7 Benefits of Sesame Oil for Hair


Sesame oil is a distinguish product that is made from the juice of sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum). This oil is usually used for cooking. Pour few drops to a cuisine that is almost ripe aromas and flavors to supplement.

In addition to cooking, sesame oil can also be used to treat the body. Because the texture is rich and easily percolate, this oil is suitable to be moisturizes the skin. Besides sesame oil also contains ingredients that make it suitable for hair care products.

Hence, the benefits of Sesame oil for health exist. There are calories, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fat, proteins, and many other useful substances. Not to mention chemical substances available such as, lignans, sesamolins, sesamin, pinoresinol, and lariciresinol, which are tremendous help for our body.

Here is our summary of 7 Health benefits of Sesame oil for hair;

1. Restores the hair original color

Just like coconut oil and nutmeg oil, from the seeds of Sesame is also able to treat hair discolor.  Coconut oil sweep onto the hair shaft regularly. If diligently doing this treatment, the hair will be more black. This

way also the potent return condition hair graying. Hence, by using the health benefits of Sesame oil for hair regularly, you can postpone the grey hair which is the sign of early aging. Moreover, It will reveals the original beautiful color of your hair, so it looks more radiant, and healthier.

2. Speeds up hair growth

The texture of the sesame oil is easily to permeate. It makes easier to infuse into the scalp and improve blood circulation in the head scalp.

Hence, the intake of nutrients and oxygen to the roots and hair shaft so more smoothly. Eventually, it can stimulate the hair growth, restores the broken hair, and prevents it from getting damaged. Not to mention, the sesame oil for hair is very good to improve and maintain the hair’s health.

3. Protect the hair from UV influence

Who would have thought if sesame oil can protect hair from the bad influence of sunlight? This is one of the main benefits of sesame oil.

It able of blocking ultra violet rays in order not to damage the hair. Antioxidants in sesame oil is also beneficial to protect hair from the pollution. Not to mention to protect the hair from free radicals and prevent it from the hair fall due to the aging process.

4. Overcoming the dandruffs

Many of you have ever experience of having dandruffs, or flaking of the scalp due to fungi. No need to spend your valuable money to buy chemical drugs that are expensive, anymore.

As a matter of fact, actually you can use sesame oil to resolve it. Sesame oil has anti-bacterial functions, that can kill mold and bacteria lodging in the scalp. Hence, by using the benefits of Sesame oil regularly, the head scalp becomes clean and healthy, free from damaging stuffs.

5. Fix broken hair

Sesame oil has a cooling effect, because it is suitable for treating damaged hair due to exposure to the Sun or chemicals.

If it is applied to the hair and scalp, the sesame oil health benefits will cool the hair from the outside and in, repair damage to the hair slowly. It also makes the cooling effect of sesame oil is suitable as a protective layer of the hair before blow dry and hair straighter.

6. Soften and create shiny hair

Sesame oil can nourish the scalp from the outside and the inside. Sesame oil is able to lock the moisture from the inside, thus preventing dryness and softens hair shaft thoroughly.

To make hair softer in a way that is easy, you just slathered a little sesame oil to the scalp before bed. The Sesame oil benefits for hair makes the hair will become softer and sparkles, day after day.

7. Leave on conditioner naturally

No need

to wear a combination serum or leave on conditioner output manufacturing company. You can make your own conditioner on leave with applying a little bit of sesame oil to the hair shaft.

Hence, the hair gets the benefits of Sesame oil makes the hair would be so much easier to set up. Not to mention, protect the hair from the hair setup process.

The hair set up which is usually involves high heat such as straightening and blow, as well as a neat-looking longer. Hence, the natural sesame oil as hair health support becomes more familiar among any other chemical substances and any other herbal treatment or oils.

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That are more than 7 health benefits of sesame oil we can obtain, so far recently. Note that, some of people might have some allergies with Sesame seeds and or oils.

Hence, it is very important and urgently necessary to do consults with your own health care before start using the sesame seeds products. Even though, the only known sides effect we get from sesame oils is from the allergies, as far as we know. We should always careful about using foreign matters for the health sake of our body.