Damn, 13 Health Benefits of Almonds Nutrition (Prunus dulcis)

Health Benefits of Almonds Nutrition

Health Benefits of Almonds Nutrition – Almond is as seed from the fruit that is known by its scientific name as Prunus dulcis. The Almond trees commonly found in the Middle East continent. However, nowadays, this seed is widely known in almost anywhere for its delicacy and health benefits. The seeds contain lots of useful substances for health. It has minerals, fats, calories, L-carnitine, iron, calcium, phosphorus, niacin, zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, riboflavin, manganese, and so many more.

There are even more healthy substances inside the Almond seeds more than in any other nuts. The Almond nuts have carbohydrates which is suitable for your diet program. Not to mention its monosaturated fats help you to avoid any heart problems. On the other hand, the calories in Almond seeds are high enough to full fill your daily needs. Eating a grab of Almond seeds will sufficed you whole day carbs needs.

As mentioned above, the very useful substances inside Almond seed, make it possible to be consume as our health support. It will provide you with almost all of your nutrition needs during the day’s activities. Not only that, the almond oil for health is also covering you protection from free radicals with its antioxidants. Almond seeds fasten your healing process whenever you are ill, or in not good shape condition. By consuming proper Almond seeds regularly it will even stimulate your brain to function even better than previously.

There are massive healthy benefits of the Almond seeds we can achieve. Hence, we can find the almond seeds almost in our every product. It is from beverages, culinary products, cosmetics and beauty products and many more. You can eat it raw, eat it as you eat other peanuts, or you can use it as addition in many food products. There is Almond seed in ice creams, pizzas, oat meals, even in your salads, if you want it. In the Middle East, the Almond seeds even processes as essential oil and even Almond milk.

Benefits of Almonds Nutrition for health

However, as you read above, there are massive health benefits of Almond seeds we can achieve, here are the details;

13 benefits of Almond seeds for health, and beauty;

 1. Good for your brain

Brain is organ that makes humans are humans. Degeneration of the brain function will not only cost us our humanity, but also our overall health. An almonds seed for brain nutrients needs is very high in level. The seed of Almond contains the Riboflavin and L-carnitine, which are two of the brain main vital nutrients. They help the brain to function normally and even restore the damage cells in the brain.

Not only preventing elderly from the Al-Zheimer’s disease, the seeds of Almonds for avoiding the brain degeneration in function is scientifically proven. Furthermore, the Almond seeds for children are providing their developing brains almost all the brain nutrients they need. Aside of the allergy, people with Almond seeds, including its oil, have good protection for their nervous system and their overall health.

2. Good for your heart

Your ticker organ is vulnerable to so many dangerous diseases. Failure heart function is fatal. The seeds of Almond for heat health are proven scientifically. It contains potassium, mono unsaturated fats, magnesium, and proteins the heart organ needs. Not to mention the vitamin E, as antioxidant to reduce the risks of getting the heart diseases. While the folic acid and flavonoid protect the artery wall, and conduct the blood distribution throughout the body. Consuming Almond seeds regularly in proper measure will help you to maintain the cardio health, for health investment in the elderly age.

3. Good for pregnancy

If you have read the previous health benefits of Almonds seeds, then you know this.
During the pregnancy, the fetus needs huge amount of nutrients to develop a normal and healthy whole body system. The contents of contain folic acid inside the seeds of Almond help to reduce the change of getting the cell defects on fetus.

By getting enough folic acid, the Baby inside is bale to fully developing its complete body system. Thus, it decreases the new baby born mortality rate, for greater scale. As in lower scale, the parents won’t have to worry about any possible complication due to lack of nutrients.

4. Bone density supporter

Skeleton system supports all the body. Like a tree it is the trunk and the branches for the leaves to hang on. The Almond seeds for bone are providing it with all the nutrients needed. It has sufficient phosphorous, vitamins, minerals, and other useful substances for the bone and the skeletal system.

The seeds of Almonds strengthen the bones; enhance its density, flexibility, and endurance. The Almond health benefits for bone also covers up the dental health, as it is also bones with different form. Remember that healthy bones, dental, and skeleton system, means the less change of getting the osteoporosis and fragile aging bones.

5. Simple skin care

The many contents of nutrients, not only make the Almond seeds healthy for body. It also beautify the skin and also help to rejuvenate it. The well known Almond oil as massage oil is very good and healthy to be used as regular therapy. Not only for elderly, is the oil from the seeds of Almonds also very friendly to new born baby skin. It usually added to baby soap products as it able to maintain the healthy complexion of the baby.

6. Anti-Inflammation agent

Not many people aware that our body also needs some certain of fatty acids. However, our body cannot make it on its own. On the contrary, the fatty acid which is famous as unhealthy substance, in certain form is very important to our health. The Almond seeds useful fatty acid such as linoleic acids is able to help us avoid and overcome the inflammation.

Not to mention, this fatty acid from the seeds of Almond is able to control the LDL (bad cholesterol) level. Hence, the health benefits of Almond seeds for our body can be used as support in dietary program as well. It is even makes our skin and hair looks more radiant in healthy way.

7. Avoid you from constipation

Constipation is a condition of the bowels in which the evacuation is infrequent and difficult. In simple word, it is a problem in the intestines which is makes us difficult to defecate. The seeds of Almonds health benefits are rich in fiber. Hence, it is able to prevent the constipation and help to overcome it as well. By consuming it regularly, you are able to avoid such unfortunate condition.

8. Prevents Diabetes

Another benefits of Almonds seeds for health is that it is also useful to decrease the level on insulin and glucose after a meal. We can eat the Almond seeds as desert to obtain that health benefit of Almond seeds for diabetes. It is natural, safer and smoother way to maintain the blood glucose level, rather than using chemical medicines.

9. Normalize the blood pressure

Other than blood glucose level, the seed of Almond health benefit turns out is very good to control the blood pressure as well. Thanks to the contents of potassium and sodium, inside the seeds of Almond, it is able to calm and balance the blood pressure. The balance condition in our body avoids us from getting sick and maintaining the healthy condition.

10. Enhance the body immune system

To keep our body healthy, we need to full fill certain condition. One of those certain conditions is the alkaline level of our body. The alkaline mostly support our immune system. The better alkaline level in our body, the greater immune system we have. The seed of Almond health benefit for immune system is providing the nutrients to support the alkaline level in our body.

The Almond seeds also provide great amount of vitamin E which is our antioxidant source. It helps to increase the immune system with lots of antioxidants and maintaining body alkaline level. That is how, the body can be more proactive in protecting our body from any possible diseases attacks.
In other words the Almond seeds enhance protection from heart diseases, cancer, and other chronic possible diseases.

Benefits of Almonds Nutrition

11. Maintaining ideal body weight

If you are currently in diet program, you should try consuming the plain Almond mil for diet. It is really helpful to reduce your body weight since it contains low fat. The mono unsaturated fat is also very helpful to satisfy your hunger. Moreover, even if you are eating small amount of the Almond seeds, you will not be hungry for another hours.

The seeds of Almond have lots of fiber, which is very healthy to the bowel and intestines. The Almond seeds also promote regular bowel movements. Hence, an Almond seed for diet is highly suggested. Not only gaining an ideal body weight, you also get a healthy intestine system and overall body health.

12. Energy booster

The seeds of Almond boost energy. It is because the content of the copper, manganese, and riboflavin inside the seeds of Almond. By consuming it regularly, the Almond seeds promote the energy reproduction, and consistent metabolic cycle. A grab of almond seeds to eat while you are in a hurry will help you through the hours to come.

13. Powerful anti carcinogen

As you read above, the Almond seeds promote healthy intestines. It means, it avoids us from the change of getting colon cancer. A healthy intestines promotes overall healthy body, especially the digestion system.

14. Many other health benefits of the Almond seeds

According to researches, by consuming the seeds of Almond regularly will help us to avoid early aging diseases. They are Al-Zheimer’s disease, dementia, nervous system disorders, and still many more.

However, the seeds of Almond is not a miraculously food. It needs time to react and give the benefits for us. Other than that, it is also contain other substances which are we may have allergy to it. Not only it contains oxalates in large number, but it also contains cynide.

People with kidney stone, gallbladder condition should be aware with the use or consuming this amazing Almond seeds.

Obviously, before attempting to do anything at all with the seeds of Almond, please get yourself a professional medical assistance in the first place.

Stay healthy and smart.

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