11 Benefits of Mangkokan (Polyscias scutellaria) Leaves for Health

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Benefits of Mangkokan (Polyscias scutellaria) Leaves for Health – It has appearance looks like a small bowl which is capable of collecting a few amount of water. The tree are considered as shrubs and commonly found in tropical countries, and have maximum 6 meters tall.

In some old cultures, its leaves, and roots are have been used as traditional medicine for certain diseases. However, this traditional remedies made out of this trees are still can be used and found as second references and opinion, beside of medical advices.

Here are some of diseases that are can be treated by using this trees;

1. Clean up your intestine

It is one of many trees that are good for our digestive system. The benefits of Mangkokan can be obtained by cooking it as vegetables or salad. Pick the young one, and cook it considerably. It contains lots of fiber, hence it is good for our health, especially the intestine . It prevents diarrhea, constipation, and also difficulties in urinating.

2. Prevents hairfall

it can help you thicken your hair and also prevent it from fall of. Simply by collecting its 4-5 leaves, clean it thoroughly, and then soak it into a coconut oil. Leave it over a night. Once it is done, squeeze of mash the leaves to get the mixed coconut oil and the Mangkokan (Polyscias scutellaria)leaves oil. Rub the oil and gently give a massage onto the scalp of your head. If you do this continuously, you will have thick and healthy hair. I also prevents the dandruffs from appearing in your hair.

3. It help to heal some wounds

In minor injury such as bruises, scratches, minor cuts, you can use this leave to help stop the bleeding and heal the wounds. Just collect a buch of Mangkokan (Polyscias scutellaria) , and mash them into gist, and use it as dry bandage, by stick it to the wound.

4. Acts as Anti inflammation

It is capabel of being used as preventing of inflammations in the body, such as in the throat, stomach, and also breats. Use the fresh leaves as dry bandage.

5. Conducts the body body flow

It contains high enough iron to help us retaining and conducting blood flow in the body. It also capable of preventing the blood clogging in the arteries, and optimize blood suply to the body organs.

6. Preventing Anemia

Besides preventing blood clogging, it is also very helpful to prevent anemia from occurring. The anemia has the symptomSs as fatique, dizziness, over exhausted, headache, and many more.

7. Acts as Anti oxidant

It repels free radicals from attacking the body, improving immune system, and stamina, and also acts as anti aging. Hence, it be more resistant to diseases.

8. Mangkokan (Polyscias scutellaria) is also good for your eyes healthiness

It also contains Vitamin A, which is good for the health of the eyes. It prevents diseases like cataracts,hazy eyes, and other eyes disorders.

9. Heal Mouth sores

With its Vitamin C, it helps our body, other than maintain our health condition,it also heals mouth sores, and problems with gums.

10. Anti bacterial

(Mangkokan (Polyscias scutellaria) leaves benefits as anti bacterial is important to prevents infections and pushes away any bacterial entering the body through our surroundings.

11. Bones and skeletal system’s health

It turns out, that Mangkokan (Polyscias scutellaria) leaves also has the benefits of Vitamin D, since it contains lots of it. Obviously, Vitamin D combined with calcium and phosphorus will have the most benefits to oru skeletal system and bones health, besides its roles as in growing ages and optimize the bones structures.

Those are some of the benefits of Mangkokan (Polyscias scutellaria) leaves, though there are no scientific researches yet. However, this tree has been used since years ago by some traditional communities ancestors.

Hence, as the predecessors, we are only what has left behind as legacy. Of course, this remedies can not be used as primary medicine. It purposes only for references or when it is urgently needed as the the geographic condition is far from medical reach.

When boiling herbs, whatever it is, use only CLAY BASED kitchen utensils to avoid chemical reaction between the metal and the herb. It prevents the unwanted bad results.

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