15 Amazingly Health Benefits of Honey


Health Benefits of Honey – Honey, which come from bees,(not bears as in “honey bear”) is known for its benefits for centuries. It can heal so many diseases, help to improve the body health, and many other amazing benefits, which you cannot get from any sources.

Let’s say, it’s already been used by, herbalist, dietary experts, nutritious experts, and even shamans from years ago. It contains natural fructose, glucose along with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Putting honey instead of sugar in daily use can significantly improve the quality of our life. In facts, this natural golden liquid (not oil) can be used as white sugar replacement.

Here are some of interesting facts you might wanna know about honey :


1. increase the quality of sights

It is believed to be able to increase the quality of your sights, improving your immune system, curing impotence, controlling (increasing and also decreasing) body weight, curing asthma, diarrhea, urinary bladder illness, and nausea.

2. as the mixture of any other herbal ingredients

It is been used since 4000 years ago as the mixture of any other herbal ingredients, and get rid of its bitterness, and fasten the healing process.

3. increase energy

Used by athletes to increase their energy, and fasten the energy recovery from exhaustion,   improving endurance, taking care the muscles’ health, and maintaining the glycogen level.

4. Flavonoid and antioxidant source

decrease the risks of getting heart failure, and also prevent cancer.

5. Cure some diseases caused by gastroenteritis bacteria.

Apply it regularly, and gently to ease the pain of an ulcer, and help to fasten it heals.

6. Maintaining the sugar level and controlling diabetic.

Diabetic is a disease where the patient’s body cannot maintain the blood sugar level.  The use of honey can help to make it easier, buy replacing sugar with honey. It is still sweet, and you can also the most benefits of honey.

7. As anti fungi and anti bacteria

Since it contains hydro peroxide, it is good to fight against diseases caused by fungi and bacteria.

8. Protecting your skin and makes it beautiful

Use honey as your body lotion; keep it still in your skin for about 15 minutes, before you clean it up. It will protect your skin; make it healthier, and more beautiful. It’ll rejuvenate your skin cell, and prevent it from early aging, caused by free radical ions that attacked your body skin.

9. Fight against pimples


Pimple usually suffered by teenagers. Their body produces unstable growth hormones that cause the mood changing and pimples. Consuming honey regularly can ease the process, and get rid of pimple marks in their face, and even makes it more beautiful by revealing its true color tones.

10. Healthy hair

You can use honey instead of your ordinary shampoo product, use it in a regular way as you use your shampoo. Keep using it at least in a month, to see the different result.

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11. Healthy eyes and eyesight

You can increase the health of your eyes, and its eyesight by drink it, or use it as the replacement of your sugar. Your eye and eyesight will increasingly time to time. You can consider it as it has almost the similarity of consuming carrots or tomatoes.

12. Ease the digestive system

This is a fact, by mixing honey in your food; it will clean up your digestive system. It will reduce the clogs in your intestines and finally make you easier to do your number 2.

13. Improving immunes system

No wonder many societies, from time to time are always use honey as their medical references. It naturally helps human to re-evolve and maintain its self sustaining system. Imagine as your computer have more than antivirus, and it is support each other instead fighting each other.

14. Heals cough and throat soreness

Some pain which are not dangerous but it disturbs you (other than “pain in the ass”, sorry) is sore throats and coughs which are not stopping until you take something to ease that. Try and use honey instead of taking pills or any other drugs from the pharmacy.

15. Natural healer

As it tells before, from the facts, we know indeed, that honey have amazing benefits, and advantages of keeping us healthy by taking it considerably and regularly.

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How to take it as daily healthy food and beverages?

You might wanna spent some of your time and go look further in this blog, somewhere in the “recipes” sectionJ.

Stay healthy and have a beautiful life of yours.