12 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds in our life

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds – Pumpkin or Cucurbita pepo, is widely known as native culinary cuisine in Mexico, Central America. Not many people know that this fruit originally comes from European lands and not to mention the Russia.

Other than as their native food, the seeds from the pumpkin is also can be made as snack. Snack which is in another countries known made of dried sun flower or watermelon seeds.  People in this continent usually seeds only whenever the pumpkins, water melon or sun flowers are old enough or ripe.

Those seeds are similar, except for size and color. It has oval shape with white color on pumpkin, black color in sun flower and watermelon seeds. However, the seeds, especially the pumpkin seeds health benefits are known since early ages ago.
The most familiar way to eat the seeds as snacking is by boil them or roast them so we can easily peel of the outer skin of the seeds.

The taste of the pumpkin seeds is savoy, moreover, if you put some salt on it. It turns out that the Curcubita pepo seeds contains lots if useful substances. There are manganese, magnesium, copper, tryptophan, zinc, iron, and proteins. Not to mention the pumpkin seeds contains proteins, and vitamin B as well.

Hence, there are lots of the pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) benefits for health we can achieve. It can be supportive for our daily healthy life style. The pumpkin seeds effectively help your body recover from illness, encourage your body immune system, maintain your skeletal system healthiness, kidney stone treatment, keep your ticker healthy, as protection from poisons, parasites, and cancer.

Not to mention, consuming Pumpkin seeds regularly helps you to sleep tightly at night, as well as gain more body weight if you want.

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Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Here are some more of health benefits of Pumpkin (Curbita pepo) Seeds

1. Overcome Inflammation

As you read above, the Pumpkin seeds is able to relieve inflammation in your body. The ususal cause of the inflammation is lack of certain substances in our body. It can be lack of proteins, vitamins, and not to mention minerals.
Hence the large numbers of healthy and useful substances in the Pumpkin seeds is able to help you to avoid and cure inflammation at the same time.
Not to mention, the Curbita pepo seeds is able to relieve pain comes from arthritis.

2. Encourage healthy body Metabolism

Our body needs a stable system to work at its top function. Not only in good condition, but it also needs friendly environment to support its works. Consuming the Pumpkin seeds regularly, helps you to create that environment and condition. The Cucurbita pepo seeds provides all the necessary substances for the body to work its best performance. It has many useful substances such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, and many other you can read above.
By enough healthy support system, it is no wonder if our body becoming more resilient in almost any situations.

3. Gain healthy skeleton system

Most of people already familiar to the benefits of Pumpkin seeds for osteoporosis.  Osteoporosis is a disease attacking your bones. It reduces the bone density and its pliant or flexibility.  Many studies and researches have proven that consuming seeds of the Pumpkin is really good to prevent of osteoporosis. Not to mention, it is able to increase the bone density as well as reduce its weakness.

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4. Provides us with lots of antioxidants

Free radicals is one of the cause of the cancer disease. The seeds of Pumpkin contains of carcinogen properties, including phenolic substance. The substance is a good repellant to most of the free radicals attacking our body. By extracting the Pumpkin seeds, and use it in in our lifestyle, we fight against cancer at the same time. Not only cancer, free radicals also have bad effects in our looks, especially in the face area. Hence, the suggestion to consume this unique seeds of Cucurbita pepo, is not overrated. Especially if you want to maintain your beauty.

5. Maintaining our Cholesterol Levels

Talk about the unique seeds of Pumpkin, it contains of phytosterols. It triggers the body system to decrease the LDL level. With low LDL, we also reduce the change of getting blood lots, heart attack, and atherosclerosis. Not to mention the Pumpkin seeds also prevent us from having stroke.

Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds for health

6. Lower the blood pressure

The Cucurbita pepo also contains lots of copper, which is very good for our red blood health y condition. The copper inside the Pumpkin seeds is able to increase the numbers of the red blood cells in our body.  Not to mention it is able to conduct the red blood cells passage throughout of our body.
You can consume the seeds of the Pumpkin combining with food contains low sodium substance to have better effect. It is able to encourage a healthy heart, by lowering the blood pressure.
Hence, consuming the seeds of Pumpkin can avoid us from cardiovascular problem.

7. Alleviate nice sleep and avoid from anxiety attack

Having a stress at work? Can’t sleep well at night?  You can try the seeds of Pumpkin before going to sleep. The highly amount of Tryptophan and magnesium available inside the seeds of Pumpkin will help you get over those two conditions. It is because, those two substance have the effect of sedation. Hence, you can easily get to sleep at night now.

8. Help to expel the kidney stones

There is a diuretic substance in the seeds of Pumpkin. No wonder, the Cucurbita pepo has been known for its antitoxin. It is already known since early ages that the Pumpkin seeds is bale to boost the liver and kidney’s work. It helps the liver to process toxin so it is no longer considered as threat to the body. While at the same time expel the toxin out of the body system so it cannot form another bad or dangerous condition. In other word, consuming regularly the seeds of Pumpkin will help us to prevent gout, kidney stone, arthritis, and another dangerous diseases. Al in all, the Cucurbita seeds will provide you a healthy kidney and non toxin body condition.

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9. Healthy condition of Prostate

Another diuretic good effect of Pumpkin seeds is to overcome unfortunate feeling from the prostate enlargement. Not that, prostate enlargement often cause cancer, if not getting a proper treatment. By consuming the seeds of Pumpkin, you can avoid the condition so easily.

10. Act as anti parasites

In early society, Pumpkin seeds has been used to fight against tapeworms and other body parasites.  Remember that these kind of worm, especially in children, may cause another emergent condition such as lack of nutrients, bad boy figure, and not to mention death it self.
There is no lost by consuming the seeds of Pumpkin. Besides, the useful substances available, the price is not very expensive.

However, other than so many health benefits of pumpkin seeds we should know, there are also some conditions we also should notice.
Since the seeds of Pumpkin contains lots of calories, people with obesity should not consume this food support.
As always, always do consults to your primary health care for further opinions.