7 Benefits of Inggu (Ruta angustifolia (L.)Pers.) for Health and Beauty

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Benefits of inggu for health and beauty – INGGU (Ruta angustifolia (L.)Pers.), This bush has approximately 1,5 meter tall, green round stem, yellow flowers, and small brown fruits. In some countries it is also known as Daun minggu; Aruda; Anrudabosu; Rue.

This low land plants(100-1000 m Above Sea Level) contains substances like; methyl nonilketon, fenol. ether, glucosyd, cocusaginin, beragapten, skimianin, rutin etc. Hence, it has the effects as sedative, anti seizure, Anti inflammation, Analgesic, Antipiretic, Diuretik, Emenagog, Antispasmodik.

There are benefits of health form inggu plants we can get, especially it leaves ;

According to some literatures, this benefits of Inggu for health is passed on from generation to generation as traditional remedies, especially when there is no such as drug store available nearby or even 24 hours open.

Here are some of the Inggu benefits for health you can get by taking its leaves as old civilization used to be dong in early ages, when modern medical substances available;

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1. First aid for Seizure

You can prevent the re-occurrence by giving hydrotherapy (rubbing the face,compress, and bathe in) Inggu boiled water. For compressing, use some of it leaves, add some vinegars, squeeze to mash it,a and put it on the forehead. Change the compress with the new one, when it’s already dry.

2. Treatment for Scabies/Skin rash

Simply wash the corresponding skin with boiled water of Inggu. Repeat, until it healed.

3. Heals Toothache

Take 2-4 gr of Inggu leaves, boil them, strain, and use the water as mouthwash.

4. Cure Fevers

Collect 3-5 of the leaves , boil, and strain, drink the water twice a day until the fever cools down.

5. Ease the Stiffness

2-4 gr of dried Inggu leaves, boil them, strain, and drink the water.

6. Ease and cure Liver diseases

You have to use on third grab of the leaves and boil them into 3 glass of water, and leave the water 1,5 glass. Add some sugar to get rid of the sour and bitter taste. Drink it twice a day.

7. Hair Dandruffs removal

Use 3-5 Inggu leaves and a piece of Turmeric (Curcuma longa), mash them and mix. Wash your hair using it, gently scratch the head skin to reveal the dandruffs and then normally wash it with your usual shampoo.

Those remedies above are NOT as purpose of modern medical care, but merely as second opinion and used as emergency health act. It is always highly suggested to do consults to primary care physician available.

Stay health, and keep on the healthy lifestyle.

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