Great! 8 Healthy Benefits of Shea Butter

healthy benefits of Shea butter
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The healthy benefits of Shea butter come from the nuts of Shea tree. It is a native tree in West Africa. This considered sacred tree grows in dry land from Senegal to Sudan and Ethiopian. With the scientific name as vitellaria paradoxa can reach up to 7-15 meters tall. Meanwhile, the trunk diameter reaches up to 25 meter wide.

People in Africa have been using the Shea tree since long time ago as food tree. It is because the Shea tree contains so many useful substances as well as natural environment use. It is not only the nuts we can take advantage of. The Shea tree nut has thin, tart, and large pulp contains lots of nutrition. Not to mention the oil this is eventually extracted and turned into Shea butter.

As native tree in Africa, people there consider this tree with lots of benefits. It is claimed as a source of Vitamin A, E, oleic, linoleic, palmitic, and stearic acid. We can have the health benefit of vitamin form this unique tree. In fact, people in Africa have been using the Shea tree as vegetable oil source, long time ago. Nowadays, the best way to obtains health benefits of Shea butter is to process the acid with cold method without using any artificial chemicals.

There more to the Shea butter health benefits we can obtain. People are now having been using the Shea nuts as one of the main material on cosmetic products. With lots of vitamin E, and A, Shea butter as natural skin care is able to cure some skin conditions. It alleviates skin wrinkles, blemishes, black spots, stretch marks, dermatitis, and some kind of radiation.

Shea butter is better, comparing to oil such as canola oil, grape oil, and canola oil. Shea butter moisten the skin, as well as soften the skin and protects our ski from scaly skin condition. By the fact, it is no wonder, even in America with its high health standard are now using the Shea butter as one of their familiar cosmetic support. Not to mention Shea butter is now a health nutrition vitamin supplement nutritional supplement in the country.

Moreover, we can combine the Shea butter reduces inflammation, with other essential oil. Another fact is, Shea butter health benefit as anti-tumor since it has 8)anti-carcinogen substance.

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8 Benefits of Topical Use of Shea Butter

1. Prevents acne and pimples

The use of Shea butter as natural skin treatment and care may help us to avoid pimples and acne from coming in to our face skin. Not that it is automatically prevents us from such as skin condition, our effort is also determines the result. Hence, using the Shea butter prevents acne and pimple with proper measure is very important. Not to mention using it on daily basis will also promotes healthy and beautiful skin.

2. Acts as natural skin care

Lots f cosmetic products which aim for beauty are available out there. That is not wrong thing, as well as it’s not completely right too. Most of those beauty cares are using artificial chemicals as its main material. Here is the problems are coming. Artificial chemicals are not always healthy for our skin. Not to mention, it make us dependent to them. Instead of using those chemicals, try to use the Shea butter as natural skin care.

It smoothes and moisten our skin in natural way. Shea butter healthy benefit promotes healthy skin with our original skin color with radiant natural glow. That is if you are not looking for whitening cosmetic.

Shea butter promotes skin cell regeneration
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3. Acts as natural anti-aging

As we mention previously, Shea butter beauty benefit may prevents our skin from several bad skin condition. In fact, according to health nutrition tip, Shea butter promotes skin cell regeneration. Shea butter also promotes the increased collagen production. That is how Shea butter avoids us from skin wrinkles, stretch marks, and other similar skin bad condition.

By that fact also, Shea butter acts as natural anti-aging that prevents early aging process. As we all know early aging process usually starts with scaly skin, dull skin color, and bad skin flexibility.

4. Promotes healthy scalp and hair

Other than Shea butter healthy benefits for skin, it turns out that Shea butter promotes healthy scalp and hair as well. It removes and prevents dandruff from coming in to our hair. At the same time, it provides us with protection to our scalp, as the hair roots ground zero.

To obtain the best result, we can use Shea butter onto hair as shampoo. Warm Shea butter as it melts down; rub our hair using the Shea butter. Leave it there for about 20-30 minutes before rinsing it with warm clean water.

We can also combine Shea butter with coconut essential oil for better result. It will also improve and increase the hair roots, as eventually thicken our hair.

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Shea butter as natural moisture
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5. Alleviate dry skin during any season

It is very common to have dry skin in certain season. It is especially in winter, and dry season. We can avoid such condition by using Shea butter as natural moisture, to prevent dry skin. In fact, it is a perfect health care to alleviate the side effects of dry skin such as itchy skin.

Not to mention, we can also use Shea butter for dry skin on any part of our body. We can use it in our heels, elbows, knee caps, etc. Furthermore, it is suitable to use during any season in any climate.

6. Prevents skin marks and stretches

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Yet, it is also the most vulnerable organ since it is located outside of our body. However, some of us seem don’t care so much about their skin condition. Skin marks, bruises, stretches, and even cellulite consider being a normal skin condition, since it doesn’t hurt at all. On the contrary, these skin condition actually damage our skin and eventually becoming un fortunate condition. That is early aging starting point.

Shea butter minimize skin marks and stretches by promoting our skin to rejuvenate and renew the damage skin cells. It pushes the skin cell to removes it’s damaged cell and replace it with the new one. Not to mention, it promotes smooth and soft new skin cells, as well as maintaining its healthy condition.

Shea butter healthy benefits to rejuvenate skin cell
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7. Rejuvenates skin cells

Shea butter healthy benefits to rejuvenate skin cell by boosting the collagen production in our body. As we all know collagen takes role in the maintaining the skin health condition. It takes care the skin flexibility, endurance, beautiful looks, and at the same time protecting the organs underneath.

As health nutrition women, Shea butter is a big help to prevents early aging on women, especially after having children, bearing them, and raising them, as they are no longer have time for their own.

8. Acts as natural treatment for baby skin

Most of us all know, that baby skin is the most sensitive and fragile skin. It is wrong treatment may results in their skin become itchy, getting rash, and even experiencing other severe skin condition. Shea butter acts as natural treatment for baby skin by protecting it from fungal attack and inflammation.

It improves the blood stream which is eventually stimulating the skin cell to regenerate itself. Not to mention, it stimulates the collagen production as we mention previously, it helps to enhance the skin healthy condition as child health nutrition for the skin.

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Shea butter health benefits
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Shaw butter possible side effects

There are always side effects to something good. In this case, even the healthy benefits of Shea butter come along with its own possible side effects.

Some people must have certain allergy to something. Hence, we must aware of the sensitive skin while using the health benefits of Shea butter for skin. It may result sideways for what we are expecting.

There are no further studies or legit label on using Shea butter for food. It is especially for pregnant and nursing women.

Hence, do consult with our health primary care for further use or attempt on using the Shea butter health benefits.

Stay healthy people.