12 Benefits of the Internet , Pros and Cons

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Benefits of the Internet – Who is not familiar with the internet? Adult internet a need for many parties ranging from individuals, businesses, governments, companies and so on.

Demand for internet is increasing day by day.

But actually, what is the internet?

So what are the benefits, e.i. especially in education?

Here is a glimpse of the benefits of the internet ;


Interconnection-networking or the Internet is an entire network of computers connecting together using global system standards to serve user worldwide using global system of transmission control protocol / internet protocol (TCP / IP).

The Internet A.K.A Computer was first known in 1969 by the US Department of Defense through a project the (ARPANET) the short term for Advance Research Projects Agency Network .

At first they demonstrate how we can communicate with the infinite distance through telephone lines using UNIX software and hardware computers base.

ARPANET project is designing a network, the reliability and the amount of information obtained is then have the standard itself and became the forerunner of a new protocol development that is now known as transmission control protocol / internet protocol (TCP / IP).

At first, ARPANET is a project aim to support the military purposes.

The US Department of Defense’s network system is spread by connecting computers in vital area by linking them to overcome the problem if there is a nuclear attack as well as to avoid the presence of the information central at any time, and its possibility to destroy by the enemy during the war.


It is said that the ARPANET only connect 4 sites are made by St. Barbara University, University of Utah, University of California, and Stanford Research Institute.

After a general introduction in 1972, then became a project ARPANET growing rapidly throughout the region to make all universities in the country wants to join.

Due to its many requests, ARPANET was then split into two became “MILNET” for military purposes and the “ARPANET” new smaller to serve non-military purposes.

Well, then the origin of Internet is DARPANET which is the joining of MILNET and ARPANET.

Bilateral or multilateral agreements and technical specifications, is then, maintain the Internet .

Technical specification is a protocol that describes the data transfer between the circuit formed by the talk of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Well, this IRTF is the body that the release of a document known as a Request for Comments (RFC), which was then part of the document to standardize the internet(Internet Standard) by the Internet Architecture Board (Internet architechture Board).

Some protocols internet of internet protocol are;  SMTP, HTTP, PPP, SLIP, SSH, HTTPS, DNS, Telnet, FTP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, SSLIP.

While a popular service on the Internet using the protocol is the electronic letters (e-mail), Usenet newsgroups, file sharing (file sharing), the World Wide Web (WWW), Gopher, IRC , MUD, Mush, access the session (session access), and don’t forget about the Facebook.

The Internet also allows users to obtain the latest services such as web radio, etc, and also webcast that can be accessed around the world.

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1. Internet Benefits For Education

The Internet allows users to have easy access to various kinds of information.

Even compared with books and libraries, dissemination of information and data via the Internet can be said to be more extreme.

The Internet has a lot of influence of science and world views.
In education, the Internet provides the following benefits among others.

2. A means of seeking information

The use of the Internet means of seeking information in the world of education, which is even more updates from the book and the library.

It is saying that almost all the information about education is available on the Internet, among other things such as subject matter, curriculum, syllabus, questions or how to do it.

3. Means makes it easy reference

Aside from being a means of searching for information, the Internet also allows users to search the literature.

Just by typing a keyword to your liking, then the information related to that keyword will be indirectly available.

4. As a means of learning

Internet can be used as a learning tool for students to seek more information about the material that has not been, is and will be studied in school. It is also the same for the entry into force of college students.

In addition, the Internet is also a container that provides an opportunity for anyone to learn new things through tips & tricks and tutorials about something.

5. Provide multimedia facilities

Internet as an information provider has advantages confront to old school books.

To obtain information from the Internet, people can read, listen to, watch videos from the Internet.

In addition, the multimedia facilities on the internet can help facilitate the users to better understand information because of the additional samples, drawings, animations and so on.

6. Providers are relatively inexpensive resources

For people who need information instantaneously or suddenly, the Internet is the provider of the information needy is relatively inexpensive instead of buying a book or magazine.

Besides the Internet also ease the burden of students and students who are not able to search for learning material without having to buy a book which is actually more expensive.

7. As a provider of supplemental learning resources

Internet can allow the user to obtain additional information or sources of additional lessons that are not available at school.

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8. Means seeking scholarship


All information about scholarships are not accessible by environmental schools and colleges.

With the internet, we can also access information about scholarships at home and abroad more widely.

9. Encouraging foreign language acquisition

The Internet allows users to access information without limits, including the important and interesting information from abroad.

This may encourage users to master a foreign language in an interesting manner, for example by reading an article you like, listen to songs, watch the news, etc. in a foreign language.

10. Encourage creativity and self-reliance

The Internet can give a person inspiration to further develop their creativity in the work.

Internet can also encourage and motivate students in developing intellectual can develop research and science both theoretical and appliances matter

In addition, the person with skill in using the Internet is also seems more independent in finding needed information.

11. Long distance education

The Internet allows us to do distance education. In fact there are some universities that provide on line courses that allow students to carry out the study with distance.

Alternatively, we too can access the learning modules from a long distance no matter where we are.

12. Back up /a storage of your information data

Sometimes, the information and the subject matter that we keep in the book can disappear or missing away somewhere.

With the internet, you can store any kind of information as well as the subject matter on the Internet and access that information at any time without fear of losing.

Negative Impact of Internet

However, the Internet can also be a negative impact on education such as the following.

1. Make students lazy

The ease of access and the advantages offered by the Internet is sometimes make the students lazier and less productive.

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With the belief that there will always be information available often make students simply copy and paste available the considerate information.

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2. Reducing focus

The number of interesting applications on the Internet often provide the greatest distractions for students to learn. Being always connecting in the on-line world resulting the lack of focus, causing students general academic scores gradually decreasing.

Similarly, the information which we can pass on the benefits of the internet for education. However, the Internet is like two sides of blades.

Although he provides a lot of benefits especially for education, on the other hand he also had a negative impact. May we be wise in using it, instead of putting a “verbodden” mark on screen.