Top Benefits of Rosehip essential oil for health

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Benefits of Rosehip essential oil for health – Lots of people already know about the benefits of coconut oil for health. Apart from that, another essential oil which has the same health benefits. It is Rosehip essential oil which is also posses so many health benefits for human life.

Actually, it has been known since ancient Egypt and Mayan tribe health culture, back when they were exist. Now, many cultures, are using it as health support system. The British had use the essential Rosehip oil to protect their children form contagious disease. It also very useful to ease the diarrhea, menstrual cramps, and nausea. Not to mention many other digestive system disorders.

Now, there are Rosehip essential oil in syrup, oil, and other product form of the seeds.

The Rosehip essential oil comes from the extraction one species of rose flower called Rosa moschata. It contains of so many useful substances such as vitamin A, B-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Not to mention the rare of vitamin F. The other useful substances are fatty essential oil as oleat, palmitat, and linoleat. Nonetheless, the GLA (Gamma Linoleat Acid), and of course the anti oxidant.

Benefits of Rosehip essential oil
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Hence, there are 5 health benefits of Rosehip essential oil, you might want to know;

1. Act as anti early aging

The benefits of Rosehip essential oil posses the anti early aging effect. Since it has the very soft texture, it is save to use it directly on the skin face. Moreover, the contents of high anti oxidant is able to penetrate deeper into the skin.

The vitamin A and C has the nature of encouraging the skin to produce collagen. Hence, it makes the skin is able to rejuvenate, reduce the wrinkles and restore the elasticity by itself.

Not to mention, it is a whole lot saver than the Botox. The only downside of the Rosehip essential oil is some people might allergen to it.

2. Gives skin protection to avoid the age spots

Those who have lots of outdoor activities, dealing with the sun lights along with its UV light is very common. From time to time, the bad side of UV sunlight is damaging the skin.

It gives the skin black spots and skin discoloration, especially on the face skin. It is surely won’t look nice to your appearance. Moreover, it’ll give you dull and faint color to your skin when you getting older.

The benefits of Rosehip essential oil for skin is the highly amount of anti oxidant content. It is very useful to counter attack the UV sun light, free radicals which are the cause of skin damage.

The vitamin A, combining with the fatty essential oil helps to naturalize the skin color, texture and skin pigmentation. While the vitamin C helps to overcome the bad effects of sunlight exposure.

The Rosehip essential oil benefit for skin is to increase the collagen production, and moisturize the skin. Not to mention to avoid skin irritation along with its abnormal red color.

3. Ease the eczema and pimples mark

Have you ever feeling underwhelm form your skin face. It is not look nice since you have lots of pimple marks. Also, the eczema which is becoming enemy of your looks and appearance.

Consuming regularly the Rosehip essential oil will help you deal with those condition. The essential fatty acid inside the Rosehip essential oil helps to remove and ease the skin marks. It also helps the skin face to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin face to develop new healthy skin.

The fatty acid inside the Rosehip essential oil has the nature of emolien. It is able to increase the skin flexibility and permeability, along with the capability of self restoring.

As you read above, the high amount of vitamin C helps the skin to restore the skin texture and color tone. It is also good and healthy if you use it as hair shampoo.

It has the capability restore the head scalp and maintain its health condition. The health benefit of Rosehip essential oil as hair shampoo is even better than commercial shampoo.

Which is sometimes brings irritation or allergies to your head scalp.

5. Increasing the body immune system

Another benefit of Rosehip essential oil is for improving our body immune system. It contains lots of vitamin C which is able to absorb more effectively the iron.

Which is eventually increasing the production of red blood cells. The vitamin C is also important in development of the bones structures and muscles.

Rosehip essential oil for human body immune system is useful for its highly contents of vitamin C. It is also contains antioxidant, which is able of improving and maintaining the body immune system. Consuming Rosehip essential oil for health regularly in proper dosage, will help us to live in healthy condition.

6. It helps to ease the Osteoarthritis

According to some scientific researches, we can make tea out of the Rosehip essential oil. Especially, it offers to ease the uncomfortable feelings due to the inflammation.

People with osteophorosis can achieve the health benefit of Rosehip essential oil by consuming it regularly. It’ll help the movement to be more flexible and reduce the inflammation in the joints.

Moreover, you can always get the health benefit of Rosehip essential oil by using it on the bath water.

Simply add few drops of the Rosehip essential oil into the water you’re gonna use to have a shower.

use the Rosehip essential oil
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Tips to choose and use the Rosehip essential oil;

  1.  Note that Rosehip essential oil is very susceptible and easily becoming rancid. Add vitamin E oil and store it I the refrigerator to lengthen the save time.
  2. If you are able, choose only Rosehip essential oil with cold – pressed process. Even if it is a little bit more expensive, it is contain more useful substances.
  3. You can straightly rub or apply the Rosehip essential oil on your skin in any skin area you desire. The Rosehip essential oil classifiy as a dry oil which is easy to absorb. Don’t forget to give a gentle massage to maximize the health benefit.
  4. Apply the essential oil of Rosehip twice each day regularly, will give you the best health and beauty benefit. Even so, the Rosehip essential oil will not protect you from direct sun lights exposure.
  5. Rosehip essential oil is very useful for young teenagers with lots of pimples. It prevents the pimples for leaving any marks and ease for them to shrink.
  6. Since Rosehip essential oil is classified as driy oil, it is able to penetrates the skin without any left over. Hence, it is mostly suitable for dry and normal skin. Even so. People with oily skin can also use the Rosehip essential oil by test it on their skin first to see if the reaction is good.

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Note that the Rosehip essential oil and its health and beauty benefits are meant to be as support only. Always do consults to your health and beauty care first before attempting any activities.