Top 10 Benefits of Plank

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Benefits of Plank – Only by doing a single static position, you will get lots of benefits of plank. It will help you to have flat stomach, tight and strong arm, flexible body, and more calories to burn.

Here below are the 10 benefits of plank exercise you might wanna know;

Benefits Of Plank

1. It’s very easy to do and it’s static

Yes, indeed. It is very easy to do plank position. In fact you don’t need to memorize any complex movements.

Don’t bother about going to the gym, since this simple exercise is able to be done almost in any where.

Basically, to do plank, all you need is maintain your both hands, elbows, and two toes for some amount of times to support all of your body weight.

To achieve the most benefits of plank, it’s better for us to do this exercise regularly, every day.

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2. It’s easy to modified

Plank is never boring, there are several variations of plank position you might wanna know and try. There are “side plank”, “one legged plank”, which is combining plank with the element of cardio exercise position. However, there is also “push up plank”, a plank position which is similar with the push up position, albeit you don’t need to do push ups itself.

All you need to do is straighten your body, and hold on that position for one minute.

To increase plank intensity, raise one of your leg one inch of the floor.

While to add some cardio effect, do the leg lifting ten times, and then switch to the other leg.

You’ll feel the effect, just in immediate time.

3. No need fancy and complex equipments

As mentioned above, it is very simple to do. However, if you need more challenge, you may use ball to get more difficulties.

Put your abs on the ball, and roll it so that your calf and your hands supporting your upper body.

Just reminder, your arms must all the way stretched out.
Contract your abs muscles and try to hold it for five seconds.

4. Increases the body flexibility

Plank is great exercise to stretch your back and feet. Furthermore, stretch your feet and hamstring it to shape the back side of your thigh.

Side plank will stretch your side part of your body. So, doing plank, basically will help you to extend your body.

5. Flat belly and good posture

Yeah, obviously. You’ll know it, whenever you’re doing it.

6. Strengthen the backbone and increase the balance

Plank will train your core muscles. Equally, it will also help you to have good body posture and decreases the risk of getting back problems. Even if it’s degenerative one.

The only thing you have to do is do the plank regularly.

7. It’s a save exercise

Plank in so many ways is a save activity. There are almost no risk in doing it, if you’re doing it right.

FYI, running and triathlon athletes include this exercise as their part of routine exercise.

8. Tighten your calf, arms, and feet muscles

There are no wonder about the benefits of plank to these area of muscles.

For the best achievement, do the foot lift to have the cardio effect.

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9. Stabilize the mood

The plank position will stretch out certain muscles that experiencing stiffness, and high tension. Equally, these muscles particularly will affecting your mood during the daily activity. In the long run, it will also overcome the depression and edgy feelings.

10. Increases the body metabolism

Plank exercise will burn the calories of your body.
Hence, it will increase the body metabolism. Even when you’re sleeping.

So, now you don’t have enough reasons not to working out.
Plank is much simpler, even when it compares to other indoor exercises.

The only possible reason and it often becomes the most typical reason not to work out is you being lazy. Are you?

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