Great! 8 Benefits of Palm Oil

8 Benefits of Palm Oil
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Great! 8 Benefits of Palm Oil – The nature of Palm oil derived from the extraction of Pal tree’s pulp. It can be from African palm (Elaeis quinensis) or American Palm (Elaeis oleifera). The palm oil is rich with beta-carotene, which is why the color is reddish before further processing. Food nutrition articles mention that there are fatty acid, vitamin E, and carotenes along with each fragment inside of the Palm oil.

People have been using the Palm oil even since years ago. Nowadays has been one of usual cooking ingredients in some countries. Meanwhile, in another part of the world, people using the Palm oil as raw material for their industries.

Scientifically, there are useful substances in the oil of Palm. In fact there are carotenes, antioxidants, vitamin E, and sterols. By those substances, the Palm oil is safe as cuisine actually. However, using too much Pal oil will also bring certain diseases to us.
The Palmitic acid, which is only available in the Palm oil increases cholesterol and blood pressure level. Hence, it increases our change of getting cardiovascular disorder, such as heart attack. Hence, we should use the Palm oil wisely.

There are reasons, why this Palm oil get to spread all over the world. Besides of its healthy benefits, it turns out many other benefits of Palm oil for industries.

Yet, since the demand for Palm oil is so high, nowadays many countries have been increasing its palm plantation. They are Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Thailand, followed by Colombia. In Africa, there are Benin, Cameroon, Kenya, and Ghana which are also increasing their palm oil plantation.

The fact that some of these countries are cutting down their forest for palm trees plantation is a fact that not everyone knows or care for.

Benefits of Palm Oil
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Unique! 8 Benefits of Palm Oil in our life

1. Act as natural skin, hair and beauty care

The use of Palm oil for beautiful skin and hair has been renowned since many years ago in several traditional cultures.

They use oil of Palm as hair nutrition which will make the hair more radiant and healthy. Furthermore, it helps to get rid of dandruff out of the hair.

They also use the oil to helps the skin rejuvenate and recover from damage. Moreover, it helps to avoid scaly skin, dull skin color, and other skin disorder.

The Palm oil as natural skin, hair, and beauty care is proven whether scientifically or not.

2. Increases body immune system

Originally, our body creates and owns its unique and dependent immune system. However, in certain condition, it is unable to fight against unfortunate even such as diseases or disorders.

We can use the Palm oil as natural body immune system booster. Natural means, there is no chemicals contents inside the oil of Palm other than its original substances. It is increasing our body immune system gradually, by proper and regular use of the Palm oil.

Not many know that there are actually vitamin A, E, and D available inside of the Palm oil. Those vitamins are crucial substances in building and maintaining the immune system of our body.

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Palm Oil Benefits
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3. Act as one of the natural energy sources

Energy we use in our daily activities comes from foods and beverages we digest every day. Specifically, it comes from rice, potatoes, corn and any other vitamin B sources. Equally, there is good fat content inside of the Palm oil we can use as natural energy source back up.

The oil of Palm contains beta carotene in high levels; hence, it is very useful as hormone stabilizer as well.

4. The health keeper of our eyes

Other than its beta carotene in high level, the Palm oil as natural antioxidant is known to protect our body from free radicals. As we know free radicals is the main suspect for so many diseases. There are cancer, cell damaging, and sickness because of free radicals attack.

The high level antioxidant inside of the Palm oil is preventing us from having eye sight disorders.
By using the Palm oil regularly and properly, the oil protects our eyes from cataract, and eye sight early degeneration.

5. Actually good for pregnant women

Actually there is benefit of Palm oil for pregnant women. Health nutrition product such as Palm oil helps pregnant women in absorbing vitamins and nutrition better. Hence, it is equally helping pregnant women to full fill their unborn baby needs for nutrition.

Therefore, we can decrease the change of having defect baby growth. Not to mention, the Palm oil support the health of the mother.

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6. Acts as natural health support for our brain

Brain controls our whole body systems. Without it, we would be living as we are vegetables. Hence, our brain is actually needs certain cautions. One of the treatments is giving our brain special nutrient.

We can use the Palm oil as support for brain’s health. It is of course under strict rules and expertise supervision. Further study mentions that the Palm oil reduces early dementia, Al-Zheimer’s disease risks.

7. Acts as natural anti carcinogen

The use of fresh oil Palm actually hinders us from getting cancer. It contains lots of antioxidants which is very useful in fighting against free radicals. as we all know and we have mention previously, the free radicals are the main suspect for many diseases.

There are food nutrition contents inside the Palm oil preventing cell mutation from healthy cell into cancerous cell.

8. Helps us avoiding strokes

The thought on people that fat inside of the Palm oil may causing blood clod and eventually causing stroke and cardiovascular diseases are wrong.

On the contrary, on proper use and strict commitment, the oil of Palm reduces the cholesterol level and hinders us from cardio issues and stroke.

According to food nutrition and health researches, the fat content inside the Palm oil is good fat which is very useful for our body health.

Possible side effects on Palm oil use

There more articles on how exactly Palm oil use and function for our health. Note that we should always do consults to the primary healthcare or expertise before attempting to use the Palm oil and expect the benefits.

As long we don’t use it overly, it is pretty safe, even to underage children. As for pregnant and nursing women, please seek for further medical advice.

Stay healthy people 🙂