10 Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil for health

Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil for health

Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil – Ginger a.k.a Zingiber officinale has been known since years ago in many ancient societies.

Its plant originally comes from Southern China and then spread out to Asia continent, West of Africa, and Caribbean.  this Zingiber officinale is one of the most popular spices, along with turmeric, and cardamom.

The ginger plant can reach up to 1 meter tall, with small leaves and yellow colored flowers.  Now, India contribute around 33 percent of global ginger production. It means India has becoming the largest ginger exporting country all over the world.

Ginger becomes one of favorite spices since it posses many use. We can use ginger in products, such as foods, beverages, and not to mention for medicinal purpose.

Zingiber officinale contains so many useful substances. We can find ginger use as anti septic, laxative, tonic, and not to mention as stimulant. There are at least more than 100 useful chemicals substances available in the unique of Zingibe officinale.

There are gingerol substance, sesquiterpene, zerumbone and still so many others. Those useful substances mainly act as anti bacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammation and significant antinociceptive.  Thus, the regular use of ginger is able to heal so many diseases and enhances our body to be in better health condition.

Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil

Hence, there are 10 benefits of Ginger for health we ought to know;

1. Ease the stomach disorder and increases the intestines ability

Ginger essential oil for stomach disorders, is one of the best solution besides the modern medicines. The essential oil of ginger can cure colic, diarrhea, cramps, nausea, vomit prevention, and many other stomach bad conditions.

According to some studies back at 2015, treatment using ginger essential oil can reduce stomach ulcer up to 85% of change. It also reduce the irritation to stomach walls, by consuming ginger essential oil orally. While another researches made evaluation proved that the inhaling essential oil from ginger is able to reduce stress and nausea after having surgery procedure.

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2. Heals infection

There is anti septic substances available inside the ginger. Thus, consuming regularly the essential oil of is able to prevent infection caused by both bacterial and viruses. Zingiber officinale essential oil is effectively able to ease the colon infection, dysentery, and even food poisoning.

While in another change, the oil of ginger can also effectively fight against malaria, fever, vomiting, and headache. Note that, in further case, malaria can force to yellowish, seizures, comma condition, and death. Especially without proper treatment.

3. Ease the respiratory system disorders

The benefits of essential oil from ginger is able to expel the mucus from throat, and  lungs. The Zingiber officinale oil extract is able to ease mild diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, influenza, coughs, and many other respiratory problems. Meanwhile, the nature act as expectorant of the ginger essential oil triggers the brain to product more mucus to lubricate area suffering from irritation.

Another case study showed that the essential oil of ginger is good as natural medicine for people suffering from asthma. While asthma it self is a malfunction of the respiratory system to provide oxygen to the entire of the body. Asthma can happen due to allergies, doing heavy sports, stress, imbalance of hormones, etc.

Furthermore, acute asthma can relate to bronchial muscle spasms, the swelling of lungs, or the overly increasing mucus production.
Regular consuming the essential oil of ginger alleviate respiratory disorders.

4. Diminishes inflammation

Inflammation is natural body respond to some strange or abnormal body conditions. It provides the last defense of our body system due to those abnormal conditions which are we calling it sickness.  However, when the body react overly and begins to attack the other healthy part of the body, that is a trouble. It can form flatulence, swelling, pains , and uncomfortable feelings.

Abnormal inflammation triggers so many acute diseases, such as leaky gut syndrome, fibromyalgia,, big colon irritation, arthritis, and celiac.
Hence the importance of anti inflammation substance to overcome those illness.  The anti inflammation in the essential oil of ginger called, the zingibain. It can overcome muscle sprain, arthritis, headache, migraine, and also other mild illness.

5. Healthy heart

The essential oil of ginger has the capability of decreasing the blood cholesterol level and prevent the blood coagulant.

According to a study, those essential oil of ginger is very helpful to prevent stroke and any other heart diseases from occurring. Consuming regularly the essential ginger oil may also increases the lipid metabolism, which is eventually reduce the change of having cardio vascular disease and  also diabetes.

6.  High source of antioxidant

As you already read before, the Zingiber officinale contains highly antioxidant. While the role of the anti oxidant is to combat diseases, prevent the cells damage, and also the change of getting cancer.

Another study says, the ginger essential oil is very helpful in ease the dementia and other acute diseases.

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7. Natural aphrodisiac

You are newly wed and lack of libido? The using of ginger essential oil will help you overcome that shitty condition. There are tons of reasons and causes of the condition, to both women and men. However, the essential oil of Zingiber officinale will overcome it all at once.

The ginger essential oil provides distinctive aroma and warmth that triggers and stimulate your both sex desires. Even, the essential oil of ginger benefits cure erectile dysfunction, due to psychology or physiology. It’ll increase the confident, and get rid of hesitation and stuttering moment.

8.  Ease the anxiety attack

Not only using it as rubbing, or oral, we can also have the health benefits of ginger essential oil by use it as aromatherapy. By burning some of the ginger essential oil, and inhale the smoke, we will have re relax benefit. The Zingiber officinale is able to ease exhaustion, fatigue, and depression.

On the contrary, it will induce your sleep, and stimulate your feelings to be more comfortable, more relax and happy.
Even, a religious practitioner mention that, we can achieve the health benefits of the ginger essential oil to overcome psychology problems such as lack of confident, lack of motivation or even fear.

9.  To ease PMS

As you read before, the essential oil of ginger contains Zingibain. This useful substance can ease pains such  as stomach cramps during PMS, headache, backache, and other mild soreness.

According to a study, we can  achieve the health benefits of ginger essential oil even by using two drops of the essential oil to overcome muscle sprain or joint ache. It is even w whole lot better than modern medicine available out there.

Not to mention, the benefit of ginger essential oil for health is able to overcome knee osteoarthritis. This is really helpful to sportsmen and women who always care about their body, compare to other.

10. Increasing the liver function

Another study of the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry measures the effectiveness of the Ginger essential oil. The result stated that the health benefits of the essential oil of Zingiber officinale increases the liver function. Not to mention, it is able to reduce the fat on the liver organ.

Health Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil

However, aside of the health benefits of the ginger essential oil, there will always side effects  comes along with it, even though it is rare.

In high dosage there will be mild heartburn, diarrhea, and mouth irritation.

Pregnant women, should consult to the physician before using any of the essential oil of ginger. It is highly suggested to use not more than a gram each day.

Toddlers aged more that two year old can use the benefits of the ginger essential oil for health to overcome the nausea, stomach cramp, and headache.

If any of you take any blood thinner medicine, should you be really careful since it may cause bleeding.

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People with diabetes, may be careful, since it increases the blood sugar level.

Also people with high blood pressure, using the benefits of ginger essential oil wisely, since it will lower your blood pressure significantly.

Stay healthy and happy ^^