Great, 8 Health Benefits of Neem Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Neem Essential Oil
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Native people in India have been using the tree in their daily life. It is not only for health support but also as protection from insects. Everyone in army and have experience detour to India must’ve known health nutrition in the army the use of Neem tree as natural insect repellent. In fact people used to take advantage of Neem tree even since 4 years B.C

The origin Neem essential comes from Azadirachta indica. It is the binomial name for Neem tree which is native tree in India and countries nearby. People also recognize Neem tree as Indian lilac or margosa as its native name. This evergreen tree can reach up to 80 feet tall with the ability to survive in dry season. The amazing fact is that the Neem tree can live last to two century.

There are several useful substances inside of the Neem tree. The largest content of those useful substances can be found in the leaves, barks, and the seeds. It is also can be found in the flowers, roots, and fruits even though only in small amount.
The main useful substance we can find in the Neem tree is the terpenoid. This substance can be later produces into more sophisticated compound as anti microbial, insect repellant, and many others.

Aside of its looks which is not very interesting much, Neem essential oil as natural insect repellant is very effective to use. Even though the look is not very attractive, since it has bitter taste and garlic-ish smell, the health benefit of Neem essential oil is still familiar. In fact the smell and taste makes it very useful as natural insecticides and pesticides at the same time.

Neem tree as natural insect repellent
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8 Health Benefits of Neem Essential Oil

1. Acts as natural treatment for skin

Neem essential oil contains lots of vitamin E and fatty acid which is very important in maintaining the skin health and beauty. Those substances go easily deep into the skin layer and fasten the healing and recovering process of the damaged skin. At the same time, help to rejuvenate the skin and maintaining the healthy skin condition.

Not only as health nutrition for adult skin, the essential oil of Neem is also works well in toddler. It is of course has to be under expertise supervision. As in adult, to remove wrinkle skin is simply by using Neem essential oil combine with Lavender essential oil. We can also use Jojoba as mixture to Neem oil. Mix a half ouonce of Neem oil with 4-5 drops of lavender oil and 8 ounces of jojoba oil into one. Mix those two oils well and apply it on the skin with wrinkles. Don’t use Neem essential oil without any other essential oil carriers as mixture.

Not only removing pimples, the Neem essential oil eases eczema and prevents early aging as well. The oil of Neem stimulates the skin to rejuvenate and renew the skin cell. Since it contains lots of vitamin E, the essential oil of Neem as natural antioxidant, protects the skin from free radicals as good natural antioxidant.

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essential oil of Neem as natural acne treatment
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 2. Natural treatment for acne

In ancient and traditional cultures, even people use to care about their look. Even in traditional ways they keep their face looks as healthy and fresh as possible. The essential oil of Neem as natural acne treatment, has been renowned since many years ago. The useful substance inside Neem oil is able to prevent the bacteria from multiplying.

The multiplying bacterial causing the face skin exposed to skin disorders such as pimples, acne, and many other things. Instead using the Neem oil, we can use the fresh leaves of the Neem tree as facial mask to overcome acne. It’ll treat scars, and reduces the slin pore size.

3. Acts as natural antoxidant

As we previously mention, the essential oil of Neem as natural antioxidant contains lots of vitamin E. It may helps us with our skin treatment. It helps us with skin treatment, and provides us with protection from free radical attacks. As all we know, those free radicals are the mains suspect for so many diseases, especially cancer.

Hence, the health benefit of Neem essential oil as natural anti carcinogen reduces the change of getting cancer diseases. Of course, healthy lifestyle will play big rol on this. This condition becomes one of the reason of many beauty products use Neem essential oil as one of its raw material.

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Neem essential oil treats swelling
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4. Acts as natural anti inflammation

Neem essential oil treats swelling and redness on the skin. It is because there is anti inflammation substance inside Neem oil.
Even though this tree is not included as one of health nutrition herbs fruits, we can still take advantage of the healthy compounds as our health support. Neem essential oil acts as natural anti inflammation which has small side effects we have to be aware of.

Nowadays, Neem essential oil has been used as material in soaps as treatment for people with severe skin diseases or acne.

5. Acts as bed bugs repellent

Do you enjoy sleeping with hammock in your house front yard? Do you love camping? Those are outdoor activities are exciting to those who love it. However, there is one problem most annoying while we’re enjoying those activities. It is the bugs or insects attack. Neem essential oil as natural bed bugs repellant gives us the solution.

It turns out that the oil of Neem not only repels bed bugs, but also several insects as mosquitoes, ants, and etc. Equally, we can combine the essential oil of Neem with other essential oil carrier to get the best result.

6. Acts as natural mosquitoes repellant

Mosquitoes may cause some serious diseases such as malaria and many other. There is not relativity between Neem essential oil acts as natural mosquitoes repellant with health nutrition for netball.
However, we can play netball happily if we aren’t suffering from diseases caused by mosquitoes. Hence Neem oil is very helpful in supporting our health lifestyle.

To prevent anopheles mosquitoes bit us, we can use Neem oil with Jojoba essential oil and apply it onto our skin. Neem oil is hardly mixing well with water; hence we need emulsion such as soap to use the oil properly.

7. Acts as natural insecticides

We have mentioned previously that Neem oil as repellant to mosquitoes and bedbugs. Equally, the highlight is that we can use Neem essential oil as natural insecticides no matter what kind of insects are.

Even though health nutrition student is full filled, the health problem stays whenever insects attack is left unsolved. Neem oil is considered safe to human even though certain qualification still needs to be covered. We’ll get to that in a few more sentences.

Moreover, Neem essential oil health benefits are not merely for human. According some articles on the internet we can take advantage of Neem oil to take care our pets healthiness.
Using the oil of Neem as spray may get rid of lice, and scabies, and fungi as well.

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Neem essential oil acts as kitchen natural protection
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8. Acts as natural protection in the kitchen

Kitchen is the main soul of a house. Dirty and uncomfortable kitchen may set our mood to go bad. On the contrary, neat and clean kitchen may support our mood with satisfy and proud feelings. Furthermore, kitchen should be welcoming everyone enters the room. It should serve warmth, friendliness, and cozy place to stay.

Kitchen can be very dirty not only from rubbish or kitchen disposal. It may comes from termites, cockroaches, mice and God knows how many others crossing over our kitchen floor.
Neem essential oil acts as kitchen natural protection from the insects and rodent attack. In fact, Neem protects our childhood nutrition from damaged by those little critters.

Mix a teaspoon of Neem oil with a half teaspoon of liquid soap and a quarter liter of warm water. Use the mixture as spray to prevent insects and critters in our kitchen.

Neem Essential Oil Possible Side effects:

There are no actual side effects on the use of Neem essential oil for health. However, as many other traditional health supports, there are certain qualification we must full fill in order to get the better result. Not to mention to avoid possible side effects coming from the Neem essential oil.

Notice for sensitive skin, it is better for us to check whether our skin has certain allergy to Neem oil. Keep the oil of Neem out of under age children. Seek for medical expert, or certified medical practitioners for health nutrition tip in the relation of Neem oil.
Using Neem essential oil health benefits on pregnant and nursing women should be under strict supervision.

Stay healthy people.
Be wise as well.