12 Health Benefits of Schisandra berry (Schisandra chinensis)


Benefits of Schisandra berry – Schisandra is a bitter, sweet, pungent, and also salty at the same time. Yes, it has 5 tastes in one fruit. Despite of that, it turns out this berry which is originally has the binomial name as Schisandra chinensis comes from China, has many health benefits of Schisandra we can obtain. The tree lives good under shades and covers, of course in fertile soil. There are no many researches found on how the trees spread all over the world as we know today.

Schisandra is one of the fruit among others which possess the highest amount of antioxidant. Nevertheless, it is also consist of any other useful substances for our health such as; acid, lignan, glutathione, fitosterol, vitamin E, vitamin C and many others.

According to ancient Chinese herbal manuscript, this beautiful fruit also known as Magnolia vine is one of the best traditional medicine discovered in China.

Ancient people in Chine used to consume this fruit as an escape from many diseases. Not to mention as additional support in enhance the strength of the live, cleaning the lungs, fatigue, and also in case of insomnia.

12 health benefits of Schisandra fruit

1. Maintaining the healthy of the skin

By consuming the Schisandra fruit at least 100 days continuously, it capable of making the skin more radiant. It is glowing healthy without leaving the original skin pigment.

The benefits of Schisandra fruit for health is known since years ago. It is known as anti aging substance, for its anti oxidant which is able to fight against free radicals. It is also able to be used as treatments for other skin diseases. As we know, that those free radicals are attack and damage our healthy cells.

2. Enhance brain capability

Consuming Schisandra regularly will bring good effects to our brain. It is able to elevate our mental status condition, yet the ability to do work even better.

Schisandra benefits for brain is to increase the energy to the brain cells, so that it is able to rejuvenate and refresh the sense of focus.

It is also able to helps people to avoid the ADHD disorders. Thus, according research, the Schisandra fruit is able to improve and enhance the ability to concentrate and memory core.

3. Clean the liver organ

When it has relation with toxic matters, there is one organ which its duty is to expel the toxic out of the body. The liver organ, however, carries heavy duty in every days in our life.

So, it is good to support this organ with useful substances such as Schisandra fruit. The Schisandra fruit benefits for liver cleansing is very particular.

It helps the liver to do its duty and decreasing the chance of failure. By that matter, the Schisandra fruit has also has been used as treatment for hepatitis disease.

4. Ease the symptoms of menopause

The menopause is the end of menstrual period cycle of a women. It has the strong relation with body hormones balance and emotional stability.

The little berries of Schisandra is able to deliver blood smoothly through the blood vessels. Hence it helps the body to maintain its stamina and also the organ stability.

No, it cannot deny the menopause, but it ease the uncomfortable feeling which is often comes along the process.

5. Prevent the early aging process

The Schisandra berry contains lots of anti inflammatory and anti oxidant matters. Hence, the benefits of Schisandra berry to prevent the anti aging is inevitable.

Not to mention that people in China believe that the Schisandra has the energy that will restore the energy, maintain the vitality, and also enhance the life-span.

6. Relieve stress and anxiety

According to research, the Schisandra berry fruit benefits for health is also good for fighting against stress and anxiety. It helps us to deal with the cause of the stress.

Not only that, it is also been known able to reduce the blood pressure, which is close to the stress and the anxiety. Another benefits of Schisandra berry for relieving stress is it is able to fight against fatigue, the cause of the persistent stress.

7. Fight against insomnia

Besides of getting rid of the stress and anxiety, the benefits of Schisandra for insomnia is, it calms you down after deal with the stress and anxiety.  By the morning, in will clear your mind as well as your emotional behavior. Hence, it able to give you a quality time of rest at night.

8. Boost your libido

Well, in relation of having a nice and quality sleep at night, the body immune system is also increasingly as well. As the result, sometimes, it is also trigger and wake up the libido. Not to mention, it will encourage the sexual stamina and producing more fluids out of our body.

9. Strengthen our body

According research, regularly consuming the Schisandra berry will increases the body strength. It also able to overcome fatigue, as well as the body performance along with the endurance at the same time.

10. Body immune booster

The Schisandra fruit contains so many useful substances inside. Hence it is very good to use the Schisandra benefits as body immune booster. It helps the body to fight against infections, inflammation, and increases the capability of avoiding any possible dangerous diseases attacking the body.

11. The cardio health support

Besides of healthy lifestyle, there are also another good support for your heart healthiness. The benefits of Schisandra for our heart is by keeping the blood sugar level so it stays in normal condition. Not to mention it is bale to help us controlling our cholesterol as well as a good support for people who are suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory syndromes.

12. Body detox

Eventually, by consuming the unique fruit of Schisandra we are getting the benefits of detoxification. The fruit helps us to provide the substances needed by the body in every day routines. Hence, it helps us to avoid stress, early aging, have healthy and beautiful skin, healthy and good stamina, as well as maintain out emotion’s health.

Those are at least the 12 health benefits of Schisandra berry fruit in our life.  Though there not enough scientific prove attached, at least we have another option to maintain our healthy life style. Note that do not hesitate or forget to do consult before using any of substances mentioned above.

It is meant to be as in an emergent situation only, where there is no medical service available.

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