8 Health Benefits of Selenium


health benefits of selenium – No one knows about selenium before the 19th century. In fact, it as an accident that makes this unique of selenium becomes familiar to us now. The selenium was founded in the precipitation of sulfuric acid producing process. It was consider toxic until it was burnt and release some kind of smell similar to turnip.

Only then, scientists become aware of the existence of this selenium substance along with its health benefits. Selenium now, is renowned as singular substance which is able to find only in small amount. Even if we can’t find selenium in large of numbers, we have some selenium sources we can depend on. They are fish (tuna, including crabs and lobsters), peanuts (Brazilian nuts), meat, mushrooms, eggs, and cereals.

At the first time it was founded, the selenium is considered as toxic and may cause diseases to everyone who is exposed to it. According to chart information nutrition, selenium is belonging to organic chemical due to its structure. Nowadays, selenium is one among many important substances our body needs to function properly. Not to mention, the use of selenium in proper dosage may able to protect us from certain diseases.

Even if Selenium is still undergoing some researches, we know that the health benefits of selenium are large in numbers. Selenium protects us from cardio disorders; prevent us from having cancer, enhance our immune system and many more. It is including promoting healthier hair, acts as hormonal balancer, postponing the early aging symptoms, and boosts the thyroid function. Not to mention it will also lower the inflammation.

On the contrary, still according to researches, too much selenium intake will also do no good to our health. Hence we should take the selenium intake with extreme prejudice.

Here are at least 8 health benefits of Selenium for us;

1. Act as anti oxidant

We all know that free radical is never good to our health, or our beauty. In fact it is even carcinogen to us. It means it promotes cells to be a cancer. Scary fact isn’t it?

Furthermore, free radicals are putting our body in weakness. It eventually put our body in great risks of having disorders in digestion system, kidney, heart, hormones secretion, and metabolism. In women, free radical is the actor behind the wrinkles, black spots, pimples, dull color, scaly and dry skin. All in all, free radicals bring nothing but damage and diseases to us.

Hence, the health benefits of Selenium for us are to avoid those bad possibilities with its rich antioxidant. Even if only in small amount, the existence of selenium in our life is pretty vital.

2. Enhance the immune system

According some scientific researches, the selenium stimulates immune system and helps the body to fight against diseases. Furthermore, the health benefit of selenium to combat fungi, bacteria, and viruses once again is a solid prove that selenium is not a toxic matter we should avoid.

At some points, our body may need support to restore and enhance its own body immune system. The selenium helps to build antibody and enhance it, so our body is becoming more resilient to diseases. Of course if we take it in a proper dose and under expertise watch and companion.

3. Act as anti inflammation

As time goes by, our body becoming old, and our cells regeneration is not the way it used to be. Likewise our body immune system, it is only degrading as we all getting older. Selenium health benefit is merely not only for enhancing body immune system, but also extend the organs age.

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Selenium is able to overcome inflammation in condition such as gout, arthritis, lupus, rheumatoid, eczema, psoriasis and many more. By the inflammation alleviation the body organ generally will stay healthy for another length of time. Not to mention, selenium gets rid of pain which is usually comes along the inflammation.

4. Cardio health keeper

Besides of selenium function as body immune system booster, and anti inflammation, Selenium also is a good vasodilator. Selenium avoids us from having blood clog inside of the blood vessels.

The blood clog condition will lead to diseases and disorders in our body’s internal organs. It will bring about the heart attack, cardio disorders, and atherosclerosis, and strokes. Enough selenium intakes each day into our body will help our body to avoid such unfortunate conditions.

5. Promotes healthy hair

There is undergoing researches that use the selenium benefit to preserve the hair health. It is believe that the selenium will help us to avoid hair fall, dandruff, dry scalp, and other hair disorders.

6. Promotes a healthy Thyroid

There is thyroid gland in our body which is its function is to control and balance the other body hormones. Then what is happening when this gland in not functioning normally? There would be chaotic situation in the release of body hormones. Eventually it will lead us to disorders and diseases.

This is one of the most important roles of selenium for our body’s health to help the thyroid gland to stay healthy. Healthy thyroid makes the overall body metabolism and organs function to stay in normal function. Eventually, it prolonged our health and avoids us from becoming sick.

7. It prevents Cancer

As mentioned above, selenium has been found to be an essential part in a number of cellular processes, and this includes the body’s response to cancerous activity. As we all know that cancer is one among dangerous diseases on earth, which is still remaining has no cure. The selenium prevents the carcinogen cells from growing, especially in the stomach, lungs and the prostate.

It is believed that selenium possesses the unique ability to automatically strange cells which has the possibility of becoming carcinogen. This unique ability of auto kills of course by not affecting other healthy cells, in the process. Not to mention the other ability as antioxidant which is repels free radicals, this is the main cause of the cancer cells.

It is also able to recover the damage cells, and prevents it from having strange cells activity. All in all, the selenium health benefits for us, other to be antioxidant, provides protection to the heart, promotes healthy hair, is also act as anti carcinogen as well as anti tumor.
Well, that is not many other thing possesses in a single matter.

8. Prevents heart abnormality

Not many people aware that, our heart is very vulnerable to many deadly diseases. Lack of Selenium is leading to heart disorder as well. The symptoms are the degrading cartilage cells function due to their dead, effecting to the growth. These failures eventually result in the emerging of the other diseases.

They could be osteoporosis, low density of the skeleton system, abnormal body figure, and many others. Not to mention, it is also cause pain along the process such as lack of endurance and flexibility, joint ache, limited motion range, and sometimes stiffness.

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This unfortunate condition lack of Selenium is renowned as the Kashin-Beck disease. Sadly, not many people aware of these diseases, since it is have common diseases symptoms as mentioned above.

However, there is nothing such as perfect thing. There are lots of health benefits of Selenium. On the contrary, there are also flaws in the Selenium, especially if we take it overly.
There are side effects of selenium if we consume it more that we suppose to.

Those side effects of having too much Selenium are;

  • Mouth breath,
  • Fatigue,
  • Over sensitivity,
  • Digestion issues,
  • Liver disorder,
  • Cardio failure,
  • If it is left it untreated result in death.

Hence, there is no other ways that to take is as it should be. It is a whole lot better if we do consult to the expertise or any medical practitioners, especially our own physician.

Stay smart and healthy.