17 Top Benefits of Puzzlegrass for Health

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Benefits of Puzzlegrass for Health – Puzzlegrass (Equisetum) is the plant which thrives in wet regions. Puzzlegrass tea is made by boiling the plant with the hot water.

The diuretic substances available in the Puzzlegrass (Equisetum) tea helps to increase more urination which cures heart failure, high blood pressure, kidney disease and liver disease. Not only eliminates the excessive salts, fats and other toxins, but also eradicates convulsions and seizures.

The presence of silica in the Puzzle grass enhances bones, internal organs and joints. Equally, it also treats bones that are weak and experience fractures, brittle or peeling fingernails, hair loss and swelling.

The steeping is the process of soaking of tea in the hot water. It requires infuser to hold the loose tea leaves and versions of the tea, so it won’t get through to holes of the infusers.

Generally, it needs to consume the hot Puzzlegrass (Equisetum) tea two times in a day between the meals. One should intake the Puzzlegrass tea for two weeks daily to obtain the benefits.

Health benefits of Puzzlegrass Tea

Puzzlegrass (Equisetum) tea possess huge amount of nutrients and minerals such as aconitic acid, potassium, saponins, fatty acids, flavonoids, caffeic acid, esters, and alkaloids, phenolic acids. Not to mention manganese, calcium, silica, glycosides, iron, and aluminum.

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1. Act as Diuretic

Puzzlegrass  increases the flow of urine which treats the kidney ailments and edema. Add Puzzlegrass  to the bathwater or drink Puzzlegrass tea so that it calms premenstrual bloat of women.

2. May strengthen bones and skeletons

The reports mention that the presence of silica in the Puzzle grass tea can fight against osteoporosis. People who consume Puzzlegrass regularly will have more density in their bones and skeleton.

However, it helps to enhance the air sacs walls and also increases resistance. Not to mention, it ease the secretion of mucus that comes along with coughing, comforting the respiratory due to difficulties of breathing because of the coughing.

Speaking of which, Puzzlegrass also treats the respiratory syndrom such as asthma, bonchitis, and also tuberculosis. Puzzlegrass tea also increases the absorption and the use of calcium.

Hence, it helps us to increase the bones or skeleton density, as well as improves the strength of ligaments joints. as mention above

3. Maintains healthy hair

The cooled horsetail tea should be used as hair rinse simply by including a 4 oz. cool Puzzlegrass tea on baby shampoo. As Puzzlegrass  tea possess silica, the daily intake of this tea helps to extend the health growth of the hair. Moreover, it treats the head scalp severe condition.

4. Nail treatments

The presence of silica in the horsetail tea strengthens the nails. Make ½ cup of Puzzlegrass (Equisetum) straining, and add 1 tsp of honey and let the mixture to steep around two days. Use the cottonbid to apply the mixture on the nails regularly for about two weeks.

The cider vinegar-Puzzlegrass tea removes the fingernail dirts or avoid the toenails. Boil 4 cups of cider vinegar along with 1 cup of Puzzlegrass slices for a few minutes.

Let the mixture remain overnight. The cider Puzzlegrass (Equisetum) infusion should be used by straining the herbs as an herbal soak for feet and hands.

5. Beautiful as Garden Ally

The antifungal property of Puzzle grassis effective for both roses and toenails. Strain and cool down the The Puzzlegrass. Then spritz it on the roses by adding it to the spray bottle during the rainy days for few days. In 6 cups of water, add 1 cup of Puzzlegrass .

6. Treats the Kidney and the health of the Bladder

It ease urinating process by eliminating the considering waste and unused water. It also lowers the strain which causes the urinary infections. Not to mention, it relieves the strain on kidneys with important minerals and vitamins.

Equally, it eradicates the urge of frequent urine. A bath with Puzzlegrass tea for 15 minutes at least two to three times in a week can cures UTI’s and bladder weakness.

Steep in one quart of hot water, 10 teaspoons of dry Puzzle grass  for 10-15 minutes. Strain it and then add it into the bath water.

7. Respiratory health

Puzzlegrass can cure tuberculosis, bronchitis and asthma are the respiratory ailments. It contains lots of silicic acid which is able to widens the lungs and improves the immunity to the disease.

Hence, this raises the expectoration rate by removing all the clog in the respiratory vessel. It cures the influenza along with its symptoms such as nausea, nasal congestion, and fever. Not to mention, it also cures bronchitis and dry cough.

We can breath deeply on Puzzlegrass hot steep tea in order helps to ease nasal congestion. Drinking horsetail tea 2-3 times in a day can alleviate the respiratory and cough issues.

8. Gingivitis and tonsillitis

Gargling with the mouthwash which is made from Puzzlegrass tea can cure the mouth sores, tonsils with inflammation and bleeding gums. Boil the Puzzlegrass (Equisetum) with a cup of water for about 7-10 minutes in order to make it as mouthwash. To get the most result, you should repeat it 3-4 times regularly.

9. Skin problems

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties helps to postpone the signs of early aging by enhancing the connection between live tissues. It helps to sooths the skin with inflammation and irritation. However, to treat acne, you can dilute the cold Puzzlegrass (Equisetum) tea and apply it as toner after washing the face at night. Equally it is very effective to treat acne.

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10. Hemorrhoids

The hemostatic and anti-inflammatory property of the Puzzlegrass (Equisetum) are able to reduces or stops the bleeding from hemorrhoids. It even also lessens the pain. You should drink one cup of Puzzlegrass tea before every fiber rich meal to treat hemorrhoids.

11. Reduce Swelling/Edema

People with the edema can have the Puzzle grass (Equisetum) as drinking therapy. By drinking it each day for about two months, it’ll relieves the edema.

Furthermore, it’ll stimulate the production of urine as one of ways of excess the elimination minerals and liquid is from the body. However, the minerals available in the Puzzlegrass replaces the minerals in the body.

Puzzlegrass tea helps not only to lessen the swelling, but also removes the water container.

12. Increases the joints health

The presence of silicic acid helps to strengthen the connective tissues in the body and joints. Hence, it treats skin problems, sprains, backaches and arthritis.

13. Improves the blood clotting

It improves the blood vessel walls and also enhances the blood clotting. Not to mention, it treats the irregular periods and the ease uncomfortable feelings due to cramps. Furthermore, it can treat bleeding gums and bleeding nose.

14. Kidney ailments

It is effective for those having uric acid kidney stones related to Gout disease. Puzzlegrass (Equisetum) tea flushes out the kidney stones and gall bladder with the eradication of urinary tract infection symptoms (UTIs).

15. Stops the bleeding

16. Treatments for Tuberculosis

17. Heals wounds and ulcerations

How to make Puzzlegrass tea:

  • Take about 3-4 tsp. fresh and dry Puzzlegrass (Equisetum) herb in a teapot
  • Add about 8 oz of boiling water into the teapot
  • Cover the teapot frimly
  • Steep the Puzzlegrass (Equisetum) around 5 minutes
  • Strain the mixture, or if you won’t bother with it, you can let it sink
  • Add honey or even sugar for enhancing the taste

Puzzle grass tea side effects

There is no recommendation of using this Puzzlegrass (Equisetum)tea for pregnant women, children, people with kidney stones and nursing women.

Nausea, electrolyte imbalance, fever, deficiency of thiamine, muscle weakness, skin problems and abnormal pulse rate are the side effects of Puzzlegrass (Equisetum) tea if it is taken in excessive amount.

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Note that, it should not be mix with licorice or alcohol.

Also, people with heart condition or thiamine deficiency are better be consulting with their primary health care before using the Puzzlegrass tea.