Wonderful, 9 Health Benefits of Kumquats (Citrus japonica)

health benefits of kumquats

Health Benefits of Kumquats – A kumquat actually is small citrus fruits. The tree of Kumquat can be easily found in the Asian-Pacific continent. This small orange have so many varieties. Even so, the Citrus japonica as the scientific name for kumquat is the most familiar in the world.
The kumquats have not known by the western world until the 19th century.

After it got spread to the American and European land, it only gets popular. The reason is, nowadays, many beverages products use the fruit of Kumquat as one of their main ingredients. Not only stopping there, the fruits of Kumquat are also become ingredients of cocktails, jellies, candies, preserves, garnishes, desserts, and also jams.

Many kinds of brewery and liquor are made out of the fruits of Kumquats. As well as the Kumquats benefits for sore throat, respiratory disorders, and many other medicinal purposes, the fruits are now getting popular in the world nowadays.

On top of that, other than as culinary ingredients, it turns out that the kumquat fruits posses’ lots of useful substances inside. We can find high amount of vitamin C, calcium, vitamin A, potassium, fiber, and healthy fat as well. No to mention the essential oil of alpha pinene, limonene, monoterpenes inside of the fruits is very healthy too.
Hence, no wonder, if the health benefits of Kumquat fruit is now getting familiar to people.

According to researches, the Kumquat for health can maintains, cures, prevents so many disorders. Some of them are digestion system, cholesterol level, diabetes, and boosts the immune system. Furthermore, it is also help to maintain skin, dental, hair, eyes, and nervous system’s health. Not to mention it also able to strengthen the skeleton system.

benefits of kumquats

9 Health Benefits of Kumquats;

1. Maintain the skin health

Thanks to the antioxidants and the vitamins inside the Kumquat. Their fine combination is very sophisticate to give protection the skin. Consuming the fruits of Kumquat protects the skin from the sun light UV exposures, and the free radicals. Those are the main cause of our skin getting wrinkles, dullness in color, age spots, scaly and rough and other early aging symptoms. Even the Kumquat fruit is able to make your skin to be more radiant and healthy at the same time.

2. Hair and teeth healthiness

The combination of so many useful substances inside the Kumquat fruits will help to protect and maintain the health of our hair and dental as well. It is the fine combination of the vitamin C with its antioxidants, calcium, potassium, and other healthy substances. Like most of us have known that the calcium is very important substance for our hair and dental. The large amounts of those substances in the fruit of Kumquat will more that suffice to cover our body’s need.

3. Maintain the health of our eyesight

Not only large amount of vitamin C, the fruit of Kumquat is also full of the vitamin A and beta carotene. Those two substances are important as our eye sight care taker. On top of that, the beta carotene also provides the antioxidant for our eyes. It helps it to keep the macular cells stay healthy. Not to mention, the Kumquat fruit also able to avoid us from having cataracts.

4. Acts as dietary food

The fruit of Kumquat is also containing lots of fiber and water. Hence, it is very suitable to eat as dietary food. This unique fruit of Kumquat has low content of carbs. It makes this fruit is able to keep you have the feeling of full stomach for longer time. In another words, this Kumquat is ideal to eat if you want to lose weight but still stay healthy.

5. Boost the immune system

By the look of Kumquats, there is no doubt that this fruit of Kumquat posses lots of vitamin C. it means the Kumquat health benefit is able to enhance the immune system. It helps the cells to regenerate and rejuvenate. Hence, the Kumquat fruits strengthen the immune system to fight against infections, fungi, bacteria and other impairment to the body. The immune system as the front line defense of our body needs to be able to recover immediately. Otherwise, our body is fragile to illness.

6. Boost the energy

Kumquat fruit is not as big as other fruits in size; however, the useful substances are incomparable. It contains lots of carbohydrates which is necessary to create or form instant energy our body metabolism. Compare to artificial energy booster in the drugstore, consuming proper amount f Kumquat fruits is whole lot safer.

It will help our body to replenish the energy we lose during activities we do. Not to mention the high amount of the Riboflavin available inside the fruit of Kumquat makes it able to substitute any food while we are in a diet program.

7. Promotes healthy digestion system

Another health benefit of Kumquat for us is, it keeps our digestion system healthy. Eating at least 8 of Kumquats a day will suffice to replace 10 grams of fiber in our body. The fiber as we all know is responsible to take care of our digestion system to stay healthy.

From there we can conclude that, the Kumquat for digestion system is very healthy. It can avoid us from getting constipation, bloated, stomach cramps, and conduct the frequent of our defecate process.

8. Maintaining the bone density

The fruit of Kumquats also posse’s large amount of calcium, as you all read previously. This small yet precious fruit will help you to maintain the health of your skeleton system, as it keeps the bone stay dense. The Kumquat health benefit for bone will also avoid you from getting osteoporosis and other bone disorders in the elderly age.

9. Managing diabetes  condition

The diabetes can be very frustrating. Not only you have to maintain blood sugar level, you also need fiber to balance the insulin and glucose level. Furthermore, diabetes is incurable disease. It can only manageable. Consuming proper amount of Kumquat fruit every day will help you to maintain the sugar level, promotes the insulin hormone and also get all the vitamin C health benefit all at the same time.

Like always, we do recommend asking for assistance to professional medical practitioners before using the benefits of the Kumquat for health as your healthy second option.

Stay healthy, stay smart.

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