Great!! 7 Health Benefits of Emu Oil

health benefits of Emu oil
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Before we go to the oil of Emu, may be it is better if we tell you about where does this unique essential oil comes from. Originally, the health benefits of Emu oil comes from the fat of Emu (dromaius novaehollandiae,)birds.

This unique Emu bird can be easily found in Australia since it is their native. Similar to Dodo, Ostrich, and Penguins, these flightless birds are generally common for their meat. Later on, they are more famous since they have healthy benefits, especially the Emus birds.

Emu oil is oil that came out from further processing on the Emu meat. It is actually has been done since many like literally many years ago by the Aborigine as native people of Australia. They used to take advantage of Emu oil healthy benefits as treatment skin infections, migraine, muscles disorders and so on. There are several appearance of Emu oil, they come from white to yellowish liquid.

What makes there are so many healthy benefits of Emu oil?
It turns out that there are lots of useful substances available inside the Emu oil. They are Eicosanoids, Omega-3(also known as oleic acid), and Omega-6(known also as linoleic acid. Not to mention vitamin A and E, antioxidants, terpines, and sapogens, and more. Each one of those useful substances has its own specific unique role.

For example, Eicosanoid stimulates nervous system activities, acts as natural anti toxin, and body growth control. According to health nutrition and sports, there are vitamin A and E which are take responsibility for the skin health and flexibility. Hence, lack of those vitamin intake will easily increases our change of getting skin damage due to extreme activities.

There are other health benefits of Emu oil we can take advantage of. We can use Oil of Emu to reduce skin inflammation, it is also stimulates our skin with better flexibility and moisture. Not to mention, Emu oil with vitamin A and E protects our skin from free radicals attacks. As most of us know that free radical is the main suspect of cancer diseases. We can also use the emu oil as rubbing to avoid scaly skin, dull, and dry. Furthermore, a proper use of emu oil reduces bad cholesterol level in our blood. Meanwhile, vitamin A alone available inside the emu oil is good to boost our body immune system.

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benefits of Emu oil
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There are at least Great 7 Healthy Benefits of Emu Oil in details as follows;

1. Acts as natural treatment for hair and nails

Nails as hair are important as any other body organs. It is not only supporting in our looks and appearance but also providing protection on our outer skins. It is protecting both the finger tips and head scalps. Nonetheless, there is lots amount of antioxidants available inside the Emu oil, regardless vitamin A and E. Those healthy substances promotes healthy nails and hair.

We can always use the oil of Emu as hair natural moisturizer  to stimulate healthy hair growth. Not to mention, it is also promotes healthy nail growth and helps it avoiding the nail fungus as it is common in toenails. Obviously, the oil of Emu acts as natural treatment for hair and nails.

2. Promotes healthy skin

According to good nutrition for teens, growing teenagers need lots of useful and potential substances to support their maximum growth. It is both their physical and psychological development. Emu oil promotes healthy skin, as it largely grow in the teens age. This unique oil of Emu is easily penetrates into the skin layer. Hence, it is easier to our skin to absorb and take the advantage of it as natural moisturizer.

Other than that, Emu Oil acts as natural ailment to psoriasis, itch, eczema, scars, wrinkles, scars, and not to mention sun burn. Thanks to its anti inflammation substance inside the oil of Emu that acts as natural treatment to many skin conditions.

Emu oil's natural anti inflammation
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3. Acts as natural anti inflammation

As we mention above, there is lots of anti inflammation substance inside the Emu oil. This substance is very useful as protection and ailment to almost any kinds of inflammation. Emu oil’s natural anti inflammation treats joint pains and muscle pain as well. Not to mention, it helps to fasten the healing process of damaged skin as well.

In other words, Emu oil as natural anti inflammation helps to ease swelling, aching, even in reducing headaches, arthritis, splints, and migraines. It is basically, Emu oil can act as natural ibuprofen in natural medicines.

4. Eases pain from breast feeding

It is still in close relation with the natural anti inflammation inside the Emu oil. Early nursing mothers should have problem with this nursing moment. Yes it is magical and beautiful moment though. However, there is unpleasant feelings that come along with breast feeding. It sometimes causes pain during the breast feeding process. Using Emu oil topically relieves the pain during breast feeding process, as well as treats cracked and dry nipple in earlier time of nursing.

On the contrary, the oil of Emu is not affecting the breast milk quality or quantity. Nor the breast condition itself, other than maintaining its moist condition. In fact, Emu oil helps to hydrate the nipple in the areola. Hence, it soothes and decreasing the chance of getting hurt or having the unpleasant feeling during breast feeding our baby. It is eventually, completely makes your nursing time as happy experience.

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Emu oil acts as natural booster to our immune system
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5. Acts as natural booster for our immune body

Since there are lots of useful substances inside the Emu oil, there is no wonder if Emu oil acts as natural booster to our immune system as well. Those vitamins, antioxidants, anti inflammation, and others help in building solid and strong immune system. It is even becomes as natural bacteriostatic substance to our body. That means, Emu oil stops bacteria growth and reproducing.

Hence, we can use the oil of Emu health benefits to treat ulcers, gastritis, and even treats simple and mild illness yet annoying cough, and influenza.

6. Act as natural treatment for gastric disorders

As we mention previously, we can use the health benefits of Emu oil to treat gastritis, including gastric ulcers. Emu oil health benefits protects the digestion path, and preventing it from getting damaged by bacteria as well.

On top of that, Emu oil is pretty save to use since it is able to cure mucositis since it is the side effect of the chemotherapy or undergo radiotherapy. Overall, the oil of Emu as natural treatment for gastric disorders pretty save and useful.

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7. Acts as natural cholesterol level balance

There is fatty acids available inside Emu oil. According to food nutrition database, that fatty acid posses the ability to lower the cholesterol level in our blood. There are two kinds of cholesterol, which are the bad and good cholesterol. Apparently, this fatty acid inside the knows how to differ which on is good and the bad ones.
By using the health benefits of Emu oil regularly, of course on a proper measure, it’ll help us improving our life quality.

Possible Side Effects of Emu Oil

Actually theirs is no report on severe side effects on using health benefits of Emu oil.
If it is on proper measure and under expertise observation, there will be no complicated side effects.
To use the health benefits of Emu oil on the skin, please make sure we don’t have allergy to this unique oil.
Please do consult to medical expertise or practitioners before attempting on using the Emu oil as health support.

Stay healthy people.