15 Benefits of Worm for Body Health, Extremely rare

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Benefits of Worm for Body Health – Believe or not, nature has been giving us all we need for life. Foods, Drinks, shelters, civilization, and last but not least. Even if we are without technology. This is proven by so many traditional remedies out there which are not include technology on its making. In old civilization, people have to rely on nature to keep surviving, since the nature provides all stuffs they need. It;s still now, even we’re not realizing it.

Worm for example, the benefits of worm for health is not proven yet, but why some old communities are still using this known as disgusting animals as their medicinal support? Because they had been using it since years ago, and it works well, even when it is without scientific studies of health benefits. However, to some people, it doesn’t matter whether it has scientifically or any institution studies are hold to do some researches on it. All that matters are it worked well.

Here are some of the benefits of worm for body health, according some Shamans, Tabib, or even Chinese traditional practitioners (Sinshe) as ancient medicinal practitioners;

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15 Benefits of Worm for Body Health

  1. Conducts the blood flow, hence it will reduces the chance of getting high blood pressure.
  2. Acts as Anti Piretic
  3. As cure for Diarrhea
  4. Clean your digestion system, hence release you from the chance of getting constipation, and any other digestive diseases
  5. Reducing the cholesterol level in blood
  6. Lessen the blood sugar level and as treatment for diabetes
  7. Increase appetite, especially in healing phase
  8. Acts as anti infection in intestine
  9. Good supplement for overly exhausted body
  10. Increases the body stamina and manhood
  11. Lessen and prevents of getting stomachache
  12. Ease your neuron system, reducing stress, depression, and dizziness
  13. Fasten the healing process
  14. Treatment for typhus
  15. Cure for eczema

It is simply by providing a bunch of worms, wash them, and loot the insides, and then dry them up. To consume it, just fry , roast, or mix it with coffee to get rid of the nausea which is may come along 🙂

There are no scientific proves can be obtain from the benefits of earth worms. However, this slimy animals are common to some old communities as cure or remedy for illness above. As informations, there are substances are carried away in it, such as proteins as it is turns out higher than the one in fish. This protein takes its role as anti bacterial to the human body.

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