8 Benefits of Peruvian Balsam Essential Oil for Health


Benefits of Peruvian Balsam Essential Oil – Many be not many of you have heard about Balsam of Peru. This unique property is made from the Myroxylon balsamum tree, while the tree itself lives in Central and South America. Furthermore, we can make essential oil of Balsam of Peru from the tree.

Even if it is not as familiar as other many essential oil we might know, the health benefits of Balsam of Peru is quite a lot. Not to mention the other benefits in our daily life, especially in food flavor, and aromatherapy.The Peruvian balsam essential oil has a unique fragrance; it has distinctive smell in the middle between the cinnamon, clove, and vanilla. Is it not interesting?

The essential oil of Balsam of Peru has dark brownish color, with unique fragrance as describe above.

Since the unique smell of the balsam of Peru essential oil, lots of industries nowadays are using it as mixture for aromatherapy. Many other essential oil blends well with the Balsam of Peru essential oil.

Furthermore, there are other many health benefits of the essential oil of Balsam of Peru. Local people have been use it since years ago for its contents of anti septic, anti oxidant, and anti inflammation. Not to mention the contents of anti bacterial, expectorant, astringent, stimulant, analgesic, and diuretic functions. Overall, the benefits of Peruvian balsam essential oil are wide in range.

Here are 8 benefits of Peruvian balsam essential oil for health;

1. Source of antioxidant substance

Even if it is not the best function from the essential oil of Balsam of Peru, the antioxidant helps the body to boost immune system and fight against the free radicals. Not to mention it is able to prevent cancer from developing, and also many other persistent diseases. As all we know, the other effects of the antioxidant is to prevent the early aging process, and enhance our body metabolism, so it functions properly in any lengthen time.

2. Alleviate Respiratory problems

The unique smell of the Balsam of Peru essential oil for respiration system alleviate from respiration problems. It is promoting the respiratory system to trigger the reflect of expelling mucus and phlegm from the respiratory vessels.

This health benefit of the Peruvian balsam essential oil is typically very suitable for people suffering from respiratory disorder. It alleviates bronchitis, asthma, even the influenza. Nevertheless, some people may have allergy to the Peruvian balsam essential oil. Do allergies test to the oil before using it in large of amount?

3. Provides antiseptic

The Balsam of Peru essential contains the antiseptic substance which is able to prevent the sepsis from the damaged organ. The Peruvian balsam essential oil is also widely known as treatment for scabies, and other skin disorders because the touch of bacteria and germs. You can also use is as skin protection from insects bites. Other than that, the oil of Peruvian balsam will fasten the healing process of injuries or damage to the body organs.

4. Act as natural diuretic

The content of natural diuretic substance inside the Balsam of Peru essential oil helps your body metabolism to have good urine. By urinating normally, your body is expelling toxins and foreign substances entering your body through foods, and beverages.

Hence, it is also helps to maintain the health of the kidney and prevent it from getting the disease called kidney stone. Don’t be afraid to drink lots of water though. The water will also help the oil neutralize toxin and other unused substances in our body system.

5. Possesses anti inflammation substance

There are large numbers of anti inflammation substances inside the Peruvian balsam essential oil. As well as much bad health condition causes from inflammation process. There could be swelling, redness, and soreness. All in all, it keeps away the further damage to injured or wounded organs. You can use it to treat hemorrhoids, low blood condition, or simple cuts or wounds.

6. Promotes a healthy hair

This health benefits of the Peruvian balsam essential oil for hair health can be obtained by mix it with water and use it as shampoo. The oil of Balsam of Peru will remove the dead scalps, and prevent the dandruff from developing. It is also help your hair to grow healthy and normally, without any disturbance from foreign matters and any possible bacteria.

7. Dental care support

Another charm of the Balsam of Peru essential oil is the unique fragrance. It has been attracting many product industries to use it as raw materials. Besides of its comfortably fragrance, anti bacterial, anti septic, and astringent, the oil of Peruvian balsam also protects your dental health. Many of mouth, dental and gums health products use the essential oil of Balsam of Peru as one of its ingredients. It will keep bacterial infections out of your mouth.

8. Good anti depressant

Another health benefits of Balsam of Peru essential oil as antidepressant, is to help relief from many mental breakdown. People are suffering from acute stress, nervous shocks, anxiety attacks, and depression. The oil of Peruvian balsam promotes the hormonal system to release happy hormone to calm down the nervous system. Eventually, it reduces the stress state into normal and happy state of mind and feeling.

However, even though the essential oil of Balsam of Peru contains lots of useful substances. The Peruvian health benefits for many kinds of diseases have been proven, it turns out has a flaw. As much as the oil of Balsam of Peru benefits for health, it is also considered as one of the allergen substance to know.

Some people state that they have experienced uncomfortable experiences on using the essential oil of Peruvian balsam. They experience skin irritation, blisters, nausea, teary eyes, and other unpleasant things.

Hence, it is always wisdom to seek for medic professional assistance before attempting to use the oil of Balsam of Peru. You can ask for allergy test, prevention and also second opinion just in case if something goes wrong.

oh, one more thing, you should conduct risk measurement so you won’t have anything to lose. It is especially when it has close relation with your own life and your loves one.

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