15 Benefits of Syzygium Cumini Fruit for Health


Benefits of Syzygium Cumini Fruit – This fruit is originally comes from eastern India. Now it has been spreading throughout the world. This fruit has different name in each country and cultures. The tree is physically strong and sturdy which is live in low land area. Approximately 500 above sea level. It can grow high up to 10-20 meters tall. This tree of Shyzigium cumini  is now become rare tree since not many people consider this fruit as favorite as any other fruit.

Although not as popular as many other fruits, not many people know that the fruit of Syzygium cumini has the benefits for health. The fruit has sweet and sour taste. It has size of marbles, only with elliptical shapes. When the fruit is  still young it has green color, and it turns to blackish purple when it is already ripe enough. Like any other tropical fruits, it only bears fruit in certain times or months. Hence it can be a bit difficult to find sometimes.

Apart from that, to achieve the health benefits of Shyzygium cumini, when it is available,  we can consume it regularly as common fruit. Since it has many useful substance which our body need. Even though the taste of Shyzigium cumini is not as delicious as other fruit, the substances inside though very useful.

There are Jambosine, flavonoid, antioxidant, vitamin C, salt, sugar, calcium, patchouli acid, tanin, elagat acid, organic acid, calcium, polyphenol, minerals,  tritepenoid, antosianin, fenolat acid, and so many other.

Here are 18 benefits of Shyzygium cumini for health (from its fruits, leaves, barks, seeds);

1. Anti diabetes

There are jambosin, alcaloid, glycoside, which help to convert the sugar into the energy. Hence, it is able to prevent the in balance of the blood sugar level. To achieve the health benefits of Shyzigium cumini, we can use the bark(approximately 60 grams), and boil it with three glasses of water. Boil it until it leaves only a half  glass of water. Drink when it is cool down. Repeat the steps twice every each day.

You can also use the seeds of Shyzygium cumini, simply dry it, mash it down, and boil it in two glass of water. Steam it until it leaves only one glass, and drink it when its cool down. Repeat with new potion twice each day.

2. Anti cancer

Thanks to the availability of anti oxidant in large numbers inside the fruit of Shyzygium cumini. The substance makes this fruit is very good to avoid cancer, as well as maintain the body cells to be normal. The antioxidants are antosianin and polyphenol which are capable to tie off the free radicals, the cancer trigger.

3. Maintain the heart healthiness

In each of 100 grams of Shyzigium cumini there are 55 kg of potassium which is able to help maintaining our hear healthiness. Not to mention, the substances are also good as prevention for stroke and high blood pressure.

4. Increases the body immune system

The Shyzygium cumini contains lots of healthy nutrition as well as vitamins. Hence the health benefits of Shyzygium cumini for health  is increasing the immune system for starter. Consuming this fruit will help us maintaining our body condition and prevent from getting sick.

5. Skin protection

As mentioned above, the fruit of Shyzygium cumini contains lots of antioxidant and vitamin C. Hence, this unique fruit is able to help skin in forming the cells collagen. Skin rejuvenation and forming a new cells to replace the damaged cells are the other Shyzigium cumini good benefits for health.

6. Act as anti bacterial

According to research, the fruit of Shyzygium can act as anti bacterial compound. It can prevent the diarrhea, skin and mouth infections, and many more. Not to mention, it is also able to overcome the digestive disorders, asthma, cough, and even gums diseases, caused by bacterial activities.

7. The tree as fire wood

The sturdy, big, and strong tree of Shyzygium cumini means it can be used as good house logs, construction logs, ship, farming tools or fire woods. It produces good flame with less smoke. Not to mention the you can make good charcoal out of the Shyzigium cumini branches.

8. Traditional medicine for many diseases;

– Cure for bed wetting

Collect 7 seeds of the Shyzygium cumini, mash it down as fine as possible. Then boil it in two cups of water along with brown sugar. Colect only a half glass of it. Drink when it cools of. Repeat ever day at 5 pm before going to bed.

– Cure for epilepsy

Collect the  60 grams of Shyzygium cumini tree roots. Clean it and then boil it in 3 glass of water. Let it steam out and left only a half of glass. Drink the water twice every each day.

– Cure the blood infections

Provide three leaves of palm plant, a young green coconut, and a grab leaves of Shyzygium cumini. Boil the palm plants leaves and the Shyzygium leaves in the coconut water. Boil it and drink the water once it’s cool down.  Create new one every time you need it.

– Cure for mouth sores

Pick leaves and roots of Shyzygium cumini tree. Clean it and boil it. Use the water to gargle four times each day.

– Cure for stomach ulcer

Prepare thirty grams of the Shyzygium cumini fruits, get rid of the seeds, and then dry fry it so it has sweet smell. Make porridge out of it, and eat it three times each day in ten days continuously.

– Cure for TBC

Pick thirty grams of Shyzygium cumini fruits and (sembung) leaves. Gather up all of the ingredients and chop it. Boil it with water, then cool it down and finally drink the water.

– Cure for asthma

Grab fifteen grams of the Shyzygium cumini fruits and then boil it with water. Separate the water from the fruit, then cool it down. You can drink the water once it gets cool enough. Drink three times in a day. Do it regularly to ease the asthma symptoms or attacks.

– Cure for coughs

Simply eat the fruits of Shyzygium cumini fruits as much as fifteen grams.eat it three times each day regularly, of course without the seeds.

Those are 15 health Benefits of Shyzigium cumini from many traditional medicine in ancient cultures. Even though there are no scientific researches, they already use the potion since many years ago. And it turns out worked well in curing many kinds of diseases.

As for us today, just take note that those potions or remedies are only for emergent purpose only. You can use it whenever you are out of the medic reach such as you are cast away. If you want to try it on personal use and reasons, please do consults with your own health care first.

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