7 Benefits of Volcano Eruption for Human Life


Many countries have active volcano. Especially in the Pacific Fire circle which is lies on two continental plate. People in country like Japan sure is familiar with this condition. They familiar with the earthquake, volcano activity, and so many other in related to an active volcano. Not to mention the 7 benefits of volcano eruption for human life.

However, nobody can predict when is the next volcano eruption is going to happen. All the scientists do is read the volcano activity and determine the most possible eruption to come along with its signs.

Nevertheless, we should learn what we have left after the volcano eruption is happening. Even in long term of timeline, at least we  have something in return with the so called natural disaster.

Here 7 benefits of volcano eruption for human life we should aware of;

1. Skin diseases treatment

There are many substances as left over of the volcano eruption, and one among them is volcanic dust. It turns out that the volcanic dust consists of disinfectant and anti bacterial matter.

Hence, you can use it as skin diseases treatment. Not to mention, volcano eruption often brings hot water spring which usually contains of sulfur. Once again, it is very helpful for your skin healthiness.

2. Face skin treatment

As we know above, volcanic dust from the volcano eruption contains lots of sulfur in high scale. It is not a secret that lots of cosmetic industry use this matter as part of their ingredients of the cosmetic making.

It is reported that the sulfur prevents early aging process, maintaining the skin elasticity, and also able to prevents the black spots in the skin face.

3. The sanatorium

Sanatorium is a place to treat people suffering from respiratory diseases. How so? Usually, the air near a mountain is clean and healthy, far from any pollutant.

Especially long time after the volcano eruption, the soil, land and water condition recovers even more. Hence the existence of the sanatorium.

4. Land fertilizer

Many people have aware, that long after the volcano eruption, the land above it is becoming very fertile. Almost any plants, trees, and even flowers can grow over there.

It is because the (once again) volcanic dust which is bring all the chemical matter form inside the earth and becoming very useful as fertilizer. It is undeniable that another 7 benefits of volcano eruption for human life is very massive.

5. It creates building materials

Volcanic eruption is not only leaving its dust above the earth. It is also leaving rocks, and sands, and any other materials. Even if the damage for the environment is vary massive, in the end it will recovers in a better circumstances.

We can use the rock and sands to build housings and other shelters for people. Since the soil is very fertile, we can grow and cultivate almost anything edible plant as we like.

6. As natural electrical generator

There are electrical generator we can build in the volcanic mountain area. At least it depends on what is available to use. If there is a water, such as strong big river stream, we can use it as water power plantation.

If there is only a geothermal available, which is also can be used, then the needs of electricity of people live nearby will no longer in lack condition.

7. Tourism attraction

Volcano eruption often creates its own unique beauty. While it is still erupting, lots of geologists, photographers, reporters, wind chasers are after for the moment.

Soon after it cools down, you might find another amusing places to see such as hot water spring, the volcano museum, home stays and any other  interesting activities.

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Those are 7 benefits of volcano eruption for human. Not that we pray for it, but it is more like to see if there is blessings in every disguises. It is not easy time to recover from that massive natural disaster, however, once we know how, it’ll be much easier.