13 Kinds of Hydrotherapies and their benefits

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Benefits of Hydrotherapies – A healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep our body healthy. By doing it, our body is pushed and guided to have its long lasting shape and condition. For those who have some condition, Mother Nature is as always gives us the answers; here are some of them, which you might have not known yet before;

Iced packs

Simply by putting some ice cube in a soft cloth will do the benefits. Then compress, or softly touch it gently to the part of the body where it’s hurt. It is likely already turning its color into bluish and or swollen whenever you want to give it an iced pack. This is one of the simplest hydrotherapy to help you as the first aid before you are able to consult with physicians. It helps you to lose pain(not all of them of course), prevents or decreases the bluish color on collision wounds, stops the bleeding, prevents and decreases swollen, decreases blood flow to the hurt area, and narrows the blood artery which eventually resulting in bleeding to stop. The ice is significantly melted into water, as the cloth getting wet, especially when it’s dry season or summer time. Keep changing the ices with new fresh one to keep it cold.

Sitting in and soaked warmed water

In order to do this hydrotherapy, simply soak the body from waist to bottom. You might want to use big bucket or a bath up to ease you with this procedure. Sit still, so the warmth of the water can maximal transferred to your soaked body. Let its pressure gives you soft gentle massage. This produce, it is usually used for those who have a big surgery, especially rectal surgery. It will help you in the process of healing and also helps you to reduce its enormous pain. It also acts as a cleaner your wound after the surgery, to lose cramps in your waist area and urinary bladder, stimulates bigger blood flow to the waist area and calm the urinary bladder.

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Enema is a procedure usually done in a hospital, but with a few modifications, now, we can do it at home. It helps you to decreases the risk on the way to go to hospital, and also with some amount of practices you can do it by yourself. Just brave yourself, and don’t get squeamish easily. It is done by put some amount of water into the rectum to stimulate the needy feeling to poop.

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to stimulate peristaltic, to clean the intestines, to lose the soreness from gas As mentioned before, it helps the body to stimulate the peristaltic of the colons, not to mention, to lose the soreness form gas in your stomach.


It means a local compress with hot watered soft cloth, or hot damped soft cloth. Since it is hot, you will need to be extra careful of doing it. Move the cloth each time you feel you cannot stand the burn. Keep the cloth hot, or damped hot after reusing it several time, and it is getting cool. This procedure has the benefits of increasing the blood flow inside the body, and to relax the entire muscle of places you have apply the procedure. It also gives calmness to the backbone; if it is used to compress the backbone (tailbone is included), to lose soreness, cramps, congestion, and at last make the body sweat out.

Warm vapor inhale

This is done by inhaling humid air through the surface of mucous membranes of the breathing conduit. It is warm, so at first it’ll feel like you breathe polluted air, but after that, it’ll feel relieved. This procedure has the benefits of losing the inflammatory and congestion in mucous membranes in the upper breathing conduit. It also helps to lose the irritation caused by the air, dissolves mucous, and stimulates the secretion system. It is also helpful to you for breathing steadily, to lose coughs, and to prevent dryness on the mucous membranes.

Turpentine cloth compress

In this procedure, we’re gonna need an added material which are hot steam and baby oil to combined to the turpentine. It is used on stomach and sprained joints or even old bones may be.

To lose blowing belly, or soreness from gas inside, to lose belly and cramp on intestines, to It also helps when you feel your stomach full of air, it helps you to release the gas. That means it’ll make you fart big time. J  It is helps to loosen the belly and lose the cramps on the intestines. It also will stimulates the peristaltic, lose the pain and congestions near the area of a sprained joints, and at last but surely not the least it’ll help to lose the soreness of a sudden stomachache.

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Cold compress

As its name, it is done by soaks a soft cloth into cold water or iced water and uses it as a compress on to part of the body. This procedure is able to prevent soreness due to an edema or trauma. It also prevents head congestion, to slow the heart pulse, narrows the blood conduits, and decreases local blood flow. It also decreases the change of getting any more bleeders. Cold compress also can decreases body temp, if it’s done on ¼ of body or on forehead or nape of the neck and at last to stop bleeding in nose.

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Warm compress

It is a long compress of watered soft cloth of course with warm water.

To relax muscles, to lose soreness in throat or rheumatic joints, to lose un comfortable feeling It helps to relax body muscles, to lose soreness in throat, or rheumatic joints, to lose uncomfortable feeling in stomach (use a soft damp cloth), and also to decrease joints inflammatory, and gives a gentle warmth.

Hot compress

It is a compress with hot watered gauze or soft cloth on small part of body

Its benefits are; to increase locally blood flow, to lose pain, to lose congestion

To gargle with Salt water

To let warm salt dilution in throat for few seconds

To lose throat congestion, to relax muscles of throat, to decrease inflammatory, to lose itch in throat, to lose pain in throat

Take a bath with rice starch dilution

To soak body in water dilute with rice starch

To lose skin inflammatory, to lose burns and itches, but it tends to make skin dry

To Rub body with watered cloth or gauze when in fever

Rub fever body with watered cloth. To decrease the fever and body temp, sedative effect


Soak the feet in a pool of warm water

Locally soaked feet

To relieve congestion in head, chest, bottom by pulling bloods from these parts and distribute them to feet, to stop nosebleed, to decrease soreness, and cramp on feet, to decrease body temp, to lose cramp during period, to lose headache, to relax all day