11 Health Benefits of Oregano Essential Oil (Origanum vulgare)

Health Benefits of Oregano Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Oregano Essential Oil – Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is original plant, mainly in mountains and high area. It has been used since years ago by the Greece as their native traditional medicine for bacterial infections. Now the essential oil of Oregano which is comes from the leaves of Oregano plant is well known around the world.

The oregano oil is a essential we can obtain from the fresh leave s of Oregano by using steam distillation method. Traditionally, we can make our won Oregano essential oil ourselves. Shortly, you have to boil water and put some Oregano leaves and oil carrier which is inside a bottle or a jar into the hot water.

Let the jar or bottle heats up and then the Oregano leaves release its natural oil. After that, put the jar or bottle with the natural oil inside next to the sun exposed window, and shake it every now and then. After about two weeks, you can strain the oil to get the natural essential oil of Oregano.

There many useful substances available inside the Oregano essential oil. Those substances have health effect as anti parasitic, anti oxidant, anti inflammation, anti bacterial, and anti viral. Not to mention it can also has the ememagogue, anti allergic, and antifungal effects.

The substances with those effects are the following; Borneol, Gerannyl, Pinene, Caryophyllene, Bisabolene, and Thymol.
Not to forget, there are also the Carvacrol, Linalyl acetate, Terpinene, and Cymene. Hence, the use of Oregano essential oil is very famous almost around the world.

From the facts above, there is no further doubts and wonder why is this Oregano essential oil is being used by so many people. The Oregano essential oil for health is not only scientifically proven, but also becomes part of civilization history. Not only in health, the oil of Oregano are now has been using in food too for its anti depressant effect.

On top of that, we can use the Oregano oil to provide these following benefits; balancing hormonal condition, boosts immune system, and alleviate allergies. the essential oil of oregano is now has been used in food in dietary programs, enhancing the digestive system function, and as well as aromatherapy for its overall effects.

Benefits of Oregano Essential Oil

Magnificent 11 health of Oregano essential oil are;

1. Alleviate respiratory disorders

If you are experiencing coughs, sinusitis, influenza and any other respiratory disorders, the essential oil of Oregano for respiratory disorders is really suitable. It will help you removes the phlegm and overly mucus outta your breathing tract.

Not to mention, the Oregano essential oil will also soothe and warm your lungs at the same time. Hence, the Oregano oil is suitable for people with respiratory problems such asthma, bronchitis, or dust allergies.

2. Natural antioxidant for our body

Women should thankfully to the Oregano essential oil for its natural antioxidant content. As we all know already, the antioxidant repels all the free radicals attacking our body. On top of that, the antioxidant repels the free radicals while rejuvenating the damaged cells from it.

As the result, originally the antioxidant inside the Oregano natural essential oil may prevent us from early aging situation. Not to mention the ability of avoiding us from cancer, and many other body degrading diseases.

3. Non allergen compounds

As the Oregano essential oil has the anti inflammation and sedative contents, the following effect emerge, the anti allergy capability. While allergies itself is body reaction to certain specific substance overly in the body.

The oil of Oregano for allergies is relieving its symptoms, along with the inflammation, swelling, and anaphylactic shock. The use of Oregano oil for relieving allergies reaction is one of the best choice, compare to using artificial modern drugs. It is safe, no side effects known so far, and it is natural, which means familiar substance to the body.

4. Natural anti inflammation content

Anti inflammation inside the Oregano essential oil is useful to soothe both internal and external inflammation. The best way to use the essential oil of Oregano anti inflammation substance is to apply it topically. It will reduce the side effect of the inflammation such as redness, irritation, itch , and even some pain.

5. Enhance the digestion system

Consume the essential oil of Oregano regularly on a proper dosage and term will enhance your digestive system. It helps the body to release digestive juices and enhance the ability to absorb nutrients from the food. Eventually, our body gets the nutrient it needs completely.

6. Act as natural anti bacterial

The Oregano essential oil protection from bacteria with its anti bacterial compounds. Moreover, it also able to protect us from viruses infections. As the result, we can avoid diseases from infection such as cholera, typhoid, food poisoning, sores, and even more some mild skin infection.

7. Antifungal capability

So many viruses, fungi, and bacteria are the main cause of contagious and infectious diseases. Not to mention, many of those diseases are lethal. The essential oil of Oregano health benefit will help to protect you from such infectious diseases because of those factors.

Fungi may cause bad and nasty infection is certain areas of our body. Left it untreated, resulting in death penalty, or at least permanent damage the corresponding organ. The Oregano oil for fungi protection is very effective, especially when it is being used regularly on a proper dosage and term.

8. Emenagogue benefit

The Oregano essential oil benefit for health also well known as emenagogue. The term of ememnagogue is meaning steady the frequency of menstrual cycle. Not to mention it helps to prevent early menopause to women.

The oil of Oregano also ease the symptoms of menopause, such as moody, cramps, pain from unstable hormonal changing, etc. Women who consume the benefit of Oregano essential oil as emenagogue will have regular menstrual cycle and chance to postpone the menopause.

Oregano Essential Oil

9. The ability of anti parasites

There are parasites which are able to cost us diseases. There can be bed bugs, mosquitoes, lice, ticks, tape worms, round worms, and even fleas. Outside of the human body, those parasites are not dangerous. On the contrary, the different story goes, whenever they are able to penetrate into our body. The essential oil of Oregano as anti parasites is effective to kill the stomach worms. Meanwhile it is also able to repel insects and bugs when externally applied.

10. Content of antiviral

The Oregano essential oil also provides us protection form the viruses infection. It will enhance and increases our body immune system so we becoming more resilient to certain diseases. There are measles, influenza, mumps, we can avoid by consuming the health benefits of Oregano essential oil. Moreover, the white blood cells is getting increases as it is our main defense from many diseases attacks.

11. Act as natural antidepressant

If you happen ever to use the Oregano essential oil as aromatherapy, then you should know the Oregano oil benefit as anti depressant. It helps you to relax, calm down, and increases your mood of happiness.

Furthermore, you can combine the essential oil of Oregano with another essential oil to get more benefits and various taste and fragrance. They are the Bergamot, Cypress, Tea tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, and not to mention the Rosemary and the Cedar wood essential oil.

When it is used externally, you can apply it directly on the skin. Meanwhile, if you want to take it internally, it is better not to take it overly, since it has very serious effect. Always do consults to you primary healthcare for further assistance.

However, pregnant women SHOULD NOT using this benefits of the Oregano essential oil. People who are allergy to the Oregano may experience some itches, irritations, and swellings. There are similar allergies happens to lavender, sage, marjoram, mint, and basil if you have allergy to the Oregano essential oil.

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