15 Health Benefits of Angelica Essential Oil (A. officinalis)

Health Benefits of Angelica Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Angelica Essential Oil – Angelica essential oil comes from the extraction process from the Wild Angelica (Angelica officinalis)herb. Most people believe that this tree originally comes from the Africa continent, which is then spread out to Europe in the 16th century. Only then, the Wild angelica became famous with its many health benefits, until recent days.

The most famous of the Wild angelica tree is its essential oil which is now become familiar as Angelica essential oil. Many benefits we can get from the tree of Angelica officinalis. The famous one is the essential oil of Angelica which is applicable in so many products.
The Angelica essential oil contains so many useful substances.

They are Tridecanolide, Para cymene, Rhocymenol, Terpinenol, Terpinolene, and Transocimene. Not to mention, the contents of Rhocymenol, Paracymene, Pentacanolide, Myrcene, Limonene, Cisomene, Cryptone, Copaene, Beta bisabolene, and Humuleneoxide. Furthermore, it also possesses the Humulene oxide, Beta phellandrene, Bornyl acetate, Alpha phellanderne, Sabinene, Beta pinene, Camphene, and also Alpha pinene.
You can browse each of those further explanation on the wiki.

Therefore, there is no wonder we can expect many health benefits of the Angelica essential oil. Not only health benefits, but also other life’s good such as food and drinks flavor we can enhance by using the oil of Angelica. Additionally, we also able to mix and combine the oil of Angelica health benefits with another essential oil carriers. There are Geranium, Chamomile, Basil, Lavender, Grapefruit, Patchouli, and Lemon essential oil available and mix well with the Angelica essential oil.

For more details, here are the 15 health benefits of Angelica essential oil we should know off;

Amazing, 15 Amazing Benefits of Angelica (Angelica officinalis) Essential Oil

1. Relaxation effect

The use of Angelica essential oil in proper dosage and term helps you to ease you emotional imbalance. The essential oil of Angelica helps to ease the anger, sadness, anxiety attack, hypertension, shock, and fidgeting. Therefore, the oil of Angelica also considered as anti depressant as well.

2. Promotes a body stimulant

The essential oil of Angelica is very useful in low body condition. It can be from over activities, stress, bad emotional condition and many more. Using the Angelica essential oil will stimulate your body to be more active in overall metabolism function. Thereupon, it promotes overall health natural body behavior with a better result.

3. Nervous tonic resources

Our many daily activities, can very depressing. Hence, our nervous system takes the most heaviest impact after all. Using the essential oil of Angelica will not only restore our nervous system health, but also relaxing the nervous tension. At the same time, it repairing and conducting the damage nervous form the activities.

4. Stabilize the menstrual cycle
Not every women experience this, but irregular menstrual cycle can be very stressful. The oil of Angelica help to stabilize the menstrual cycle, so it can be regular. Not to mention, it promotes the relieves ailments to the menstrual uncomfortable symptoms known as the PMS.

5. Conduct the respiratory system from mucus

Consuming or taking the health benefits of Angelica essential oil while having influenza or cough with phlegm, can be a good idea. The expectorant substance inside the oil of Angelica helps to conduct the respiratory system and relieves it from the existing phlegm and mucus. Not to mention, the Angelica oil for respiratory disorders also good in treating sinusitis, and bronchitis as well.

6. Body tonic support

People who consider their body is not healthy as usual, can use the health benefits of the essential oil of Angelica. The Angelica oil promotes good health development, enhance the body growth, increases the immune system and organ’s health as well.

7. Good substance for stomach

The Angelica essential oil for stomach healthcare by promoting the balance condition between acid and bile. Not to mention, it is also protecting the intestines from various infections, and cure the ulcers in the stomach if there is any.

8. It helps to purify the blood

The blood running through our veins inside of our body is not always in healthy condition. It means the blood is not in well enough condition to carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Therefore, the health benefits of Angelica essential oil as blood purifier. It means the oil of Angelica helps to keep the blood in healthy condition.

Healthy blood means it is able to function as it should in normal ways. It doesn’t contain any other substances other than the body needs. With healthy blood condition, we can avoid a great risks of having dangerous diseases. There are rheumatism, cardiovascular disorders, gout, renal failure and so many more.

Benefits of Angelica Essential Oil

9. Removes toxins out of our body

The function of removing toxins out of our body system called as “Diuretic”. The Angelica essential oil helps our body to remove toxins through the urine secretion and the bowel movements. Therefore, by using the oil of Angelica, we can prevent diseases like you have read above. The diuretic function in the Angelica essential oil is very helpful to our liver organ. As the liver main function is to regulate toxin and expel it from our system.

10. It is healthy for our digestive system

Using the essential oil of Angelica promotes the release of digestive liquid, as bile and acid. Not to mention, it is also encourage the bowel movements in the intestines. As well as enhance the nutrients absorption process in the colon.

11. Expel overly gas from the intestine

Another health benefits of the Angelica essential oil is it function as carminative. It will conduct the excessive gas inside the intestines and push it down so it can go out. That is why we experience fart big time whenever we use the oil of Angelica. Thus, it avoids us from having troubles in our intestines, such as stomach aches, flatulence, indigestion, nausea, bloated, high blood pressure, and many more.

12. A Protection support for the liver organ

Still in relation with the explanation above, the hepatic function of the Angelica essential oil is very good for our liver organ. It eases the work of the liver organ, as well as protect it and maintain it condition to stay health.

13. Conducts the sweating process

Whenever we complain about our sweat smell, always remember that it is one of many ways our body to get rid toxins from our system. As well as to reduce the body temperature whenever it’s too hot. Not to mention the essential oil of Angelica is able to reduce the pressure of the blood, decreases fat level, and relieves us from arthritis and rheumatism.

14. Reduces the nervous shocks

If you are unfortunately experiencing diarrhea, coughs, cramps, convulsions, aches, and nervous affliction, there is a big change of you form having spasm. It is actually a shock or sudden muscles contraction occurred in certain area of our body.

The best way to overcome it, is to promote the relaxing effect, it eventually will reduce the muscles tension. The Angelica essential oil as anti spasmodic function which is very good to overcome such condition above. It helps to relief the spasm and the muscles tension as well as remove the pain that comes along.

15. Reduces fever

When the body experiencing of infections, one of the Angelica essential oil benefit is as febrifuge. It means the oil of Angelica is able to reduce fever which is comes along with the infections. By the other good effect from the essential oil of Angelica, the healing process is fasten as well.

16. Rare benefits

Other source mention that the essential oil of Angelica is able to alleviate bronchitis, anorexia, psoriasis, sciatica, anemia, headache, asthma, and some seizures.

However, there is always something to be aware of. The only bad side effects of the Angelica essential oil is when it is used by pregnant women and people with diabetes condition. It may cause irritation, or tremendous effect on the nervous system. .

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