Great! 6 Health Benefits of Dragon’s Blood

healthy benefits of Dragon’s blood
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The healthy benefits of Dragon’s blood come from a unique plant in Mexico, Ecuador, and Canary Island which can’t be found in any other place. The tree has red, thick sap which is some people imagine that it was the blood of a dragon. The sap actually is famous among traditional medicine practitioners. There are so many of Dragon’s blood health benefits, even though there is not enough study vouch for it.

The tree, as we call it the dragon blood tree can reach more than 18-19 meters and 6 meters wide. Actually there are several types of this unique tree of Dragon’s blood. One that we need to know has the scientific name as Dracaena draco. It is the one which comes from Canary Island. The Dragon’s blood is supposedly coming from the name and the red sap coming from the tree.

According to chart daily nutrition there are healthy benefits of Dragon’s blood we can obtain.
Historically, the sap of Blood’s dragon has been used since 1600s for traditional medicine, coloring music instruments, and photoengraving in some cultures. From those Dragon’s blood benefits, some species of the tree now has been endangered.

The dragon’s blood, crimson red, Dragon’s-blood palm sang dragon are the same. It’s just how people name it after their culture. Not only in the South America, has the benefits of Dragon’s blood for health been popular in China as well. They use Dragon’s blood for chronic colitis, boosting blood circulation throughout the body. It is not to mention alleviates severe pain and injuries.

Further study even issue about the Dragon’s blood chances as cancer treatment. There are lots of useful substances inside the Dragon’s blood sap. They are phenols, steroids, flavonoids, and terpenoids. Not to mention some other substances which are to many to mention. Hence many health manufactures are using the Dragon’s blood health benefits as one of their raw materials.

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health benefits of Dragon's blood internally
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6 Health Benefits of Dragon’s Blood

1. Acts as natural treatment for wounds

According to chart nutrition, the traditional medicine comes from Dragon’s blood speeds up wounds healing process, cuts and similar conditions. Thanks to the substance of phenolic, catechin,and taspoine which are fasten the healing process possible.
Dragon’s blood cream as wound treatment is effectively not only in fastening the healing process, but also helps to disguise the scars.

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Dragon's blood to alleviate skin inflammation
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2. Acts as natural anti-aging

Other than fasten the healing process as we mentioned above, it turns out that there are more to the health benefits of Dragon’s blood. There are beauty benefits of the Dragon’s blood we can take advantage of. In fact, many beauty products nowadays have been using the Dragon’s blood as their raw material in the making process.

Dragon’s blood acts as natural anti-aging to our skin. It may alleviate the scaly skin, dull color, and promotes our skin protection from free radicals attack. Hence, we can surely use the Dragon’s blood to alleviate skin inflammation, over exfoliation, and similar scenarios.

3. Acts as natural anti-bacterial

Bacteria can be everywhere around us. It attacks us and give us diseases through their hosts. According to health chart nutrition, the healthy benefits of Dragon’s blood as natural anti-bacterial provide good protection to our body. It helps repels bacteria becoming diseases attacking our body and causing damage.

With the use of Dragons’ blood resin, we are able to hinder both the growth of the bacteria and prevent it from multiplying. Not to mention 6) Dragon’s blood natural antioxidant repels free radicals which is eventually strengthening our body immune. It is as most of us know that free radicals take responsibilities for many diseases.

In fact, those useful substances are very helpful to support our body with protection and prevention from many unfortunate events from diseases. Dragon’s blood as natural anti-bacterial is rolling as natural antiseptic as well. It helps to postpone food from decaying.

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healthy benefits of Dragon's blood to cure diarrhea
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4. Acts as natural anti diarrhea

Diarrhea is a nasty and messy disease which makes us very weak. Not to mention the reminder that we have to go to the toilet more often is very disturbing. There are studies according the healthy benefits of Dragon’s blood as treatment to gastrointestinal disorders. The point is, the red sap from Dragon’s blood tree is useful in diarrhea treatment.

5. Acts as natural ulcer treatment

There are researches about substances from Dragon’s blood eliminates helicobacter pylori bacteria. This bacterium is the main suspect for peptic ulcer. High amount of Dragon’s blood healthy benefits will acts as natural antibiotic as peptic ulcer treatment.

Dragon’s blood possible side effects

Even though there are no valid issues about the healthy benefits of Dragon’s blood, it is pretty safe to use it as our health support. It is of course with special treatment and extra careful.

It is pretty safe to use the health benefits of Dragon’s blood internally, especially in adult people. There are also saying that, the sap of Dragons’ blood can be used is skin as well. However, it is always the best if we do consult to our primary health care for further assistance.

It is also wise to be aware of skin allergy to the Dragon’s blood sap healthy benefits. Not to mention, there is no clear explanation if pregnant and nursing women may or allowed to use this unique sap of Dragons’ blood.
Hence, please be really careful.

Stay healthy people.