11 Health Benefits of Mustard Essential Oil (Brasssica juncea)

Health Benefits of Mustard Essential Oil

– First of all, we should separate and differentiate between the Mustard essential oil and the Mustard oil. Both product have very different use and nature, even if it has the same source.

The seeds of Mustard(Brassica Nigra and Brassica Hirta), (both black and white) contains Myrosinase and Sinigrin. Both substances are considered as toxic. Meanwhile, the other substances considered have healthy effects are the following; Linoleic acid, Oleic acid, Erucic acid,a nd Allyl isothiocynanate. Therefore, the contradictory of this unique Mustard essential oil.

The Mustard oil is extracted form the Mustard seeds through cold compression. It is very famous in India as in medicinal use. While in the other part of the world, it is considered as toxic and can only be used externally, as in massage oil.
On the other hand, the Mustard essential oil is extracted from the seeds of Mustard through the steam distillation process.

Mustard Essential Oil for health

11 Health Benefits of Mustard Essential Oil

1. Promotes eat appetite

To those who want to gain a little bit more weights, then the Mustard essential oil benefit as appetizer is suitable for you. It stimulate the hunger feelings both in your head and stomach. However, remember to not to take the Mustard essential oil in a large amount , since it can be very dangerous to your digestive system and intestines as well.

2. Natural tonic

The use of the Mustard oil as tonic is very impressive. It provides boost to overall body’s health, as well as enhance the body strength and immune system at the same time. However, note that you also have to full fill your body needs for nutrients. Don’t depends only to this tonic function of the Mustard essential oil.

3. Natural antibacterial substance

The essential oil of Mustard is able to be used internally as anti bacterial support. The substance will removes and clean the entire body system as well as fight against the infections, if there is any. Meanwhile if you use it externally, it is able to provide protections on the open wounded skin, or cuts from getting infections. Both internally and externally has the exact same effect from the Mustard essential oil health benefit.

4. Bugs repellent

Whether you are in outdoor for camping or at home, sometimes, bugs always become problems. Fortunately, they hate the Mustard essential oil, and the products from its substance. You can apply the Mustard oil on the skin to keep away those creepers and insects. Not only that, the essential oil of Mustard is also very good as vapor or fumigants.

5. Keep the hair healthy

Not many people know that hair vitalizer is made of the linoleic acid and oleic acid combination. Well, the Mustard essential oil happens to have both of these substances. As the result you can use the essential oil of Mustard as an option to revitalize your hair. It conducts the blood circulation in your head scalp, strengthen the roots of the hair and prevent the hair fall.

6. It warms up the body system

Our body is like sophisticated, complicated, and yet, perfect machine created by God. However, it still need certain circumstances to function well and normal. The Mustard essential oil keeps the warm of the body system, so it won’t form any excess disposal.

In respiratory system, it needs to stay warms to avoid it forms mucus or phlegm. There are still many other example, however, the winter force our body to stay warm as well. Given that situation, the essential oil benefits as cordial will give its function to warm up the body.

Benefits of Mustard Essential Oil

7. Reduces the chance of getting rheumatic and arthritis

Consuming the Mustard essential oil in proper dosage and term will provide our body alleviation from arthritis and rheumatism symptoms. This fact has been known since many years ago in ancient cultures.

8. It makes you sweat well

Like many other essential oil, the Mustard essential oil also gives the cordial effect. It means it will promote you for sweating. Whether you use it internally and externally. Good sweating will removes toxin fro our system, and also cooling down our system temperature.

9. Protection from fungi

Fungal infection may the main cause of so many nasty diseases. Not only on the skin but also internally. Hence, the Mustard essential oil provides protection from fungal infection. It prevents the fungal to grow and limit the circumstances where the fungal like to grow.

10. Works as natural stimulant

Lookalike the Mustard oil, the Mustard essential oil indeed is a very strong stimulant. It promotes the stimulation in our body system, both on the digestive and excretion system. While using it externally will be useful as massage oil. It is also promotes the smooth blood circulation throughout our body.

11. Function as natural irritant

Sometimes irritation is not always bad. By irritation, you may able to know if your body is allergy to some substances. Or to find out whether certain organs is still in healthy condition or not by putting it into the allergen. The Mustard essential oil as irritant may help to notify if there is any damage on certain organ which is suggested allergy to the oil.


Seek for medical care advice or assistances, before doing anything in relation with this unique Mustard essential oil and its benefits for health.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and infants should use it under professional healthcare.

Be aware if there is any reaction , suggesting allergy to the essential oil of Mustard.

To aim healthy, by not putting ourselves into unhealthy proce

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