10 Top Health Benefits of Kenikir Leaves (Cosmos caudatus)

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Health Benefits of Kenikir Leaves – Kenikir (Cosmos caudatus) tree is a bush or annual plant which is commonly live in tropical area. This plant originally comes from South and also Central America and then brought to South East Asia through the Philippine and Spain.

The Cosmos caudatus is very familiar plant as salad. However, there are also another benefits we can obtain from this small tree. We can find that the health benefits of Cosmos caudatus massively known among traditional culture, beside of its leaves fresh, spicy taste.

Here we have 10 health benefits of (Cosmos caudatus) Kenikir, we can obtain;

1. It increases our body immune system

The Cosmos caudatus leaves contain lots of vitamin A and E which is very good substance for body recovery. Not to mention the content of proteins inside is a huge help to form fagosit, which is a matter to support and increases our body immune system.

While the content of vitamin C helps to increase the body metabolism to its top condition.

2. Strengthen the skeleton

Since there are the minerals, calcium , and magnesium, the Cosmos caudatus leaf is able to strengthen the body skeleton system. Not to mention it is also a big push to build the good and health skeleton system in the adolescent ages.

You can eat the leaves straight as in salad or drink the Cosmos caudatus boiled water. Just in case you don’t like the taste, you can add honey or sugar as you like.

3. Increasing the appetite

The Kenikir (Cosmos caudatus) leaves is able to increase the eat appetite. It has the content of kuersetin which is able to  increase the children’s appetite.

When it is consumed at least three times a week, the benefits of Cosmos caudatus leaves are also able to recover someone’s stamina after got sick.

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4. Overcome the bad breath problems

The Cosmos caudatus leaves is also  have the ability as the anti bacterial and any germs comes along with the food we eat. It is because the Kenikir leaves have the coniferil alcohol inside.

The coniferril alcohol is able to clean the tongue area and the saliva from the germs which are the cause of bad breath. The benefits of Cosmos caudatus (Kenikir) for health is maximum, if you chewing it around twenty to thirty seconds before you rinse up your mouth.  Or, you can boil the leaves and add a pinch of salt and drink the water at least twice each day.

5. Helps to heal the stomach ulcer or weak stomach

The Cosmos caudatus contains the substances of tokoferols, pholyphenols, and hydroxiugfenol, which are abel to neutralize gastric acid level. The benefits of Kenikir are also able strengthen the sphingter muscles in the stomach. Obviously, you should consume it regularly to get the best effect.

6.Helps strengthen the weak heart

There are also flavonoids and antioxidant inside the health benefits of Kenikir (Cosmos caudatus)leaves. Those substances are very helpful for damaged cells around the heart recovery. Not to mention, it helps to smooth the blood circulation by strengthen the arteries and heart muscles.

To do so, you can boil five leaves of Cosmos caudatus(Kenikir) in 250 ml of water. Drink the water twice each day to get the best result.

7. Acts as anti carcinogen

Other than those substances above, the Kenikir (Cosmos caudatus) leaves is also contain sapponin, terpenoid, to fight against cancer.

The health benefits of Kenikir (Cosmos caudatus) leaves is good to fight against cancer such as breast cancer, stomach cancer, and liver cancer. To help to encounter the cancer diseases, you can consume the Kenikir leaves boiled water regularly.

8. Helps to heal the mumps

To get the health of Kenikir (Cosmos caudatus) to heal mumps, you have to do the followings;

  • Grind the Kenikir(Cosmos caudatus) leaves as smooth as possible
  • Mix it with vinegar  equally.
  • Rub it on the corresponding area at least three times ach day.

Its pholyphenol and tokoferol will help to heal the mumps inflammation.

9. Helps to heal the inflammation on the breastfeeding

This special health benefits of Kenikir(Cosmos caudatus) leaves is for women who breastfeeding their baby. The breastfeeding mother usually experience inflammation on their breast. Hence, you can heal or at least minimize the pain with this plant of Kenikir(Cosmos caudatus) leaves.

To do so, you have to do these followings;

  • Burns the leaves on a small flame to have it withered
  • Mash it gently, and then rub it onto the breast while it is still warm.
  • Do these steps three times each day.

It is the terpenoid and anti inflammation which are help to ease and heal the inflammation.

10. Traditional Dialysis support

It is not mean to be a dialysis such on the liver or kidney failure diseases. Indeed it helps us to clean our blood and neutralize any possible toxin inside. Hence, with the help of the benefits of Kenikir (Cosmos caudatus) leaves, it eases the work of liver and kidney.

Due to its vitamin E, anti oxidant, and falvonoids , the leaves of Kenikir(Cosmos caudatus), when it is consumed regularly, it is able to act as natural detoxification system.

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Even if there are none bad side effects to be found yet in the health benefits of the Kenikir (Cosmos caudatus) leaves. However, always do consult with your primary health care.