Unexpected Beneits of Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostanal) Peels and Pulps for Health and Beauty

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Beneits of Mangosteen Peels & pulps for Health and Beauty – This fruit is originally from Indonesia, which is now widely spread almost to all tropical countries around the world. The fruits is purple-ish coloured when it is ripe enough to eat. It has thick skin (rind), which is usually called as pericarp or the rinds.

The manggis, mangustan, kao, kokum,or whatever native people called it, has sweet taste for its flesh(white coloured matter inside the rind). However the rind is a bit hard, but also a bit easy to open as well, and it has certain unique fragrance. Here, we’re gonna find out the benefits of mangosteen, both its rinds and pulps which is already known since hundreds years ago in the East as medicine and healthy supplements.

If the fruit is unique, and yet delicious, the rind though, it has sour taste( according to people who happened to taste it), turns out has amazing unexpectedly benefits, especially for human health and beauty.

The benefits of mangosteen rinds can be obtained by firstly dried it up, and then extract it and usually packed into small tablets or use it as pills substance. Or when it is still wet/fresh, it can be juiced and mixed with another fruits to dispel the bitter and sour taste. However, another benefits of mangosteen is the flesh (some might say pulp)as it can be made as juice too, which is turns out is good supplement for human health and beauty.

Mangosteen rinds benefits are mostly because of its containing of anti oxydant known as xanthones. Hence the most benefits of mangosteen can be achieved by consuming its products, the one which is carrying the rinds. It doesn’t matter if you eat the mangosteen rinds by juice it, extract it, or even in the form of tablets or powder as the final form the mangosteen peels extraction. When it comes to the juice, make sure you buy the one which is contains at least 75% of the rinds, and not the other way around. The real juice itself is gonna taste bitter and sour, and if you find it it’s sweet, that is because they add another substance so it can be delicious enough to consume.

This humble fruits reported have at least 80’es benefits, both its pulps and rinds as cure, treatment, and or health supplement. If you wanna consume it as powder or the extracts, first thing you should is put the mangoteen peel directly under the sun (this is longer but the best way to keep its substances intact). After it’s fully dried up, then grind them, before take it as the powders. That is one way to obtain the benefits of the mangosteen extracts. However, when the fruit is still wet or fresh, or if you happen have the fresh mangosteen directly from the tree, then its the best time if you wanna take it as the best mangosteen juice.

There are many health benefits of mangosteen we can get from this simple fruits. You’ll get the most of the mangosteen health benefits, even if it’s mixed with another fruits to get rid off the sour and bitter taste. As for the extract, you will have to be more brave to take it raw, and deal with the awful taste. You can get the its benefits as cancer prevention, anti oxydant as skin care to repel most of the free radicals that attack you every day, consume it as dietary beverages to gain more weight loss, and so many more.

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Here are the list of diseases which are can be treated with this amazing fruit ;

87 Benefits Of Mangosteen

Over all health;

1. Improve the immune system
2. Reduce and cure inflammation
3. Strengthen cells bonding
4. Fix under developed DNA
5. Lymph system integration
6. Optimized thyroid glands functions
7. Lessen, the insulin resistance.
8. Good supplement for diet program
9. Cure broken nerve system
10. Endocrine system balancer
11. Bonding the body parts through the nerve system
12. Haemorrhoids treatment
13. Reducing the blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia)
14. Alleviate skin disease (psoriasis)
15. Heal cutting wounds, especially from having surgery
16. Relieve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome
17. Get rid of Neurodermatitis

Cardio Health

18. To avoid heart diseases, and
19. Strengthen blood vessels
20. Decreasing LDL cholesterol
21. Decreasing high blood pressure
22. Evading arteriosclerosis

Ease the gastrointestinal system;

23. As treatment to GERD disease
24. Cure for Ulcers / sores
25. Ease the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
26. As Diarrhea treatment
27. Crohn `s disease treatment
28. Cure to Bowel disease (diverticulitis)

Prevent early ageing symptoms by;

29. Energy booster, enhance the excitement and increase stamina
30. Rejuvenating the overall skin
31. Avoiding brain deterioration(dementia and Alzheimer`s)
32. kidney stones prevention
33. Annihilate pain caused arthritis
34. Broken DNA (caused by ALzheimer’s and dementia) fixes
35. Cure from painkiller dependency
36. Solution to eyes troubles

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Family Health

37. Decrease fever
38. Food poisoning neutraliser
39. Ease sore throats
40. Ease pain caused by cancer
41. Bad mouth breath
42. Headaches natural medicine
43. ease the pain caused by toothaches
44. Insomnia solution
45. Stress reduction
46. Energize your mood
47. Muscles and joints aches
48. Pimples, acnes, and skin defects solution
49. Encounter of bites and burns marks
50. Ease, heal, and relaxes sprains, muscle and joint tension
51. Abdomen comfort
52. Treatment to laryngitis, bronchitis, emphysema, and pneumonia
53. Nose inhaler caused by cold or snots (decongestant)
66. To avoid gum illness
67. Treatment to tuberculosis
68. Encounter some of allergies of lactose or fats
69. To avoid Dysentery
70. Evading the multiple sclerosis
71. Anti cancer.
72. Ease the chronic inflammation on the Ankylosing Spondylitis
73. To avoid lung infections and cyctic fibrosis
74. Avoiding from lupus disease.
75. Ease Myasthenia Gravis
76. Easing asthma attack
77. Avoiding attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)
78. Strenghten the teeth and skeleton system

Men & women’s Health

79. Increase the fertility
80. Cure to prostate enlargement.
81. Mitigate the urinary difficulties.
82. Cleans your digestive system
83. Help to ease the Pre Menstrual Syndromes (PMS).
84. help to ease the symptoms of menopause.
85. Decrease swelling during menstruation.
86. Ease fibromyalgia caused by the work outs
87. Ease the pain from osteoporosis

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