12 Benefits of Water Guava for Health and Beauty


Benefits of Water Guava – This fruit can be found easily in tropical countries in its season, other than that you can always find the trees. Mainly there two types of this fruit. The one with red color and the other is white. Both of them have the similar size, taste, and fruit textures. Actually there are more than two types, but the taste is different. They have a little bit sour in its taste, hence they’re not so popular among this fruit. Thus, the facts don’t stop people from getting all of the benefits of water guava for helatj and beauty, since they are very prominent.

Just so you’re not get confused, there are lots of name for this fruits. Every countries has their own ways to call this benefactor fruits such as; jambu ayer mawar (Malaysia), machom phupa atau chomphu pa (Thai), tambis (Fil.), bell fruit, water apple (Ingg.), in Indonesia, there are lot more of them, since this country has so many islands. Kumpas, kumpasa, kombas, kembes (North Sulawesi), jambu jene, jambu salo (South Sulawesi), jambu waelo, kuputol waelo, lutune waele, kopo olo (Seram Island and surroundings along with each of their dialect) are only few of them.


Why the hell on earth water guava is good for our health and beauty? Some might ask that question, well, for you information, there are many substances contained in this fruits. Water for example, it has been called water guava for a reason, which is it contains lots of water. There are also Vitamin C, Vitamin B, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, citric acid, fiber, sodium, manganese, calories, proteins, thiamine, niacin, calcium, sulfuric acid, and riboflavin.

Here are the 12 Benefits of Water Guava for Helath and Beauty;

1. Helps treating Diabetes
2. Repels free radicals
3. Help to increase fertility
4. Prevents dehydration
5. Helps to maintain eye’s health
6 Helps to prevent
7. As iron source
8. Helps to maintain the health of tooth and gums
9. Help to keep the health of capillaries
10 Increases skin beauty and moisten it
11. Prevents sprue
12. Keep the health of kidney

Simply by eat the fruits as often as possible, or make juice out of it, you will get all of the benefits of water guava for health automatically. Health is the most important aspect of our life. With out it, we won’t be able to enjoy living our life and make the most out of it. Thus, stay healthy and carry on your good healthy lifestyle.

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