13 Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil for Health (Citrus bergamia)

Bergamot Essential Oil for Health

Bergamot Essential Oil for Health – The tree claimed to be originated in South East Asia, however, on the contrary, the tree is well cultivated in Southern Italy. Bergamot(Citrus bergamia)is a fruit which is lookalike the lemon. Somehow, it is the mixture between the citrus and lemon. Hence, it is known as the mutation of lemon itself.

The name Bergamot itself, is taken from the city where the essential oil form the tree of Citrus bergamia first sold. The city name is Bergamo, located in Lombardy, Italy. Now, the essential oil of Bergamot also can be found in Ivory Coast, Brazil, Morocco, Argentina, and Turkey.

In some cultures, bergamot essential oil is well known for reducing headache, easing muscles tense, promoting the hormones, killing bacteria, and wounds healing. Not to mention, the essential oil of Bergamot able to conceal skin marks from wounds and scars.
Other than that, Bergamot essential oil for tea usually black tea, known as Earl Grey.

The Bergamot essential oil extracted from the tree of Citrus bergamia through the cold compression process. In China, the oil of Bergamot considered to be helpful to conduct the vital energy. It helps to enhance the digestive system to function better. Hence, the essential oil of Bergamot is properly to ease the stomach e disorders.

In fact, the Bergamot essential oil is one of the basic raw materials in products such as perfumes, pharmaceuticals, antiseptics and anti bacteria products.

Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil for Health

Here below are 13 and more benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil for health;

1. Anti depressant

Depression emerge in many form of symptoms. There can be fatigue, bad mood, lack of libido, lost of appetite, and other bad feelings. In further condition, depression can lead to terminal condition such as the desire to commit suicide, obesity, and the personality changing.

We can use the essential oil of Bergamot to ease those symptoms. It promotes a happy and comfortable feelings. Since the oil of Bergamot increases the blood circulation throughout the entire of the body, it encourage the life energy.

Rub 2-3 drops of Bergamot oil essential between two hands, and deep inhale the fragrance through the nose. Otherwise, rub the benefits of essential oil as anti depressant on the feet and stomach to achieve the benefits.

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2. Promoting the hormonal secretion

Consuming Bergamot oil in proper dosage and regular term helps to promote the hormonal secretion. It will encourage the gastric acid, insulin, gastrointestinal acid, and other hormone release.

Hence, the benefits of the essential oil of Bergamot helps the body system to work better. It will enhance the digestive system, nutrient absorption, lower the blood pressure, and still many others.

Rub two to three drops of the Bergamot oil onto the temple area or stomach to achieve the benefits.

3. Stops infections

Many bath soap use this unique essential oil as its raw material. The oil of Bergamot can hinder the bacteria, fungi, and even viruses. Hence, by using soap with the content of Bergamot essential oil will help the body to avoid the risk of getting infection in the body.

4. Reduces stress level

Bergamot essential oil as relaxant able to reduce the tense of neuron and the stress feeling including the anxiety. The use of Bergamot oil will promote the hormone of dopamine and serotonin, which is creates the sedation and relaxation effect.

5. Reduces pains

Instead of using modern pain killer, the benefit of essential Bergamot oil for pain, has no side effects at all. Of course with proper dosage and regular term of use. It is better when using it under medical observation to avoid any possible bad result. By simply use few (five) drops of the essential bergamot oil onto the corresponding area will ease the uncomfortable feelings immediately.

6. Cures the skin disorders

The essential oil of Bergamot effectively covert the scars or skin marks from any skin wounds. Furthermore, the oil of Bergamot it is also avoid you from having any possible infection. The Bergamot oil will minimize the scars from pimples, irritation, minor cuts, and or bruises.

To relief the skin irritation, simply dap a drop of the oil of Bergamot into a cotton ball, and use it to rub the considered area. You can also pour ten drops of the Bergamot essential oil into your bath water to have better result.

7. Ease the digestive system work

Not only promoting the gastrointestinal liquid, the Bergamot essential oil will also helps the food digestion process faster. The oil of bergamot triggers contraction in the colons, effective the nutrients absorption, and normalize the bowel movements.

Furthermore, the Bergamot oil also help the digestive system repels toxin enters the body through the foods and drinks.
You can use five drops of Bergamot oil as rubbing onto the stomach to ease the digestive problems and normalize appetite.

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8. Acts as deodorant

The essential oil of Bergamot has the nature of anti bacterial. Hence it can hinder the growth of un useful bacterial which is usually a factor of body malodor. You can use two or three drops of the Bergamot oil into your daily deodorant or use it right onto your armpits. It helps you to get rid of the body malodor immediately. That is why not only one of cosmetics use bergamot oil as its one of their raw material.
Try to combine the oil of Bergamot with cedar wood, sandalwood, or lemon to have variety fragrances.

9. Reduce the fever

One of the infection factor can be dangerous bacterial activities. Hence, the oil of Bergamot effectively fight against the bacterial enter the body through our daily activities. You can reduce the fever simply by using few drops of the Bergamot essential oil and use it as warm rubbing.

health Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

10. Mouth protection system

Other than use it as deodorant other option, you can also use the benefit of Bergamot essential oil for mouth health. You can protect your gums, teeth, tongue, and also lips from any possible diseases. Using two or three drops of the Bergamot oil as mouthwash and toothpaste mixture will increase the chance of mouth health.

11. Prevents body worms

The emerge of body worms is because our daily lifestyle is not hygienne enough. Furthermore, in children which is still vulnerable to the body worm attack. An acute anemia can occur to our children from the activity of this body worm.
You can use two or three drops of the Bergamot essential oil to prevent this to be happening.

12. A protection from tetanus

Note that tetanus itself is a disease attacks neuron system. This dangerous disease caused by the toxin from bacterial Clostridium tetanii. The original dangerous comes whenever its spores get in into open wounded skin. The toxin of Clostridium tetanii will enter the blood stream throughout the body.

The essential oil of Bergamot possesses the natural disinfectant and anti bacterial. Hence the benefit of the Bergamot oil as anti infection and protects the body from tetanus infection.
You can use the essential oil of Bergamot using few drops of the oil onto cotton ball as a dap onto the open wound.

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13. Ease the respiratory system blockage

Another health benefits of Bergamot essential oil is it acts as anti congestive. It means it relieves the blockage in the respiratory system from mucus.

This unique oil will help us get through influenza, and coughs. Not to mention it helps the body removing phlegm in the respiratory system canal. It is also helps the body expel the dirt out of the body through sneezing and coughing.

You can simply rub your hands each other using five drops of Bergamot essential oil, and then deeply inhale the fragrance. Or you can use the vaporizer and oil burner fro further efforts.
Another try is rub the oil onto your chest or throat, or add a drop or two Bergamot oil into your tea . You can also simply drink earl grey at your please.

However, there are also

sides effects of Bergamot essential oil we must aware of;

1. Some people(mostly infants and toddlers) are allergies to this unique oil of Bergamot. Should you define yourself.

2. Breastfeeding mother and pregnant women are NOT supposed to take this essential oil of Bergamot at all condition.

3. People who are going to have surgery SHOULD NOT use or consume the oil of Bergamot.

4. Always do consults to your primary healthcare for further assistance, on using the essential oil of Bergamot benefits for health.