Great!! 13 Thyme Essential Oil Benefits For Health

Great!! 13 Thyme Essential Oil Benefits For Health
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Great!! 13 Thyme Essential Oil Benefits For Health – The essential oil of Thyme actually comes from perennial shrubs with the binomial name Thymus vulgaris. This tree is native tree from Southern Europe, especially along the Western Mediterranean to the Southern Italy. It is recognized with small size of leaves but dense.

Furthermore, the leaves has unique and fragrance with pink and purple flowers. The shrub of Thyme can grow to the height of 12-16 inches tall. The amazing thing about the Thyme tree is even though it can grow in any season and places, it is best lives in hot place with lots of water.

There is fruit information nutrition vegetable on this plant, however, the health benefits of Thyme essential oil coming from the Thymus vulgaris is widely known. People use to take the Thyme oil for cooking, since it has mint taste and fragrance. In another place, people use the oil of Thyme as many purposes. It is starting from maintaining the oral health to the internal organs health condition.

Not to mention, the essential oil of Thyme to fight against bacterial is very useful. Another one is the use of oil of Thyme as natural sedative to induce a nice sleep during the night and against insomnia. Meanwhile, food nutrition science proves that thyme oil as natural antioxidant, antiseptic, alleviates cramps, and others.

There is a reason why this unique oil of Thyme healthy benefits becoming very worldwide renowned. It is because there are lots of useful substances inside the Thyme oil we can take advantage for health support. There are thymol, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, linalool and so many others.

Thyme Essential Oil Benefits For Health
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Familiar 13 Essential Oil of Thyme Healthy Benefits

1. Promotes healthy hair

The Thyme essential oil contains natural anti bacterial and anti fungus. That fact makes the Thyme oil as hair treatment is possible. Not only it will clean our hair and head scalp, but it is also promotes hair growth. Use the combination of Thyme essential oil with our regular shampoo or other essential oil carrier and use it to wash our hair. The oil will give our hair protection from psoriasis capitis and gives us excellent hair color. The unique fragrance will spoil us and promoting with healthy hair growth.

2. Teeth and mouth health natural treatment

Not only promotes us with healthy hair, the Thyme oil stimulates for oral health as well. That means, the use of Thyme essential oil in proper way use will keeps our mouth, gums and teeth healthy. Thyme oil’s anti bacteria and antiseptic acts as natural oral treatment. Gargle using two drops Thyme essential oil as mouthwash with water, will protect our oral condition. It provides protection to our teeth, gums, and overall mouth condition.

The oil of Thyme acts as natural cure to gum disease, as well as avoids us from bad breath. Furthermore, this health nutrition oral use of the essential Thyme oil prevents our teeth from decaying.

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Thyme Essential Oil Benefits For Healthy SKin
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3. Acts as natural skin treatment

There are skin disorders because of bacterial and fungus activities. Those bacterial and fungus may host in our body due our careless and not hygiene life style. We can use the essential oil of Thyme as natural remedy for skin disorders.

Not that Thyme shrub has fruits nutrition labels, but as soon as it turns into essential oil, the healthy benefits are worth to use. Thyme essential oil treats acne, acts as natural cure for rashes, scars, wounds, and cuts. Meanwhile, we can fight against fungus on our feet, by using 5 drops of Thyme essential oil warm soaking water.

The highly amount of antioxidant inside the oil of Thyme brings healthiness to our skin. It helps to repels free radicals that bring damage to our skin. The use of Thyme essential oil promotes healthy skin as well as bring ours skin with radiant looks in its original color.

Furthermore, the high amount of antioxidant inside the oil of Thyme makes it very positively as anti carcinogen agent.

4. Acts as natural ailment to respiratory system

The essential oil of Thyme possesses unique minty like fragrance. Therefore, the essential oil of Thyme as natural treatment for respiratory disorders is very useful. It helps to expel phlegm, excess mucus out of our respiratory tract. As the result, the Thyme oil soothes our breathing as well as clears out our respiratory tract from dirts. Inhale the steam from 2 drops of Thyme essential oil diluted in the hot water. The steam will loosen our respiratory tract, as well as avoids us from nausea, cold, and even coughs.

We can also use the oil of Thyme as common cold and coughs treatment as well. For simple use, drop 1-2 Oil of Thyme into our evening tea to gain the healthy effect.

5. Acts as natural sedative

There is also natural sedative substance inside the Thyme oil as well. Hence, the use of Thyme essential oil as way to calm our mind is one among the effective way. Add a drop or few onto the warm water and use it as soaking bath will overcome stress and bring calmness into our mind.

Another use of thyme essential oil as natural sedative is simple inhale its fragrance or combines it with our regular body lotion. The oil of thyme reduces restlessness and overcome anxiety attack at the same time it lets our other organs keep properly functioning.

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Benefits of Thime Essential Oil for Health
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6. Acts as natural anti bacteria

There are substances that work as antiseptic inside Thyme essential oil. Those substances help our body to fight against infections and preventing wounds or cuts getting septic. Not only preventing the decaying process, the oil of Thyme as natural antiseptic fastens the healing process of the wounds and cuts.

7. Acts as natural antibiotic

There is also natural antibacterial will also protect our body from infections in almost parts of our body. As natural anti bacterial oil, Thyme essential oil inhibits the growth of the bacteria almost in all parts of our body.

Apply 2 drops of Thyme essential oil on to the skin with infection, it will fasten the healing process as well as avoid rashes. Mean while the Thyme oil as natural antiseptic heals cuts and wounds, the antibiotic keeps away the dangerous bacteria from causing infections.

8. Acts as natural vermifuge agent

Vermifuge means it fights against parasite worms inside our intestine system. As many of us know that there are worms in our intestines. Those worms help the decaying process of unnecessary matter while our intestine digest it.

There are also worms causing stomach and skin diseases such as tape worm, and hook worms. Not to mention round worms and maggots as a form of parasites hosts our body to live. As natural vermifuge agent, thyme essential oil fights against worms and parasites taking advantages of our body vulnerabilities.

9. Acts as natural insects repellant

Have you experience insects troubles surround you? They fly around, buzzing around, and sometimes hit you once or twice. Such condition is very annoying condition isn’t it? It can happen not only when we are in outside of our house but also inside. The essential oil of Thyme repels insects in natural way.

The insects stay away from the substances carried by the oil of Thyme. For simple use, we can also make the oil of Thyme as bug spray by combining it with other essential oil or plain water at proper dose.

The use of Thyme essential oil as natural insects repellant is another great option, if we looking for option without dangerous chemicals. Not to mention when we have toddlers around.

Benefits of Thime Essential Oil
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10. Conducts healthy blood circulation

Troubled blood circulation in our body may leads to some dangerous diseases. The essential oil of Thyme activates blood circulation in our body actively. We can inhale 2 drops of diffused Thyme oil to increase the blood circulation. Hence, the flawless blood circulation avoids us from diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular disorders, stimulates better brain activities and more.

Using the oil of Thyme as natural stimulant will also may help us to prevent and gradually cure high blood pressure. From foods nutrition health course we can achieve the healthy benefits of Thyme essential oil even more.

11. Acts as natural tonic

Another one is healthy benefits of Thyme essential oil acts as natural tonic. It means, the oil is able to provide stimulant to organ activities. It flexes and reflex the muscles, as it eventually conduct the blood flow and smoothes the oxygen distribution. To recover immediately from fatigue, we can use add 2 drops of Thyme essential oil into hot water to take a bath with.

Furthermore, the act of Thyme essential oil as natural tonic retents the muscles endurance to carry on its duty as organ extension. By those facts, we know the ability oil of Thyme able to avoid us from organ system failure at major scale.

12. Acts as natural hormone balancer

Low progesterone hormone leads to infertility. This condition if occur to both men and women will lower their chances to have descendants. The oil of Thyme as natural hormone balancer will prevent such condition.

Since it is natural hormone balancer, the Thyme essential oil relieves menstrual cramps as well. Simply by rubbing 2 drops of combining Thyme essential oil with other essential oil carrier onto the stomach. It’ll gradually ease the uncomfortable feelings on the stomach.

Combining it with other essential oil carriers will prevent our body from lacking of certain hormones. Not to mention it avoids us from disorders and conditions from imbalance hormone, especially progesterone.

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uterus health supplements
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13. Promotes healthy uterus

To some woman, being unable to give birth is frightening condition. The condition can be caused by abnormal tissue inside the uterus. This condition called fibroids. Even though there are modern ways to treat such condition, we can also use natural way using the essential oil of Thyme for fibroids.

With free nutrition guide, we can apply or rub two drops of Thyme oil onto the abdomen, to stimulate the release of progesterone which is eventually treats the fibroids. The oil of Thyme useful for relieving PMS symptoms is good which is usually uncomfortable.

Possible side effects of Thyme essential oil:

There are certain possible side effects on using Thyme essential oil. Before we go to that, it is better if we take a good look at what we should do and don’t while using or keeping the essential oil of Thyme around.

First thing first, keep the Thyme essential oil out from under age children. We sometimes don’t know what they capable of doing.

Use proper measurement or dosage as it is advised, while using or consuming the Thyme oil.

Be really cautious using it on pregnant and nursing women.

Notice for digestion disorders. If it appearing, stop on using the oil immediately.

When using it on skin, be aware for sensitive skin. If there is rash, redness, or skin problems, stop using the Thyme oil immediately and look for medical advice.

Thyme essential oil may cause blood to stop clotting. Hence, don’t use Thyme essential oil while experiencing wounds, cuts in any forms.

Other possible side effects of Thyme essential oil is hormonal imbalance or using too much oil. Therefore, use the Thyme oil really carefully.

Stay healthy people.