works even greater when it is combined with another essential oil such as jasmine, cananga, benzoin, and grapefruit essential oil.

Besides of what you have read above, here are some other 8 more benefits of the Vetiver essential oil for health you might wanna know;

Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil fot health

8 Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil for health

1. Helps to heal wounds

This property of Vetiver essential oil helps heal wounds by promoting the growth of new tissues in wounded places and also by keeping it safe from infections by inhibiting growth of microbes. Finally, it also promotes the accumulation of leucocytes and platelets at that location.

2. Disguise the scar marks

The essential oil of Vetiver possesses the natural cicatrizing substance. It will help you disguise scars or any skin marks. By using or consuming it regularly, and in a proper dosage, the Vetiver essential oil generates new tissues on the damage skin cells. Hence, post delivery women, people with cellulites, kids with chickenpox, burnt marks, and people suffering from similar diseases will have the most of essential oil of Vetiver.

3. Acts as natural antiseptic

Most of microbial creatures and viruses are coming from hot wet continents. Not that tropical continents which is identically with hot temperature, and humid condition is dangerous. As the result, wounds, cuts, and other cell damages will quickly get sepsis.

However, not need to worry, the Vetiver plant (Chrysopogon zizaniodes) is also easily found here. While the essential oil of Vetiver is known for its antiseptic substance. We can achieve the health benefits of the Vetiver essential oil even simply by apply it directly onto the open wound or damage skin. Essential oil of Vetiver for skin damage is protecting it from getting sepsis.

4. Natural inflammation substance

The hot sun and humid temperature is identical to inflammation effect. The oil of Vetiver helps us to avoid such condition. It provides us with soothing and cooling effect, which is ease the many kind of inflammation.

Not to mention, the it is also calm down the nervous ad circulatory system. Other than that, the oil of Vetiver is also good for treatment in dehydrate condition. The anti inflammation possessed by the essential oil of Vetiver is very suitable in such areas with hot, humid, and rich of sun lights.

Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil

5. Natural tonic

Our body systems works almost every time, even when we are sleeping. Hence, without good lifestyle and good nutrient, it will gradually degrading in no time. The essential oil of Vetiver provides us with tonic substance which is very good for our body entire system.

The tonic from the Vetiver oil will helps to boost, and maintain our overall system. The Vetiver oil rejuvenates our organs, boosts our respiratory, digestive, excretory, nervous, endocrine, and other system in our body. All in all, the tonic of Vetiver essential oil will maintain, renew, immune, and enhance the work of our body system.

6. Natural neuron system support

Our body movements rely on our healthy nervous system. A healthy nervous system means a good movements and body members coordination.

One of substance takes part in the health of our nervous system is called the nervine. The essential oil of Vetiver for the health of nervous system is because the oil is rich of that substance. Furthermore, the nervine available in the oil of Vetiver helps us to maintain and keep the health of our nervous system.

It helps us overcome our steadily from fear, shock, and emotion and mind disorders such as stress. Also, the Vetiver oil helps us to avoid many nervous diseases such as hysterical attacks, afflictions, epileptic, and some acute condition such as the Al-Zheimer’s syndrome and Parkinson’s disease. By consuming or using the oil of Vetiver regularly at proper dosage and term, it will increase our nervous healthy level.

7. Acts as natural sedative

In close relation with our nervous system health, the essential oil of Vetiver as natural sedative also provides us with a relaxation. The oil of Vetiver will avoid us from insomnia, anxiety attacks, convulsions, nervousness, restlessness and many more. However, we are not supposed to miss use the sedative effect of the Vetiver essential oil.

8. Enhance your libido

This one is very useful for you, especially couples who experiencing lack of libido, or loss of sexual tension. Combining the essential oil of Vetiver with sorbets and or other beverages, will give you a strong aphrodisiac effect. Especially the aphrodisiac effect on the vetiver oil for sexual desirre is especially when it is because of psychological reasons. The Vetiver esst. Oil will help you to get rid of frigidity, impotence and other sexual disorders. Should you use it regularly in a proper dosage, and term.

9. Many other health benefits

There are tell tale that the esst. Oil of Vetiver can also cure arthritis, rheumatism, gout, muscular pains, and some skin disorders. The oil of Vetiver for aromatherapy is also has been well known since years ago.

Side effects on using the Vetiver essential oil;

There are no sides effects on using Vetiver essential oil. The only thing to aware is that you should check whether you have allergy reaction to this unique and amazing essential oil. The Vetiver essential oil indeed, is not toxic, non irritant, non sensitizing, and safe to use, at proper dosage, and terms.

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