13 Benefits of Rosewood Oil for Health

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Benefits of Rosewood Oil for Health – This oil was known as well as it is an extraction from the Aniba rosaeodora. Since this tree is tropical, we can easily find this tree in the tropical countries. Equally in Peru and Brazil.

The average 40 meters high tree has bark with reddish color, and yellow flowers. We can obtain the oil by turn the Aniba rosaeodora into flakes, end then extract it.

The oil comes out from the extraction eventually known as Rosewood essential oil. This essential oil has unique woody, warm, spicy, fruity, floral, and enlightening fragrance.

However, since the price of the Rosewood essential oil is spikes, many manufactures try to find its equal substitutes. After all, none of them have the similar quality, even the Cinnamomum camphora essential oil.

Health Benefits of Rosewood

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As a matter of fact, here are the health benefits of Rosewood essential oil you might wanna know;

1. Acts as Antidepressant

As above, the Rosewood essential oil has unique fragrances. Moreover, it can relieve the disappointments and misery feelings. It also enhances the positive thinking for overcoming obstacles and eager to cure depressions.

2. Works as Analgesic

The substances available on the Rosewood essential oil turn out can relieve pains on some of the annoying diseases. There are toothache, mild headache, arthritis, muscles cramps. Not to mention, it also cure infection diseases such as influenza, measles, colds, and mumps.

3. Great as Antiseptic

If you are experiencing minor skin wounds from insect bites, cuts, or abrasion, then apply Rosewood essential oil on it. Since it has the proprietary as good antiseptic.

4. It relieves stress and anxiety

You have heard about unique fragrance of Rosewood essential oil haven’t you? In fact, it can relief uncertain feelings disturbing us. It triggers the comfortable feelings so we becomes more relax and thoughtful.

5. It is a nice Deodorant

For one thing, deodorant is a substance that get rid of malodor. Hence, the sweet, spicy, and floral fragrance of the Rosewood essential oil come in handy to use.
Moreover, it last a day long.

6. Act as Anti inflammatory as well

The use of Rosewood essential oil is limitless yet. Furthermore, it can reduce the pains. It has a quick effect on reducing pain,

7. Amazing Aphrodisiac

By all means, the Rosewood essential oil increases the sex appeal. Seeing that, The use of the Rosewood essential oil is a high recommendation.

8. It maintains our sexual health

By increases our sex drives, the Rosewood essential oil will also keep our sex life health. In fact, it cure impotence due to the emotional reasons.

9. Keeps our skin healthy

The Rosewood essential oil has substances of antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. Hence, it will prevent us from getting any skin ailments. Furthermore, it helps the skin to rejuvenate and slowdown the early aging process. Moreover, it helps our skin to stay radiant.

10. Cephalic substance

Being that, it helps our brain to be more active, sharp, and creative. Not to mention, it prevent the memory damage and brain disorders.

11. Great substance for meditation

Since it has the substances that make our feeling comfortable, the Rosewood essential oil is great as sidekick for meditation. In order to that, we can use it as substitute for candle aromatherapy.

12. Insecticides

Furthermore, using the Rosewood in the bedroom as fragrance will repel almost the annoying insects.
It will get rid of lice mosquitoes, ants, bed bugs, flies, etc.

13. Calm the feelings

One of the benefits of the Rosewood essential oil is to keep our mind and soul remains constant. Hence, whenever you feel anxiety attack, the use of Rosewood essential is very helpful. Not to mention, it also has the same effect for babies.

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Using Rosewood Essential Oil

However, Here are some ways for using the Amazing Rosewood essential oil;

1. Bath soak

You can drop more or less ten drops of the Rosewood essential oil into warm water. The you can use it as you bathing water. Don not forget to stir it well before using it.

2. Aromatherapy

You can mix the Rosewood essential oil with some hot water. Then, soak a towel in it. Furthermore, you can use the towel as a body wrapping. To prevents of losing the aroma quickly, you can cover your body with a blanket.

3. Smoke therapy

You can also add a few drops of Rose essential oil onto a candle or vaporizer. The smokes or steam can heals in balance body condition.

4. Massage oil

Whenever you come to do massage, instead of regular oil, you can use the Rosewood essential oil. It also blends well with jojoba oil or almond oil.

5. Lotion for body

The addition of fifteen drops of Rosewood essential oil will smooth your skin. Furthermore, you can use it each day on daily basis.

6. Rubbing

It is similar to massage. Only, you just rub it on the body area with discomfort are.

7. Body soap

Eventually, you can use the Rosewood essential oil as addition in the body soap. Simply by adding about forty five or so drops of the Rosewood essential oil in to neutral liquid body soap. Make sure you shake it well before using it.

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Nevertheless, there are no available side effects yet. But, as usual, always do consults with your primary health care before using any benefits of Rosewood essential oil. Especially when you are having certain body condition.