9 Benefits of Sandalwood in Human Life

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Benefits of Sandalwood – Sandalwood (Santalum album), is familiar to our life. This wood is one among so many expensive wood outthere in the market, such as teakwood, mahogany, or oak. The sandalwood has solid texture, hence it is become alternative to other wood when they are not available.

The tree is semi parasites at the young age, it needs a host to grow up. Hence it is a bit difficult to cultivate, and become a rare item.

There are two kinds of Sandalwood;

  1. Red sandalwood
  2. White sandalwood

The white one has better wood quality that the other. When it grows big, it reaches the size of 11-15 meters height, and 25-30 cm diameter.

Benefits of Sandalwood

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1. Raw material in furniture making

Just like another wood type, such as teakwood, oak wood, mahogany etc. Sandalwood even have better price since it has a unique fragrance.

2. Suitable for Handy craft, wooden mask, and statues

The sandalwood wood texture is solid, which is very suitable to have further processing to increase it sales value.

3. It’s a prestige sign

The high quality of Sandalwood makes it worth to hunt for. It even becomes rare item since it is difficult to cultivate. Since it is rare, only certain furniture manufacture can be able to handle its processing. Hence, it is become a kind of prestige to have it.

4. Herbal medicine

Yes, it turns out that sandalwood has medicine benefits for our health. Sandalwood can be used as anti inflammation, preventing dysentery and other gastric problems. At last but not the least, it is very useful for women during their period.

Simply by grinding the sandalwood barks, brew it with hot water, wait until the water color is changed, cool it down, filter, and drink the water.

5. Raw material of perfume

The benefits of sandalwood is it also can be used as raw material in the making of perfume. Since it has a very unique fragrance, it is now becomes a high priced perfume. It is also can be use as raw material in the making of incense, aroma therapy, and balm-ing.

6. Controls the stress and anxiety

Still the benefits of sandalwood, this one is from its oil. It turns out that the benefits of sandalwood oil can be used as anti depressant. Obviously, it can control and reducing the stress, anxiety, and depression.

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7. It smoothes the urinate

The sandalwood oil health benefits turns out can be very helpful to ease the excretion process. Especially when urinating.

8. Sandalwood oil as anti septic and anti microbial

The Sandalwood oil is commonly in ancient culture as anti microbial. The benefits of Sandalwood oil, which is coming from the extraction of its leaves, is for protecting the body from infection and also prevent the wounds to get rotten.

Hence, Sandalwood oil, in ancient culture was use in balming dead people to preserve their body, as an honor.

9. Beauty care

Sandalwood oil also has the advantages of beauty care. It can be used I removing blackheads, preventing pimples, and controlling oil on the skin, especially the face area. Interested?

First of all, you’re gonna have to own the wood. It’s a bit difficult to find the original, so, Good luck. Once you have it, the benefits of sandalwood is all yours.

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