18 Health Benefits of Basil (Ocimum basilicum)


Health Benefits of Basil – Basil is perennial shrubs which are grow best in warm temperature area. Hence, this annual 100 cm brimming tall  can easily be found in tropical countries. It has small black seeds but large flowers.

This plant has been cultivating for over than 1000 years in certain areas as medicinal herb.  There are lots of places with different climate cultivate this plant, hence, many types of basil available these present days.

Basil is very familiar to people in Africa, Asia, and also Pacific Islands. As time goes by, it spreads all over the world and becoming very useful plant other than its medical substance. It can be use as spice in the kitchen, as additional     ingredients in the making of soaps, perfumes, dentals preparations, and not to  mention shampoos.

However, should we know about the useful substances which are make this plant so useful in human life. Actually, there are more than 10 useful substances we can find in Basil  (Ocimum basilicum). Most of them are very good substances as in human health support .

Basil contains many substances, such as; Vitamin K, Iron(Fe), Copper, Manganese, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B9, Amino Acids, Lysine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Cystine, Methionine, and not to mention Vitamin A.

Since Basil has many useful substance, there is no wonder if it also has lots of benefits in human life.


Here are 18 health benefits of Basil we can obtain;

1. Anti  Carcinogen

Basil As Anti Carcinogen – Basil consists of Phytochemicals, which is very helpful fight against the cancer in natural way. There are Liver cancer, skin cancer,  oral cancer we can avoid by consuming basil in our daily life. Basil health benefit will help our body to improve the activity of antioxidant within our body, and trigger the elimination of deathly and dangerously cell. As well, it will also ease the side effects of cancer treatments as in radiation or chemotherapy.

2. Antiseptic substance

Basil has Antiseptic substance – We can use Basil to treat cuts, wounds, or ulcers and furthermore, we can prevent it from getting infections. As well,  it reduces the pain because of some diseases such as small pox, measles, or even chicken pox. Or, we can mash the basil leave, apply it on a skin with insects bite. It’ll relieve the pain and as well as retract the poison  from getting in too deep into the blood flow.

3. Anti inflammatory properties

Basil has Anti Inflammatory substance – Basil has many useful substances, as we all know above. There are also eugenol, linalool, citronellol which are able to decrease the inflammation. Hence, Basil will help people with arthritis, heart disease, rheumatoid, and bowel condition to relieve the pain.

4. Depression suppressor

Basil can suppress depression – Not many people know, that we can use basil leaves as relaxation tea therapy, by adding it  into our morning or evening tea. It is because basil has also anti depressant substance in it. Hence, it will help us regain our mood and be more relax, calmer, and shooting still.

5. Anti bacterial properties

Basil has Anti Bacterial substance – Recent studies in certain university, Basil can acts as anti bacterial. It help the healthy cell to maintain its resistant to the bacterial attack. Especially Basil essential oil also defer illness that has certain resistance to certain bacteria.

6. Maintain the heart health

Basil can maintain the health of our heart – Another benefit of Basil is it can maintain the heart ‘s health. It maintain the elasticity of the heart muscle so that it contract and relax normally. Which is,  then normally deliver the blood pressure. We can obtain the health benefit of Basil by consuming it every day in our daily basis. It will help us preventing the clog on the cardiovascular vessels, which is eventually preventing the cardiovascular diseases from arising.

7. Prevents eye illness

Basil prevents many eye diseases – People who spend lots of hour in front of computer will very glad if they know this. Basil health benefit for eye is very amazing. We can make Basil juice to ease the sore eyes, or night vision disorder. In another word, health benefit of basil can cure eye illness causing by the lack of Vitamin A.  If you don’t have the time of making Basil juice, you can always just chew it. Basil leaves turns out capable of getting rid of eye illness because of free radicals attack such as eye sight degeneration, glaucoma, and also cataract.

8. Detoxification properties

Basil can be a detox  – Basil health benefit for health is also can be found on the detoxification point of view. By consuming the basil leaves, basil essential oil, or even basil juice it turns out will help the liver’s function. Hence, the change of getting liver disease is also gradually descending, from time to time.

9. Takes care of the gum, mouth, and teeth health

Basil takes care of your mouth health – We can pick the dry basil leaves, mash them into powder and use it as toothpaste to brush our teeth. Or, you can mix the powder with any essence oil and use it as in toothpaste. Basil benefits for health is able to keep the health of the gums, teeth, and all the mouth area. It also prevent the gum inflammation or curing ulcer in the mouth. However, Basil (Ocimum basilicum) can be good option as mouthwash, teeth, and gums healthcare.

benefit of basil for health

10. Ease coughs

Basil is able to cure coughs – Again, not many people know that one of the ingredients in cough syrups or expectorants is Basil leaves. However, before you decide to buy any medicine from the drugstore, especially for cough, the health benefit of Basil leave is good enough to ease and gradually cure the coughs. Simply collect eight fresh basil leaves, along with five fresh cloves. Boil those in a cup of water, for about ten minutes. Leave it for a while just to get it cool down and then drink the water. You can also add a pinch of sugar or salt to give some taste in it.  Another health benefit of basil is to relieve sore throats. All you need is to gargle with basil leaves boiling water. Of course, you need to let it cool down first. Basil is also a good therapy for other respiratory illness such as asthma and bronchitis.

11. Increase the digestive system

Basil will preserve our digestive system – We can balancing the body ph level with the health benefits of Basil leaves. By doing that, we are also helping our body system to improves it self.  In fact, Basil has been using in traditional way as one of the best cure for stomach worms, boating stomach, water retention, acid re-flux, cramps, decreasing appetite, and also from other stomach parasites.

12. Avoid acne

Basil prevents Acne – Acne is not dangerous, however, it can really disturbing, especially when it has so many marks. You can actually avoid this to be happen by using the benefit of Basil leaves. Not only avoid the acne from occurring, but it also helps us to minimize the marks. The Basil essential oil is able to eliminate the bacteria causing the acne. The basil oil useful to cure skin disorders such as psoriasis, ringworm, and insect bites and stings as well. The basil contains anti inflammatory.  Which is it’s good to ease the inflammation on the skin, relieving the pain, and also keeping the skin to stay soft, healthy, supple, and radiant.

13. Avoid Diabetes and maintain the body system

Basil prevents Diabetes – Not only for skin, the benefit of Basil extract turns out is also good for decreasing  the glucose level in the blood. In other word, the benefit of Basil essential oil is good for us as protection against the change of getting diabetes.

14. Natural aphrodisiac / libido booster

Basil can boost our libido – In certain country, Basil is identical as a symbol for love.  It is because, the Basil fragrance is so unique, that it is able to increase the sexual tension and the most basic instinct in human life. Not only that, Basil turns out capable to increase the energy level, and the blood flow throughout the body. Not to mention, it is also able to decreases inflammation as above. Hence, in ancient history, this plant is a natural substance to keep the sexual  tension high.

15. Ease the Headache

Basil cures Headache – If you are having a very bad headache, try using basil leaves first. Rather than go to the drugstore and getting yourself a chemical substance as your headache solution. Simply brew a tablespoon of dried basil leaves in two cups of hot water, and breathe the steam for about 5-10 minutes. It’ll gradually ease the headache. You can also mash the basil leaves and mix it with sandalwood paste, and then apply it onto the forehead. The mixture literally intent to cool the fever that usually comes along with the headache.

16. Help you to quit smoking

Basil will help us quit smoking – The benefits of Basil leaves is not stop here. You can even easily quit smoking by chewing basil leaves. It turns out that chewing basil leaves will distract you from your nicotine addiction. It is even more effective than other method such as nicotine patch, nicotine gums, or even eating candy. Basil leaves has the soothing taste that will cool your throat, while its antioxidant will rejuvenate the body cells.

17. Insects bite and sting

Basil cures insects bites and stings – In an emergent situation, we can use the benefit of Basil leaves as first aid to certain insects bite and sting.  We can use the fresh juice of Basil leaves, and apply it onto the desired area. Other than that, we can also use the fresh root paste of Basil too overcome the insects bites and leeches.
While for scorpion sting, we can use the paste of Basil leaves and roots ground.  You can mix it with lemon too. It will really helps to ease the pain and cure the wound. Especially if you also drink the Basil juice and apply the gist onto the area that got sting.

18. Removes the kidney stone

Basil removes Kidney Stone – To maintain a healthy kidney, all you have to do is consume 5-6 Basil leaves with  water while your stomach is still empty. Ideally in the morning before you’re having lunch. While for removing kidney stone, you can try mixing the fresh Basil leaves extract with honey. Drink it every day nonstop for about 5-6 months. It will remove the kidney stone through your urine.

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There, 18 benefits of Basil for health you should know about.  Anything on this article is meant for emergent case only. Please do consults with your primary health care before doing anything on this article.

Stay healthy, stay courage, and don’t forget to be happy.