12 Health benefits of Brown Rice ( Grain )

health benefits of brown rice
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Health Benefits of Brown Rice – Rice is one of the common source of carbohydrate. Hence, many people consume this food as their daily intake. Nonetheless, Brown rice is less familiar to people compare to white rice. Unlike However, there are 12 health benefits of Brown Rice we can obtain.

While, the rice tree is consider as grass. Furthermore, it needs lots of water in the beginning of planting the rice tree in the rice field. Whenever it is time to harvest, the rice fields seem to be as golden rug.Hence, it is a beautiful sight to see, especially during the sunset.By the same way, many countries in Asia over this kind of sightseeing as one of their tourism spot.


the infamous Brown rice is containing many health benefits we should know more. Not only as the  first raw food for babies, but also as dietary foods for people with obesity. Rice is very familiar to most people in Asia. However, unlike in Europe, people there eat sorghum, potato or wheat as their daily food. Generally, Brown rice is equal to white rice.

Here are the nutrients content of  Grain, which is also known as Brown rice.

Amount Per 100 grams
Calories 111
% of Daily Value*
0.9 g Total Fat 1%
0.2 g of Saturate fat 1%
0.3 g of Polyunsaturate fat
0.3 g of Monounsaturate fat
0 mg of Cholesterol 0%
5 mg of Sodium 0%
43 mg of Potassium 1%
23 g of Total Carbohydrate 7%
1.8 g of Diet fiber 7%
0.4 g of Sugar
2.6 g of Protein 5%

0% of Vitamin A


0% of Vitamin C

1% of Calcium 2% of Iron
0% of Vitamin D 5% of Vitamin B-6
0% of Vitamin B-12 10% of Magnesium


benefits of brown rice for our health
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Equally important,

Health Benefits of Grain

here are another important health benefits of grain for our health;

1. Source of energy

As a matter of fact, Grain (Brown rice) contains of manganese mineral. As a matter of fact, this mineral is very useful to turn into energy with further process.

2. Prevents cancer

Equally, the grain contains selenium. Hence, it is very useful to avoid the cancer cell. Also, it  is very good to keep the health of the heart and ease the arthritis.

3. Decreases the risk of diabetes

As a matter of fact, consuming grain in daily basis will gradually lower the risk of getting diabetes. Otherwise, for people who are already have diabetes, it will help them to stabilize the blood sugar level inside your body.

4. Guarding the intestines

Instead of fast food with dangerous chemicals, the grain (Brown rice) contains lots of fiber. Hence, it will help our intestines to increase the capability and its health to digest the food we eat.

5. Avoid you from getting over weight

Since, the character of grain (Brown rice) is unique. Equally, it will give you more satisfy feeling inside your stomach. Hence, it makes you less eat but still have enough energy  to use. You can consider it as natural diet.

6. As prevention from beriberi disease

As well as, Grain(Brown rice) contains lots of vitamins B. Not only, makes it good as each day consumption, but it is also as prevention from getting the beriberi disease.

Due to, Beriberi disease comes from lack of thiamine and vitamin B in particularly. Furthermore, it causes heart failure and affects the circulatory system.

7. Prevents the early aging process

Nonetheless, the brown color on the grain (Brown rice)exist due to its because it contains “antosianin”. Likewise, it is an antioxidant to repels the free radicals which is cause the early aging process.

8. Overcomes depression

Nevertheless, the brown rice(Grain) has the minerals of manganese. Hence, it is very good to overcome depression. Not to mention, it is very helpful to preserve the brains health.


benefits of brown rice for our health
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9. Decreases the cholesterol level

Given that, the brownish color on the grain means it contains lots of oil. Furthermore, this particular oil has the capability of decreasing the cholesterol level. Eventually, the benefits of Brown rice is very good for keeping the heart to stay healthy.

10. Prevents constipation

To point out that constipation exist due to lack of fiber, water in our daily food intake, and the high level of acid in our body. Hence, the brown rice(Grain) which has lots of fiber is very good for your stomach.

11. It contains 0 cholesterol

As an illustration, cholesterol is not good for our health. Since the cholesterol can be carcinogen to our body. Hence, the brown rice (Grain) is very good to consume every day.

12. It is available everywhere

Of course, it is just like any other basic foods such as potato, maize, and wheat. Not to mention, sorghum, Grain(Brown rice ) is now easily to be find almost every where. Moreover, it is cheap.

Generally speaking, we can obtain the benefits of Brown rice(Grain) at most, by consuming it on daily basis. Instead of fast food and other unhealthy food, brown rice (Grain) is obviously much saver and healthier.

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Furthermore, you can make it into soup, cake, bread, and any other delicious food. In case, you’re feeling bore with the usual way of cooking rice.