15 Benefits of Natural Gas in Human Life


Benefits of Natural Gas in Human Life. Natural gas is one of so many useful fossil as natural energy sources. It has been becoming the second largest fuel in our daily life. Common people use the benefits of natural gas as liquefied natural  gas in cooking, light sources, electricity and many other activity.

However, not many of us knowing what is the nature of the natural gas itself. How to maintain it so that it won’t becoming any threads or put the user in danger. Furthermore,  some of the natural gas nature are; it doesn’t smell, it has no color, it doesn’t has any taste, and most important is it is very flammable.

Hence, we must put it under really care circumstances and handle it really carefully. There are so many names of that natural gas such as; helium, krypton, xenon, argon, and neon. They have their own unique nature with differences of the boiling point, atom number, melting point degree, etc.

Here are 15 benefits of natural gas in human life;

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1. Helium (He)

Balloon air, do you have ever ride a air balloon, it is one of the most amusing leisure activity in certain countries. However, do you have ever wondering who to blow such a big balloon so it is swelling? Obviously you can not pump it with regular air pump.

SCUBA diving
The air content inside of the Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus  is not purely oxygen. Indeed, it is has helium as addition.

Since helium has extremely low , many refrigerator and other cryptogenic facility has been using this helium gas as their freezer.

2. Neon (Ne)

Neon bulb
Before the era of Light Emitting Diode, there was neon bulb set the light along way.

– Indicator
While in the form of colorful neon bulb, it can be used as indicator in many facilities, such as street lights, hospitals, petrol gas, and many others.

Lightning hazard

Many of sky scrappers in modern countries use neon as their lighting shield. It is mainly evade the building by redirect the thunder to the ground, so it doesn’t affect the building and the   electricity system.

Aviation industry
Many of jets has been using Neon as their sign mark.

3. Argon (Ar)

Incandescent lamp
Unlike Neon, Argon has the harsh nature. It has been used to make incandescent lamp which is very bright. Hence it is very useful in extreme condition such as in a disaster condition.

Titanium welding and stainless steel
Many modern building and kitchen utensils use this Argon as its additional materials. Yet, few of people notice it.

4. Krypton (Kr)

– Krypton is another 15 benefits of natural gas in human life. Many fluorescent lamp has been using this natural gas as it’s material.

– In photography, before there is LED flash, lots of old cameramen use Krypton gas as light source to get the maximum brightness.

5. Xenon (Xe)

– This natural gas of Xenon has been used in agriculture world. Many scientists has been using the benefits of natural gas Xenon to make bacterial enemy of the plans.

– It was usable to make electron tube in the time before LED screen.

5. Radon (Rn)

– Many hospital has been using the benefits of natural gas Radon as in their cancer treatment. It is because, Radon is one of the radioactive gas in the nature.

– The geologists engineer has been using Radon gas as one way to detect and give warning of there is a possibility of earthquake in certain radius area.

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However, besides of many good usable and 15 benefits of natural gas in human life, there are also a bad sides. Furthermore, they are significantly dangerous if not getting any care as soon as possible. They are damage to the respiratory system and carcinogen to human life. Hence, only a well trained people should deal with these useful natural gas, yet dangerous enough to cause us a diseases.