Great! 6 Health Benefits of Red Yeast Rice

Health Benefits of Red Yeast Rice
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The yeast used to make red yeast rice is often called as Monascus purpureus. The health benefits of red yeast rice have become popular since it is able to prevent diseases, good as diet food, and also delicious.

This healthy red rice or purple koji rice, pink rice koji, or red yeast rice as people address the rice with different name comes with uniqueness. White rice is processed using fermenting yeast to make reddish rice as we all know as crimson yeast rice.

In Japan, China, and most countries in Asia have been using red rice as one of healthy lifestyle support. Apart as using it as main course, ride rice is able to give better support for diet, and reducing the sugar level in our blood.

Not to mention, it stimulates healthy heart, and other internal organs inside of our body. Another red rice health benefit is to reduce the bad cholesterol level in our body. This can avoid so many diseases caused by excess cholesterol.

We can also use the red yeast rice as food plans diet since it contains low on carbohydrates and sugar. With proper dose and strict commitment, we can easily lose some weight within short time. It goes along with healthy work out and measured regular activities, as a good lifestyle will give us healthy condition both of body and mind.

Rice is one of the main source of food calorie nutrition and carbohydrates among potatoes, corn, tapioca, wheat, and so many others. Most citizen of the world has been using rice as the main course.

Meanwhile, people in Europe and America have been eating potatoes and wheat as sources of carbohydrates. There are several kinds of rice in the world; one of the rice is the red rice, which is not as familiar with the white one.

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red rice health benefit is to reduce the bad cholesterol level
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6 Health Benefits of Red Yeast Rice

1. Acts as natural diet support

There is a study in 2015 issued proves that we can avoid obesity using the red yeast rice. As we mention previously, we can get a proportional body shape by eating red yeast rice regularly. Not only avoiding us from obesity, red yeast rice stimulates active life since all of the red yeast rice we eat transform into energy.

Even though red yeast rice has quite different taste compare to the white rice, it is superior in the quality. In food nutrition services, a half measure of red yeast rice equal to a whole measure of white rice in the calories level. The low sugar and carbohydrates is very suitable for us who seek for fast energy without having to worry about getting overweight.

2. Helps reduces cholesterol

Consuming Red yeast rice regularly as substitute for white rice may avoid us from certain dangerous diseases. The red yeast rice helps to reduce cholesterol level which is eventually avoids us from getting cardio vascular disorders, stroke, even brain damage at severe condition.

The health benefit of red yeast rice for us has been familiar since so many years ago. In traditional culture, people even process their own rice to eat. It is a long process from planting the rice to harvesting, drying it before they can cook it. Equally, they always spend some of the rice seeds for the next cycle of planting season.

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3. Reduces the risks of fatigue

According to wikipedia, fatigue is a condition exhausting with timeline. We can alleviate fatigue by resting regularly depends on how severe the fatigue is. There are basically two main cause of fatigue, mentally ill and physically exhausted.

We can gradually alleviate physical fatigue by doing regular exercises. On the other hand, mental fatigue reduces cognitive performance; hence it slows down our response times. The health benefits of red yeast rice helps to avoid both physical and mental fatigue.

It is better for us to eat right before us well hungry. In other words, we still need to give our body to absorb substances inside the red yeast rice. The better absorption, the better chance of our body full fills its needs for nutrients. Besides, by not rushing in to eat, we treat our digestion system lightly. It reduces the chance of getting Gastro Oesophageal reflux for eating too fast.

4. Stimulates better body metabolism

Similar to what we have mentioned before, eating red yeast rice increases body metabolism system gradually. Specifically, it helps to increase our digestion system, promotes healthy metabolism system, as well as full fills our body needs for nutrients.

In digestion system, it stimulates our stomach to work properly in absorbing nutrients properly on the red yeast rice. Meanwhile, the red yeast rice possesses healthy substances inside for our body. It promotes healthy body metabolism.

At the same time, the food nutrition inside makes healthy benefits of red yeast rice becoming even greater. A part from that, red yeast rice contains lots of natural fiber. It helps us reduce the chance of getting stomach cancer, high blood sugar, hypertension, and lower cholesterol level.

5. Promotes balanced blood sugar level

There is study in the making of food nutrition catalog we use today. One among those studies is conducting on how the red yeast rice lowers the blood sugar level significantly. The issue was published in 2012 by the World Journal of Cardiology. It issues proves that red yeast rice maintains blood sugar level into normal condition properly.

By that, healthy benefit of Red Yeast Rice promotes balanced blood sugar level. it eventually preserves our pancreas organ by not pushing pancreas to release excess insulin. In relation to pancreas, eating red yeast rice reduces the risks of getting diabetes.

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red yeast rice prolong stomach fullness
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6. It postpones hunger

Red yeast rice contains fiber in high amount inside, therefore, it is very healthy to our body. Other than fiber for healthy digestion system, it is bit difficult to digest by our digestion system. Hence, eating enough red yeast rice prolong stomach fullness feeling in some amount of time.

It is very helpful in certain situation.

Red Yeast Rice Possible Side Effects

There are several people to avoid red yeast rice at all. They are people who trying to have a baby, pregnant women, and nursing mom. There are also people with certain diseases such as thyroid, liver, musculoskeletal disorder, and kidney problems.

There is no big deal on the side effects of eating Red Yeast Rice. Even so, person under age of 20 should pay more attention in consuming red yeast rice. It is the same condition with people with sensitive stomach, especially sensitive to rice. Not to mention people undergo medical procedures, or organ transplant should not eat red yeast rice.

Red yeast rice side effects can be headache, bloated stomach, dizziness, weakness, heartburn, muscle aches, and etc.

There are many food nutrition information center offering so many information on food we consume. On the other side, we are supposed to contact medical expert or health practitioners if experiencing those disorders.

Stay healthy people.