30 Benefits of Momordica Charantina for Health

health Benefits of Momordica Charantina

Benefits of Momordica charantina for Health – Pare, or also known as Momordica charantia is a tropical fruit. However, since it has bitter and sour taste, most people use this fruit as vegetable for cooking. Almost in Asian countries you can easily find the fruits.

The younger fruit has green whitish color, whole the ripe one has yellowish skin color and reddish and brown fruit color. Pare has similarity to cucumber, except for the skin texture and taste, which is completely different.

Even though Pare(Momordica charantina)has bitter and sour taste, it has many useful substances for our health. There are Vitamin B1, vitamin K, lyocpen, and phytochemical. Not to mention there is also high anti oxidant contains in the fruit of Momordica charantina.

Earlier society, use this fruit as traditional medicine, as well as  health support food supplement.

Due to its bitter and sour taste, there is one distinctive way to consume it as food as well as vegetable. After chopping the Paria (Momordica charantina) you cannot cook it straight away. At least if you don’t want the sour and bitter taste. Pour a grab of salt onto it, and let it be around 5 minutes or so. After that, squeeze the Momordica charantina until it becomes withered and  expel some kind of sticky substance.

The next thing to do is let it be for about twenty minutes before you can wash and rinse it. To wash it, you can use flowing water to get rid of the slime and smell.

Only after those steps, you can cook it. Even then, it still has a little bit bitter and sour taste.

However, aside from that sour, smell and bitter taste, it turns out that Paria has health benefits for human.

Benefits of Momordica Charantina for Health

22 benefits of Paria (Momordica charantina) for health;

1. Controls the cholesterol level

The Pare is one of the most useful fruit or vegetable as food support for health. This Momordica charantina is able to lower down the cholesterol level significantly.

Not to mention it is also able to gradually minimize the fat size in your body. So, other than reduce the cholesterol level, the Pare vegetable is also useful as diet food support.

2. Controls blood sugar level

Pare contains of charntine, which is similar to alkaloids and insulin substance. This useful substance is very importance, especially in reducing the blood sugar level in our body. It is also has the sterol glycoside, sulfonylurea which have the nature of hypoglycemic.

Hence the Pare is very good food in diabetes mellitus health care.

3. Prevents the growth of pancreatic cancer cells  and prevents leukemia

According to research of University of Colorado, US, the Pare extract is able to help the pancreas to block the process of transforming glucose into energy. As a reminder, the cancer cells need some energy to grow.

Hence, the extract of Momordica charantina is able to prevent the pancreatic cancer. Other than that, the substance of lesichin inside the Pare is helpful to increase the body immunity and deter the cancer cell that may attack.

4. Conducts the digestive system and overcome hemorrhoids and intestine disorders

Most of vegetables contain lots of fiber in it. Hence, it is very good to consume vegetable as much as possible, in certain order. The fiber is very helpful in keeping our body to stay healthy.

It may help to conducts the blood circulation, and not to mention expedite our digestive system.

Not to mention, the Pare fruit also contains of vitamin C, potassium, momordial acid, aleonolat acid,and carotene.

These substances are helpful to our body. By consuming Pare regularly, we can achieve the health benefit of Pare to our health at full length. As can you read above, Pare will help you to overcome hemorrhoid,  intestine disorders, and also ease your bowel movement.

5. Ease asthma attack

Not only coffee and salbutamol, the Pare fruit is also very helpful to ease asthma attack. According to University of Massachusetts’ research, the bitter taste of Pare can stimulate the taste sense which is in the respiratory system.

It resulting in the respiratory vessel becoming wider, hence the air flow to the lungs is getting better. Asthma which is also known as Bronchitis is a painful sickness.

Not only suffering from suffocating of air, the other body organ which are in need of air is getting the bad effects too. Organs such as the brain, heart, even the motoric neurons can be fully functional without the stabile oxygen flow.

Hence the Pare benefit for bronchitis is very undeniable.  Consuming Momordica charantina will help the people with asthma to lessen the frequency of attack. Not to mention the possibility of total cure from the bronchitis disease.

Benefits of Momordica Charantina

6. Kidney stone treatment

Kidney stone happens to all ages. If you are unfortunately suffering from kidney stone, you might wanna try to use this useful Pare fruit. By consuming it regularly, the benefits  of Momordica charantina will help you to ease your disease.

It help your body system to reduce the size of the kidney stone and gradually expel It through your urinate. The substance of phytonutrien available inside the Pare fruit will also help your body to clean up its system, including your blood.

7. Upchuck stimulant

Another benefit of Pare we would you like to know is as stimulant to your upchuck reflex. How is that useful for us? Some might want to ask that question. Imagine this condition when we accidentally swallow something poisonous or hazardous to  our body.

The first thing we should do is try as best as we can to throw up. Here is the part that the benefit of Pare fruit for upchuck stimulant takes its part.

The bitter and sour taste will easily trigger your vomit reaction, within seconds, especially if you are not familiar with this unique fruit.

While the Momordica charantina benefit is to stimulate your upchuck reflex, the coconut water is to neutralize poison you swallow by accident.  Even, the pare fruit will be effective for people who have nausea to relieve their uncomfortable feeling in their stomach.

8.  Overcome dysentery

Dysentery is a nasty disease. Everybody would agree on that fact. The cause is also a simple thing. It is mainly cause the sanitary reckless, and slordig lifestyle.

The result is, your body lack or liquid due to your non stop bowel movements, and your body immuny system is broke down.wel movements is gradually normal.

Not to mention, you should drink lots of water.

9. It is able to help you lower your body weight

Even another research from US centers for Disease control and prevention, the fruit of Pare contains lots of fiber. As another good effect from fiber is that it makes you feel having a full stomach. It means, consuming Pare fruit will avoid you from eating overly.

Since Pare fruit has low calories, it is very suitable as food support on your diet program.

As consideration, in a cup of Pare fruit, there is only 16 calories, of 90 % water and 2,6 fiber.

10. Treatment for Icterus or jaundice

Not only newly born children, but also adults can have this icterus or jaundice. This disease known for the yellowish color on the skin, eyes, and another symptoms. Lack of nutrients and vitamin D is the common causes of this disease.

The benefit of momordica charantina is able to help to fasten the healing process of the jaundice. It is because the content of albumin inside the Pare fruit which is makes it possible.

You can achieve the benefit of Pare for jaundice by consuming it regularly as vegetables.

11. Prevents and cures the pimples

Aside of the benefit of Pare for health, it turns out that this unique fruit is also good for beauty.  Teenagers are always have trouble with pimples. Their raging  and unstable hormones, make it really difficult to overcome it medically. Beside it depends on the lifestyle, the food we eat also takes the responsibility.

The benefit of Momordica charantina for beauty is very familiar since years ago in many cultures. Especially in fight against pimples face skin problems.  The contents of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, amino acid, calcium, phosporus, beta carotene will help us to have healthier and more beautiful skin.

12. Stomach worm

13. Lower the blood pressure

14. Treatments for Malaria

15. Reduce fever

16. Sheds respiratory phlegm

17. Encounter impotency

18. Prevent syphilis

19. Cure for heatiness

20. Detain pregnancy

21. Slows down AIDS

22. Increasing breast milk in breast feeding mother.

All you have to do is consuming the Pare fruit regularly, whether  use it as face mask or take it as drinking juice.

There is no certain dosage or how many fruit you have to take. Ideally, you may take one or two fruit each day.

However, aside of all good things to know about the benefit of Pare (Momordica charantina), there is still one thing you all should know about.

For couple who is waiting for pregnancy, they should not take this Pare fruit at all. Even though it is good to breast feeding mother, you should not take this fruit overly.

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And the last one is, to always do consults to your own primary health care for more information and suggestion.